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Mostly resin, but some bits weren't. (Note that I have other pendants I completed this week lying around waiting to be photographed. Soon. I may or may not post them when I do so, depending on interest.)

(later: okay, obviously no interest (sigh))

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I used up a lot of gloves, toothpicks, paper towels and tissues today. I've also been watching a bunch of youtube videos by this guy, for fun, not because I could make any of his DIYs, due to lacking the aforementioned workshop full of power tools. But this guy and this other guy even more make me wish that I had a lathe.

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This resin stuff is getting addictive. I've done some more, both with UV resin and epoxy resin. I did some more today too, but I won't know how those turn out until tomorrow night.
So... here are some I prepared earlier.
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This morning, knowing that it was going to be a sunny day without rain, I took the dubious UV resin pieces that I hadn't already thrown out (a rose, a starfish, and three teardrops) and put them on the back step so that they would be out in the sun ALL DAY. When I got home, I retrieved them, and they had set solid, no squishes or sticky bits. Yay! So I think that supports my theory that there wasn't enough UV in the sunlight when the sun had reached too close to the horizon. I mean, that's why we have sunsets anyway, why they're red and orange and pink.

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Nov. 16th, 2016 10:29 pm
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I have been experimenting with multiple types of resin!

Resin pendants and embellishments. Top row: all these were done with two-part epoxy resin, PearlEx mica powder, and then domed with UV resin and more mica powder. Bottom left: leaves made with layered UV resin and mica powder. Bottom centre: two-part epoxy resin and mica powder (no doming with this one). Bottom right: two-part epoxy resin, various brass beads, washers, and cogs, and golden mica powder; domed later with UV resin.

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I have been busy this weekend. I made a present, and gave it. Another piece of my symbolic jewellery. The design for this one has been on the drawing-board for months, but I did no physical work on it until this weekend, starting it on Saturday and finishing it on Sunday.
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This is the Grand Total of the things I have made for the upcoming "Creating a Welcome" market (all proceeds go to the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre).

One infinity scarf.
One hair scrunchie.
One dishcloth.
Nine necklace-and-earring sets.
Three necklace-and-bracelet sets.
Three standalone pairs of earrings.
Twenty-seven standalone bracelets.
Twenty-seven standalone necklaces.


And here be pictures. Some of the pendants you've seen before, posted as WIPs, and now they are complete as necklaces!
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So, here are photos of my surviving resin experiments. I say "surviving" because most of the ones made using the Loon UV resin... broke. As in SNAP CRACK broke, with just the pressure of my fingers. No wonder it was cheaper than the other UV resins...

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Yes, I definitely want to do more... when I get more resin. I only have a little left.
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  1. UV Resin is cool.
  2. PearlEx powdered mica pigments are fabulous.
  3. Silicone moulds are the way to go.
  4. And layers, lots of layers.
  5. Never mix black pigment with your UV resin (oops). Use black nail polish instead.
  6. A little UV resin does NOT go a long way.
  7. And it's expensive.
  8. It may be that UV resin designed for fly fishing does not have the properties required for jewellery. It feels a little rubbery rather than crisply stiff. And breaks far too easily.
  9. Patience is a virtue, even with UV resin.
  10. Curing in sunlight is easier than using a UV torch. Though using a UV torch enables one to do this stuff at night. Which is important.
  11. Little eyeshadow brushes are really useful in applying mica powder.
  12. And toothpicks are good for swirling.
  13. Lumps are a sign that that bit hasn't cured. Especially if you poke the lump and it breaks up. Remove the lump and add another layer of resin to fill the hole.
  14. It is more reliable to paint on the mica powder and then pour on the next layer of resin, rather than sprinkling the mica powder and swirling it through the resin. But swirling is cool, even if it is risky.
  15. Some fine pigment powders can behave strangely if there is too much of them. Like floating on top of the resin instead of staying underneath!
  16. But at least mistakes like that can be wiped off if caught before zapping with UV.
  17. It's astonishing how many resin tutorials feature pink, unicorns, cats, and glitter.
  18. Looking at more tutorials, it seems common to pre-mix the resin with pigment, and then put it on with toothpick... so maybe my reservations about swirling are unwarranted. I guess it depends on how dense the pigment is.
  19. Pondering whether buying a UV lamp might be worth it after all. But where would I put it? Takes up too much space. But my UV torch batteries run out too fast. And clear sunny days do not come on demand. And it would have been cheaper than buying the UV torch.

Photos later.

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The theme for this quarter's M.A.I.L. contest was "Storytelling", which I would not have entered (as per my New Year's Resolution) if I hadn't already had an idea for a "storytelling" necklace which I'd intended to make out of wirework, but realized it would actually work better as maille. So it was just an opportunity to do something I already wanted to do, so it doesn't count in the "no voluntary deadlines" thing. Particularly since I kept on telling myself that if I didn't finish it, so what? But I did finish it, and today I photographed it, and posted my entry to the forum.

The Nine Walkers

Rather than repeat myself, here's a link to my entry post. Hopefully that explains the design...

Of course, I'm now at the stage where I hate it and think it is awful, but I entered it anyway.
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It looks as if my relatively newly acquired scanner is utter crap. Yes, I've had it for months, but I haven't used it all that often... and now it looks as if it was always crappy, comparing the result I'm getting this evening with scans that I did in January (when I first got the scanner). Blast!

The crappiness consists of these "stripey" artefacts in the preview and the scan, as if the light was shaded by blinds and giving it these shadows. I have no idea what would be causing it, but it's there in all my scans. The reason I didn't pay attention to it before was because, when I was scanning my Snape necklace in January, I was more concerned that I wasn't getting the Labradorite right, so I fell back on taking photographs. The stripes happened in the scan of my spiral necklace too, but I didn't realize it wasn't just in the preview until recently when I looked at that image again (because I wanted a picture of a Spiral-6-in-1 weave).

But this means that the scanner is UTTERLY USELESS to me, since the only thing I use it for is to take pictures of my jewellery. My old HP Scanjet 5p was perfect for that, until, after um, twenty years (!) it developed a yellow stripe down one side. Obviously HP don't build them like they used to (the new scanner is a HP as well).

Crap. Crap. Crap.

Taking photographs is much more hassle. With scanning, I could (in the past) get good results whether it was day or night - and it was much more likely to be night when I finished a work and wanted to scan it. With photographs, no matter how hard I try, the only really good results happen if I take photos in daylight, outside, on a sunny day. Which doesn't happen that often.

Bother. Botheration. Botherectomy!
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I wanted to make a necklace for myself, just a simple-but-elegant thing that was quite short, good for wearing with open-necked clothes. It's been on hiatus for a while, but today I finished it!

Black Ice Necklace by Kathryn Andersen. Maille, oval brass rings (Black Ice) Weave: 6-in-1 Spiral
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This is my entry in the current M.A.I.L. contest: "Steampunk". A maille-wrapped cane.

Steampunk Cane by Kathryn Andersen. Large Anodized Aluminium (gold) washers tied on with leather thonging. Two wrapping chains spiralling around the shaft. Japanese 6 in 2: washer WD=2.0mm ID=3.0mm (Brass); large ring WD=1.0mm ID=4.76mm Anodized Aluminium (gold). Rosetta: WD=1.0mm ID=4.0mm (Anodized Aluminium, Steel) (gold)

Steampunk Cane by Kathryn Andersen. Large Anodized Aluminium (gold) washers tied on with leather thonging. Two wrapping chains spiralling around the shaft. Japanese 6 in 2: washer WD=2.0mm ID=3.0mm (Brass); large ring WD=1.0mm ID=4.76mm Anodized Aluminium (gold). Rosetta: WD=1.0mm ID=4.0mm (Anodized Aluminium, Steel) (gold)

I am pleased I got it finished before the deadline, it was worrying me a bit.
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And this post, is some craft tools I made, some old, some recent.
lucets )

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I bought this yarn on Friday, and I though I would kill two birds with one stone with it: I would make swatches of stitches I hadn't tried out before, and I would use those swatches as bases for scrumbles for my Amazing Housecoat (which doubtless will take years and years to finish).

And here are what I have done so far:

Swatch: HDC rib stitch; Patons Cosmos grey yarn, Acrylic/Wool/Lurex.

Swatch: Mesh stitch; Patons Cosmos grey yarn, Acrylic/Wool/Lurex.

Swatch: Griddle stitch and Crumpled Griddle stitch; Patons Cosmos grey yarn, Acrylic/Wool/Lurex.

Swatch: Staggered Diagonal Basketweave stitch; Patons Cosmos grey yarn, Acrylic/Wool/Lurex.

I have decided that I like this yarn a lot. Of course, it turns out that it's discontinued, which is why it was on sale... oh well I'll go back to Lincraft next week and see if they have any left (I only bought two balls).
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Here are some things I have recently completed.

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I'm going to be posting a bunch of catch-up craft posts, starting with this one. Because this afternoon I have been scanning and taking pictures of stuff that I've done anything from weeks to hours ago. So, like, catch-up.

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There have been a few projects which have been incomplete, unfinished, or not even started. But I have finished three of them today!

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Finally finished The Shawl today!
This has been an ongoing project since the beginning of this year.

Shawl by Kathryn and Tiria Andersen; 100% wool; loom-knit and crochet.

This was combined loom-knitting and crochet. First, strips of double-knit loom-knitting were made (some by Tiria, some by me).
Then I crocheted around the edges to neaten them.
Then I joined them with lacy crochet.
Then I crocheted all the way around with more lacy crochet.
And here it is, done at last!
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Today I finished off a couple of WIPs I was doing on knitting spools with rainbow-bands.
Cord: rainbow bands (black, white); spool knit cable twist

Blue and green bracelet; rainbow-bands; spool knit cable twist.

Both of them use a technique I devised, which I'm calling "spool knit cable twist". This is because it uses the simple one-stitch cable - swapping two stitches over - to make a spiral in one colour going up the cord, with the background being the other colour. Of course, one could do the whole thing in one colour, but it wouldn't look so dramatic then.
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Pendant, finished today:
Pendant; stamped copper, paint/ink pen, clear embossing powder

This is another stamped, inked and sealed pendant, but I had a Eureka moment with it, when I attempted stamping with my newly-acquired 2lb sledgehammer and still failed to make an impression. The copper needed to be annealed.

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