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Tetanus shot: check
Antibiotics: check
Pain killers: check
Medical certificate: check
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On Wednesday morning, I groaned, "I'm going to have to eat porridge." In the interests of having a breakfast which was more solid and sustaining and able to suppress hunger pangs for a longer time, so I could survive until lunch-time. Not that I loathe porridge, it can be quite yummy, but it can also be like eating glue, so my heart sank at the thought.

On Wednesday afternoon, I stumbled across a pin on Pinterest that declared itself to be a recipe for a "Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Smoothie". This was odd, because I was perusing "Hobbies & Crafts" at the time. Mind you, while most of the things in the "Hobbies & Crafts" section are, indeed, hobbies and crafts, there is a certain percentage which have wandered out of their appropriate categories and into this one. Recipes, escaped from "Food & Drink"; party games and party plans (Celebrations & Events); wedding decorations, plans and dresses (Weddings); tattoos (Tattoos - yes, there is a section on Pinterest dedicated solely to tattoos); how to pack for college, decorate your dorm room, pay off your student loans (Education); faaaabulous makeup tips and hairstyles (Hair & Beauty); exercises which will flatten your belly, give you great abs, help you sleep, and home-made remedies to cure everything (Health & Fitness); how to control your screaming toddler, entertain your kids, and what to eat when you're breastfeeding (Kids & Parenting); the best shortcuts on your smartphone, cool gadgets (Technology); gun porn (Sports); and some things which don't really have a category, such as "How To Make $1000 A Month As A Stay At Home Mom"...

Anyway, so I looked at the breakfast smoothie recipe, because, hey, who wouldn't like a smoothie that tasted like a cinnamon roll? And I found that it not only had cinnamon in it, but rolled oats (and yoghurt, and banana, and pecan nuts, and almond milk, and brown sugar...). Could this be a way of having my porridge without having to have porridge? So I then searched for more cinnamon breakfast smoothies to see if there was a recipe which didn't have nuts in it, and there were a few, and I figured the general pattern of the recipes enough that I reckoned I could give it a go without having to slavishly follow one particular recipe. The idea for many of the recipes is to toss rolled oats, natural yoghurt, some sort of fruit, some sort of milk, and optional other things into a container and put it in the fridge overnight, and then blend it together into a smoothie the next morning, and drink it for breakfast. The soaking overnight is presumably to soften up the oats so that it isn't like eating sawdust.

So that very night, I made up my first overnight smoothie, and had it on Thursday morning. It was yummy. So I did it again. Today is the third day, and it seems to be going nicely. Hereby follows the ingredients I chucked in my lidded jug for my smoothies on each day. Amounts? You expect me to remember amounts? Nope.

here be ingredients )
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In one word: Chill.
In three words: No voluntary deadlines.

In detail: I have decided that this year I will eschew anything which has a deadline, whether that be a fest, or making cosplay for Continuum in June, or making Christmas presents. I don't have to do any of those things, even if I feel pressure to. Even if the pressure I feel is purely from inside and not anything external. I don't have to. So I will try an experiment: I won't do them. NO DEADLINES.

Last year I was under pressure all year, trying to make Christmas presents for everybody, signing up for various fests (two of which I defaulted on, and one which I had to ask for an extension). I don't want to do that again. And I know it's easy to say "oh, just one more". So this year I will have a flat ban. I know that will disappoint some people who like seeing my stuff in fests. Don't worry, it isn't as if I won't be doing any creative stuff. I will be doing that; I just won't do them to deadlines. Time for my other un-deadlined unfinished projects. Time for playing around experimentally with crafts. Maybe even do a bit of writing? I've told my family that this year, everyone is getting One Salted Peanut for Christmas. Not that I would do that really, but I want to prevent myself from putting pressure on myself; far too easy for me to do. I have a THING about making handmade presents, have done since I was a teenager. I like making stuff to give away. Hey, maybe this year I'll make some stuff for myself! (What? Really?) It's been a while since I've done that. And it's not really as if I won't be making any presents at all -- some of those unfinished projects were for presents anyway. But still: no deadlines.

Note that this doesn't exclude things like NaArMaMo or PicoWriMo, because they aren't deadlines in the same kind of way; especially NaArt, because that's an event which encourages playing around and experimenting, which I do want to do. Play!


Secondary goal: read less fanfic and start tackling my huge unread-book pile. But not as a should. More as a change of scenery. (Currently reading "The Engines of God" by Jack McDevitt. Archaeology IN SPACE!)

(Current health status: still coughing and using up tissues at a great rate. Today I slept for most of the day, hopefully that did me good. Then again, I needed to, since I hadn't slept half the night before. (sigh))

(Still have not caught up on LJ and DW. Apologies to those people whose comments I have not yet replied to.)
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I am really really really behind on everything. And I should just resign myself to not being able to catch up. I still have to go through the sshg_giftfest and answer emails and read the rest of the ones I missed out on. And fandom_stocking. And whatever else you folk tell me I need to catch up on. But otherwise... (sigh)

First, I was away over Christmas (and have reported about same).
Then, just a couple of days after I got back, I came down with a horrible cold, which has progressed to different phases of horribleness. I suspected something was wrong when, on Sunday, when we were celebrating my father's first anniversary with M, at the end of the afternoon, my voice started getting hoarse. Next day, still hoarse, with a tickle in my throat. My lovely nieces plied me with lemon drinks. And I slept from time to time. More coughing. More croaking. Throat becoming more sore. Worse at night when I tried to sleep because when I was awake I could stop myself from coughing by sheer willpower. One night I read "Redshirts" from cover to cover, which was fun, but did not give me sleep. Yesterday I had to stay awake because (a) my nieces were leaving, so I wanted to enjoy the last bit with them and say goodbye, and then I had to stay awake because of grocery delivery (and the annoying people have changed the delivery window from two hours to three hours). And today I had to stay awake just in case my computer was delivered, but I expect it won't be until Monday now.

Right now, I am aching all over, blowing my nose, coughing, sneezing, and being exhausted.

In the midst of it all, I did actually work on my Severus-fest item (I had already asked for an extension before I went away). After about five times ripping it up and starting again from scratch, I have the first half of it done. I also started the second half, but the design didn't suit, so I'll have to throw that away and try something else. Tomorrow, hopefully.

Alas, I'm going to have to bow out of the M.A.I.L. challenge this time around, there's no way I would complete a headdress in 20 days unless they were all days off (which they aren't).

I'm wondering whether I should just forget about doing ANYTHING which has deadlines this year. Why do I keep on over-committing myself? If it isn't fests, it's Christmas presents. (sigh)

So, peoples, tell me what has happened while I was away, and/or tell me stuff to cheer me up. Please?
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The weather today doesn't know what it's doing... or maybe my wardrobe doesn't. Put on a cardigan and I'm too hot, take off the cardigan and I'm too cold. 8-(

Went and picked up a parcel from the Post (Australia Post: "We don't deliver") Office; discovered my ID was in my other bag. But they're a friendly bunch there, they know me by sight, so they accepted my credit card as ID. And now I have parcel with CLOTHES. Not very exciting clothes, but still, CLOTHES.

One nice thing about being forced to go to the post office (which is not within walking distance, but a few bus-stops away) is that in that cluster of shops, there is a Middle-Eastern market - no, not a bazaar, a kind of "general store", a supermarket-without-the-super. Like you get Asian markets (well, you do in Australia) where they are full of Asian food like a thousand kinds of noodles, and dried fish, and salted plums and all that sort of thing. Only this was all middle-eastern and southern European food, like Tahini and Dukka and lots of nuts and dried beans... and Halva (Halwa). I'm not into plain Halva or Pistachio Halva but I do like a bit of Chocolate Halva every now and then. And this is one of the few places I know that I can get it. So I looked on the shelf where the Halva usually is... no chocolate. I looked again, up and down the shelves. No chocolate. But I did see some "Persian cotton candy" which is rather nice stuff; spun sugar, but more dense than traditional Western cotton candy. So I picked that up off the shelf and took it to the counter. I mentioned that I'd come in for chocolate Halva but there wasn't any, and I'm very glad I did mention it (I normally would not have) because the shop keeper looked surprised, went to the shelf, double-checked that there indeed was no chocolate Halva on the shelf, but said "We do have chocolate Halva", went to the fridge and pulled out a big block of chocolate Halva, and asked me how much I wanted. I said "250 grams" and he cut me off a chunk from the block (269 grams, near enough). So, yay, I got some Chocolate Halva!

My foot aches from the walking though. Fortunately, I'm seeing my regular physio today (as distinct from the other physio in the practice, whom I had to see last week and the week before because my regular physio was on holidays). Yes, my foot has improved muchly (annoying ache is much better than stabbing pain) but it is still annoying.
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Though I expect some of you didn't know I was gone.

I am behind on Doctor Who - I haven't seen "Into the Dalek" or "Robot of Sherwood" yet, so I am trying to avoid spoilers.
I am behind on Twitter, I will not attempt to catch up that.
I am behind on LJ and DW - if there's anything interesting you want me to look at, please comment with a link.

I will write a Breathless TMI post, but it will be locked to my access list. Because, like, TMI, y'know?
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Okay. I've reached a point where I shatter under stress. So as a matter of survival, I need defences against stress. And one stress-defence is happy-making things.

So, please, peoples, can you give me recs? Recs for fic, recs for music, recs for novels. Ones which are uplifting, happy, cheering. Maybe even fluffy.
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In an extremely unfortunate bit of timing, I got a bad cold last week, and I'm still sick, though improving. The timing was unfortunate because there was a time-critical thing going on at work (handover of a project) and I simply could not be there. Viruses were battling it out in my body, my throat felt like wet sandpaper, and I was utterly exhausted. Mostly sleeping and drinking lemon honey tea with Lemsip in it. And then when my throat improved, my nose chimed in (which was odd, usually the throat follows the nose). Now I'm in the blowing-the-nose-and-coughing stage (and still v tired).
When I wasn't sleeping, I thought I'd do stuff that didn't require a great many brain cells )


Mar. 13th, 2014 04:40 pm
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I was listening to my randomplay this morning, and was inspired with an awesome SSHG prompt. A completely new one. So maybe there's hope of participating in the [ profile] sshg_promptfest after all, if I can come up with four more(*). The really difficult ones are the art ones, since I want to make art prompts that I myself would want to do, which means something more emotional/symbolic than representational. Wish me luck?

In other news, I have a horrible sore throat. (sigh)

(*) Note that it isn't a requirement of the fest to provide prompts, it's just that I find it less fun if I don't, because I want to inspire as well as be inspired.
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I am SOOOOOOO tired.
That is all.
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Because [personal profile] settiai put it better than me:
If you haven't seen it yet, you might want to read The City Boy, the Peasant Women, and the Dragon in the Tower - A Fable. (Basically, it's an amusing summary of the whole Keith Mander, Lord of the Rings, fanfiction archive for profit mess. If you've somehow missed that story until now, I congratulate you. And point you toward Fandom Wank.)

In other news, yes, I still have a wretched cold.

Bah humbug!

Sep. 8th, 2009 10:07 pm
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There is pain. Not quite like a spike being driven through my ear; more like an occasional jab with a blunt knife, plus someone applying a vice to my teeth (referred pain, how I wish you hadn't been invented). Two strong pain pills: nada. Third pain pill now taken. I think it's time for the hot chocolate. (goes off to make hot chocolate).
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4 hours sleep.
Super-duper double extra strong milky sweet coffee:
* 1 mug
* 4 tablets Splenda
* 1 serve xstrong espresso (from the office coffee machine)
* another 4 tablets splenda
* another serve xstrong espresso (into the same mug)
* 7 tablespoons skim milk powder
* top up with cold water

Hopefully that will keep me from nodding off. This is the first time I've ever made coffee this strong. No, I do not make a habit of strong coffee; that would sabotage the main reason for drinking strong coffee: as a stimulant.
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Thank you, everyone for your concern. I got to sleep eventually, and I've called in sick to work. I'm still feeling rather shaky. I think today will be spent alternating between distraction (probably more HP fanfic) and trying to snatch naps. Distraction is more effective than painkillers.
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It is impossible to sleep when one feels as if a spike is being driven through one's ear. And this is AFTER taking two Panadine Forte tablets, an hour ago. (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted).

Rang up Dr. Mum. Her advice: hot chocolate, nice book, read for an hour, take another tablet; listen to music for another hour, take another tablet. And if I still can't sleep, don't stress about it, just take a sick day tomorrow. We shall see.
There may be persons in the UK or USA who will be getting an unexpected phone call from me tonight.


Boo, hiss

Sep. 2nd, 2009 11:51 am
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Bah! Side-effects of antibiotics! Bah!


Aug. 31st, 2009 09:54 am
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It's my ear again. Oh the Pain. The clinic isn't answering their phone (the line is busy) but at least I've called in sick to work. Boo! Hiss! Down with germs!

ETA (17:15): Got an appointment at the clinic, saw a doctor, got prescriptions, caught bus to local shopping centre, filled prescriptions, bought some comfort food (including vanilla malt flavoured milk) took medicine while standing outside supermarket, walked home eating some comfort food, felt wuzzy, went to bed, fell asleep, woke up about 4pm, read some fic in bed, got up, made this addendum.
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Looking at the Dreamwidth jargon page, I found out why a number of people on Dreamwidth were referring to "spoons". The Spoon Theory (originally from explains, with spoons as a metaphor, what it's like living with a chronic illness. Go, read, and be enlightened.
and read this after you have )
Testing out the Dreamwidth cross-posting facility.
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And now the Proper Post Of Happiness for today.
1) 117.1 kilos -> 114.9 kilos!
2) I got another nomination in the Children of Time Awards; in the "Classic Who" Crossover section, my story Things That Never Were.


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