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kerravonsen: (me-cartoon)

I am the Kat that Walks By Itself

and all places are alike to me

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Name:Kathryn A.
Birthdate:Nov 11
I'm younger than Doctor Who and older than Star Trek.
As for other things personal, well, you'll get a better idea of that from reading my journal, I think.

Check out my Intro Post for more information.

Subscribe/Access policy: I plan to subscribe to journals that look interesting, but to grant access only to journals I've read long enough to get an idea of how the writers think; there is no need to ask before subscribing to this journal or granting me access to your journal, as long as it is understood I might not reciprocate immediately or at all.
However, if you are someone that I know from elsewhere, but you are using a different name, do let me know who you are; it's rather embarrassing not knowing that Person A is actually Person B.

Anonymous comments policy: I have enabled anonymous commenting because I have friends who don't have accounts, whom I would like to be able to post comments. However, if you take advantage of this and comment without giving a name in the comment then I will delete that comment. (Obviously, anonymous posting memes are an exception to this rule)

Strangers policy: I have no desire to friends-lock my entire journal. I like to post many things unlocked, to join in the huge never-ending discourse that is journaling. That does bring the risk of random strangers joining in. I think the risk is worth it, for the possibility of new and interesting ideas, challenging discussion, and enlightenment. Strangers are welcome here. Come, join in, share your thoughts, enjoy the delights of my little realm. The passport to this realm is politeness. Strangers, you are guests here; please behave like one. If you are hostile, rude, angry, or not interested in trying to see the point of view of others, you are not welcome. The consequences of such behaviour will include: comment freezing, comment screening, comment deletion, or user banning, depending on the behaviour. My journal, my rules. I refuse to let our cordial and interesting discussions be disrupted and derailed, and I will smite you with all my power if you do so.

Friendly strangers and argumentative friends are always welcome. (And, yes, agreeable friends are always welcome too)

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