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Feb. 21st, 2030 06:13 pm
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Howdy, friends and strangers!

This is my intro post. I figured I'd better have one.

This journal is a mix of fannish stuff, ponderings, computer geekery, craft and random cookery experiments. More personal posts are friends-locked, some with tighter filters than others. things you should know about me )

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Because I don't live under a rock, I have not been able to avoid mentions of "Game of Thrones" even though I have never watched it and never wanted to watch it. But what with memes and 5-second clips and suchlike, I have picked up various things about it. Y'all can tell me how wrong I am, I consider this an interesting exercise.

  1. It is a fantasy TV series.
  2. Based on a book-series by, um, George R.R. Martin?
  3. Who said he wanted to write a book series that was too violent for television.
  4. It is too violent for television, but they made it anyway. It is really really violent.
  5. There is a throne whose back is made of swords.
  6. There is a character called Tirion Lannister who is a fan favourite.
  7. He is really short, like hobbit-height.
  8. He has a bit of integrity, unlike everyone else.
  9. There are no good guys, it is every man, woman and child for themselves.
  10. There is trial by combat (see point 4).
  11. There was a "red wedding" which was a massacre (see point 4).
  12. There is a blonde girl who had an incestuous relationship with her brother.
  13. One of the taglines for an upcoming season was "Winter is coming."
  14. Season 8 has just started.
  15. It is the last season (thank goodness!).
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Go and check out my new arty blog!

I've made this a separate WordPress blog because

  1. Dreamwidth is kind of frustrating in its really primitive user interface for pictures.
  2. It's really nice to be able to just take a photo with my phone and then blog about it.
  3. It enables me to be more focused in my writing about art/craft, having a separate blog for it.

Not that I'm necessarily going to stop posting here about art/craft, but half the time I'll be linking to posts I made there instead.

So go and check it out! Make comments! Look at the pretty pictures!

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My story, A Matter of Decorum is currently (with my permission) being translated into German by Wine Witch. Here:
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Whenever I hear the above phrase, I'm not sure whether I should roll my eyes or grind my teeth.
"As long as it gives you comfort" is a phrase used by non-Christians towards Christians in order to demonstrate their tolerance and enlightenment. What it really demonstrates is patronising smugness. "Let those silly little Christians cling to their harmless delusions, their crutches, because they aren't brave or strong enough to face reality."

Bollocks. Bullshit. Rubbish. Three hundred times NO.
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I wonder what would happen if I said "As long as it gives you comfort" to a non-Christian? I think I'd have to be pretty annoyed to do so, because I'd be saying it sarcastically. There's no way I'd say it straight.
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Very recently, I finally got around to buying the Beatles album "Hey Jude" when I realised I didn't have a copy. I've been listening to it over and over, and it's got me thinking. And in the light of the Christchurch attack, I thought I'd post my thoughts.

People think of "peace, love, hippies" as old hat, a naive nostalgic thing of the past. But when the Beatles were creating songs like "Revolution" and "The Ballad of John and Yoko", it wasn't old hat, it was something brand new, something revolutionary. Something that had not been done before. Okay, okay, I'm not saying that pacifists didn't exist before then, of course they did. But sending acorns to 50 world leaders? Using one's fame to promote peace for the world? That was daring.

So when I see someone on twitter speak out against the hate speech in our media and our politicians, speak out against the normalization of hate and violence, and then see someone else say "naw, it'll never happen", and of course all the other voices raving on about "free speech" and "censorship", I want to hit those haters and cynics with a dead fish.

Yes, yes, it is well to be wary of the power of censorship. But we already have laws against hate speech. Unfortunately, they have no teeth. Andrew Bolt, a widely read columnist, was convicted under those laws. He got the equivalent of a slap on the wrist, and he is still spewing his hatred to this day.

Hate sells newspapers. Hate buys votes. Love... is not to be encouraged. Love and kindness and generosity do not sell newspapers.
Not that anybody has tried. Much.
So if anybody is going to complain about censorship... maybe love-speech is being censored.
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I was just thinking about the Flanders & Swann parody of "January Brings The Snow" and I wish someone would do an Aussie version. Something along the lines of...

January's bloody hot, hot enough to fry an egg in the sun
February is bloody hot too. Is that a cloud? No, it's smoke from bushfires.
March is hot. No it's a bit cooler. No, it's bloody hot again.
April, is it cool yet? Yeah, it's raining.
May is raining, rain, rain, rain and cold.
June is cold, I'm sick of this cold, oh there's a bit of cold sun.
July is cold, and raining
August, is it warm yet? Well, it's raining.
September is cool, warm, cool, warm and windy.
November is warm, no, drat, it is hot, why did it have to get hot so soon?
December is bloody hot.
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I have actually made progress on the needle-knitting front, in a most unexpected way. I'm knitting Continental with Norwegian Purl, RIGHT-HANDED!!! This is totally weird, because I am left-handed. I'm not exactly sure how it came about, but when I was making Knitting Isn't Only About Needles I found myself doing the needle-knitting demonstration right-handed. And it worked, sort of. So I investigated further, with more YouTube tutorials. Continental knitting - how to cast on, hold the yarn and adjust the tension was a bit long-winded, but I found the information about how to hold the yarn to be quite helpful. And it was a kind of a breakthrough, now that I think about it, because before then, I just couldn't figure out where to put my fingers, I was all thumbs trying to do needle-knitting, it just wasn't working for me! But this method of holding the yarn was quite simple (though different from how I hold it with crochet) and I found I could control the tension quite easily, just as I do with crochet.

Then I stumbled across Norwegian Purling, and that, while tricky to get at first, made purling so much easier too.

I can knit! I can knit! I can knit! (sing this to the tune of "You Can Fly" from Peter Pan).

And it isn't awkward at all. My hands are like "Hey, you're doing stuff with both hands, we're cool with that." Go figure.

So I'm making a bag for myself out of purple tube-style polycotton. I expect by the time it is done (and I don't have to frog the whole thing again like I did three times before, because I kept on changing my mind what stitch-pattern I wanted to do) that my muscle-memory will have been established. Yay.
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Does anyone know why "knitting" starts with a silent 'k'? (goes and looks up knitting) Ah, it is related to "knot". Middle English. Doesn't explain why the 'k' became silent, though. Oh well.

So, I have decided to forget the needles and explore knitting with two hooks. This is different from "knooking", which uses one hook and a long trailing string or ribbon. Instead, you use two (Tunisian crochet) hooks and position them like knitting needles, only they have hooks on the end. This is apparently quite common in Portuguese/Turkish/Egyptian/Peruvian knitting, though they also have specific techniques which involve looping the working yarn around the back of one's neck, which I don't really feel like trying at this point. Maybe at some other point.

The advantages of two-hook knitting:
1. It is much easier to pull the yarn through the loops with hooks than with needles.
2. One is less likely to drop a stitch, because you don't remove the stitch from one hook until you have the new stitch on the other hook, and also because it is less easy for a stitch to slip off a crochet hook than a knitting needle, because the hook itself tends to get in the way.
3. It is much closer to needle-knitting than one-hook knitting is, which means I should be able to follow directions meant for needle-knitting.

The disadvantages of two-hook knitting:
1. It is harder to put the hook into the required loop than a needle. This is the trade-off. One thing that happens is that instead of the hook going into the loop that I want it to, it also catches the loop below, which can be messy, confusing, and cause an unintended stitch-increase. This may get easier with practice. It may also be easier with pointier hooks, I'm not sure.
2. I haven't yet found any videos on YouTube that show this method of knitting.

So far, it's promising. Done a garter stitch swatch, and have switched over my current one-hook-knitting project to two-hook-knitting. Slow going, but practice should hopefully make somewhat perfect.
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Right now I am writing this blog post, but just before now I was frogging my, um... 10th maybe... attempt to needle-knit. I am a crocheter. I can crochet. I can hook-knit with a crochet hook. But I thought I'd try learning needle-knitting because all the needle-knitters look at me funny whenever I mention hook-knitting. And because it would be easier to learn fancy stitches because nobody makes hook-knitting tutorials beyond the plain knit-and-purl. So I have watched multiple videos on knitting-for-crocheters and on Contininental Knitting (because Continental-style knitting is easier for crocheters to grok). And I bought a set of interchangeable needles from Ebay, because I thought value-for-money.

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I know all the knitters in the audience will say "it's easy!" but you probably all learned it at your grandmother's knee. My grandmother wasn't a knitter, she was a mad-keen gardener, and so was my mother. So I was not able to learn from them. My sister can knit, but she lives in another state, so opportunities for face-to-face knitting-learning are few.

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There's going to be an election this year, probably in November, or earlier. This is a chance to kick out those inhumane bastards in Canberra. Read this! She says it a lot better than I do.
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Just had an interesting conversation with a couple of women who knocked on my door claiming to be "theological students" "practising a presentation". I put those in quotes because I now think that they weren't... well, technically you could argue that they were, in the sense that all those who read the Bible are studying the Bible and thus are "students". Really, I think they were doing what Evangelicals call "witnessing": going up to random strangers and trying to persuade them to change their beliefs. The clincher for this was when they started trying to persuade me to come to their church (the church opposite the McDonalds on Blackburn Road, which I think they said was a "Church of Christ" but I'm not entirely sure). But that wasn't until later on in the conversation. Darn it, I just realised that I should have encouraged rather than discouraged them from coming back. Why? Because they need to be rescued from what sounds like (to me) a rather unhealthy church. Oh well. I guess all I can do now is pray for them, poor lambs.

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Today was Boxing Day. This year my family had decided to spread the Christmas celebration over two days, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Christmas Day was purely for food and talk. Boxing Day was for presents and games. And quite a few of the presents turned out to be games. Ah, my family. My eldest brother is so enamoured of Terraforming Mars that he keeps on buying me extensions for it.

And my slightly-improved-recipe Christmas Pudding Ice Cream (must update the recipe on the website) was a hit, yay.

So the new game I played was Azul, which was rather different from any other game I'd played. In a way, it's like a puzzle game where you try to maximize your points, but you're also playing with other people, and that can affect what resources you can use, because someone else may have picked them up first. So I played two games of that, then I went out to the veranda/deck (this was my eldest brother's place, they usually host family gatherings) to see what the other groups of people were doing. There were four groups of games going at once, two inside, and two outside on the veranda (it's a big deck kind of veranda, with room for a barbeque and a couple of tables... and a hammock). One group were playing Munchkin, and the other were playing Terraforming Mars. I sat down looking at the Terraforming Mars folks for a bit, but then I noticed the hammock and thought it would be nice to relax in.

Bad move. )
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This time of year, there's a lot of argument about the "real" meaning of Christmas. And other times of year, there are arguments about other festivals and about the "real" meaning of symbols, such as the rainbow. It tends to boil down to two main arguments:

  1. the earliest meaning is the original, it got in first, so that is the only legitimate meaning.
  2. the latest meaning is what it evolved into, that's what it means now, how dare you tell me it can't mean what it means.

It is just as legitimate (or illegitimate) for the LBGT crowd to co-opt the rainbow as their symbol, as it was for the Celtic Christians to co-opt the Triquetra Celtic knot as the symbol of the Holy Trinity. You can't have it both ways. Either the earlier meaning is the only legitimate one, or the later meaning is the only legitimate one -- if one uses the oldness/newness of the meaning as the argument for its legitimacy. People who declare that Christmas is "really a Pagan holiday" (and that the Triquetra symbol "really" is about the Threefold Goddess) can't then turn around and try to argue that, somehow, the "oldness" argument doesn't apply to the symbolism of the rainbow as a promise of God to Noah after the Flood, since Noah predates the LGBT movement by, er, thousands of years. But they still want to have it both ways.

Of course, what they really want is to control the discourse in their favour.

So, please, none of these silly arguments about what a symbol or festival "really" means. All you can be really sure of is what it means to YOU.

There is no "real" meaning. There is ALL the meanings. Pick one. Pick several!

I'm not saying that symbols are meaningless or arbitrary. Far from it! That would be like saying that art or poetry are meaningless or arbitrary in their meaning. Nor am I saying that the meanings of symbols shouldn't be discussed. But let us use these discussions to enlighten each other, not quarrel with each other. Peace.

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First, a drive-by rec for this podcast about procrastination. It's a proper scientific thing, interview with a psychologist who studies procrastination. Good stuff.

Second, I feel all organise-y today, probably because I woke up early, so I'm having a to-do-list menu to record stuff I may do and have done. cut for long list )

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ABC iView have taken down all the current season of Doctor Who before I had a chance to see the most recent episode. Like, it was available for less than 24 hours! They usually leave things up for a week or more! WHAT!

I suppose it was because it was the last episode of the season, but it's still NOT FAIR!

ETA: It was apparently a bug, not a deliberate action. The bug is now fixed. Whew!
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A follow-up to this post -- I have figured a way around the scratchy edges, a way which may mean I end up using the 0.3mm thick aluminium after all.

The answer? Folding over the edges. For the thicker aluminium, that is a bit difficult, and it ends up so thick at the end that it won't fit into the bracelet-bender. But with the thinner aluminium, all the folding makes the edges stiffer, which means it actually does work as a bracelet.

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Hello my Harry Potter loving friends, I am scratching my head. You see, I got this lovely idea for a "Golden Trio" necklace, but there are parts of it I haven't figured out yet. To wit, I want to make a central pendant with charms on it representing the three of them. Hermione is obvious -- it needs to be a quill or a book. But Harry and Ron I'm not so certain of. I'm thinking maybe a broom for Harry -- if I could find a golden broom charm somewhere, that is. Ron, maybe a wand, because he was brought up in the Wizarding World.

But if any of you have ideas of what charm-things would be a good representation of Ron or Harry, please share them!
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I am Quite Pleased with myself today, because after a saga of bracelet experimentation, I finally succeeded! Well, 95% succeeded. Good enough.

Okay, so what am I rabbiting on about? As you may know, I am being all artisan-y with my own Etsy store Essence Of Eclectic (mostly jewellery). And I keep on trying new things.Read more... )
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It has been a while since I've done a to-do list menu, and I feel the need to be somewhat efficient. cut for long list )


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