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I bought this yarn on Friday, and I though I would kill two birds with one stone with it: I would make swatches of stitches I hadn't tried out before, and I would use those swatches as bases for scrumbles for my Amazing Housecoat (which doubtless will take years and years to finish).

And here are what I have done so far:

Swatch: HDC rib stitch; Patons Cosmos grey yarn, Acrylic/Wool/Lurex.

Swatch: Mesh stitch; Patons Cosmos grey yarn, Acrylic/Wool/Lurex.

Swatch: Griddle stitch and Crumpled Griddle stitch; Patons Cosmos grey yarn, Acrylic/Wool/Lurex.

Swatch: Staggered Diagonal Basketweave stitch; Patons Cosmos grey yarn, Acrylic/Wool/Lurex.

I have decided that I like this yarn a lot. Of course, it turns out that it's discontinued, which is why it was on sale... oh well I'll go back to Lincraft next week and see if they have any left (I only bought two balls).
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Here are some things I have recently completed.

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Finally finished The Shawl today!
This has been an ongoing project since the beginning of this year.

Shawl by Kathryn and Tiria Andersen; 100% wool; loom-knit and crochet.

This was combined loom-knitting and crochet. First, strips of double-knit loom-knitting were made (some by Tiria, some by me).
Then I crocheted around the edges to neaten them.
Then I joined them with lacy crochet.
Then I crocheted all the way around with more lacy crochet.
And here it is, done at last!
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Excuse me if you've seen these before, but I think I forgot to post them at the time. This is a bunch of craft I made earlier this year, mostly in January.

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While talking with my brother D (who is currently staying with me for this week) I managed to finish the ruffle-scarf I've been working on (on and off) since the beginning of the year. So YAY.

No, no photo. I should take a photo of it, but it is late. But it is good to be able to cross something off my to-do list. 8-)
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I've been collecting various Tunisian Crochet stitch tutorials (see my bookmark collection). I've noticed some stitches in the collection are a combination of a base stitch plus some additional feature, and I realized that the additional features could be added to different base stitches to make even more stitch variations. So I thought I'd be systematic in cataloguing these variant features.

The base stitch used in the variants I found is usually either Tunisian Simple Stitch or Tunisian Knit Stitch, but these modifications could be done to other base stitches such as Backwards Simple Stitch or Full Stitch etc.

After pulling up a loop, chain one.
* Seed Stitch (but I prefer to call it Extended Knit Stitch)

The "Double Crochet" version of a stitch. Before inserting the hook, yarn over. After pulling up a loop, yarn over and pull through two instead of one. (Likewise, trebled with treble crochet etc.)
* Double Stitch

Do a purl-wrap on the stitch.
* Purl Stitch

Add the "Bamboo Stitch" horizontal bar variation to the stitch.
* Tunisian Bamboo Stitch

Skip one stitch, do a stitch, go back and do the skipped stitch.
* Crossed Stitch

Then we get the stitch patterns which combine two different stitches and often get called things like "Moss Stitch" or "Seed Stitch" irrelevant of which particular two stitches are combined.

Alternating (or Ribbing)
Stitch A, followed by Stitch B.
"Rib Stitch" (using Simple Stitch and Twisted Simple Stitch)

Alternating Offset
In row 1, AB and in row 2, BA.

* "Seed Stitch" (Knit Stitch + Backwards Simple Stitch)
* "Moss Stitch" (Simple Stitch + Purl Stitch)

Resembling a basket-weave; one stitch needs to have vertical bars, the other stitch needs to have horizontal bars.


Most commonly done with Knit Stitch and Purl Stitch but I think other stitches could work as well.
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Two more items which I made in December, but forgot to post about because the pictures were still on the camera.
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The start of December, I finished off a number of half-done projects so that I could contribute to the "Creating A Welcome" craft market which was raising money for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, which had been pointed out to me by [ profile] reynardo which we had both intended to make gifts for, but other things happened... so I was making gifts at the start of December. December was also the month of last-minute gifts and of one more fan fest.
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So that was a year full of craft! I'd forgotten the huge amount I'd done, not just when I was off work, but all through the year. So that's good - I have Accomplished!
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October was all-out crafting, since I was feeling a bit better in my recovery. The big thing this month was SCALESssssss, but there was also maille, crochet and general jewellerying.
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August was the month of maille, crochet and spool-knitting.
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February's craft was a cover for my e-book reader.

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I love crochet. And I'm getting rather fond of loom knitting too. And I'm dabbling in Kumihimo also. So, it's YAAAAARRRRRNNNN time! Welcome to a collection of links.

Tips & Tutorials
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Favourite Places to Buy Yarn
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Freeform Crochet has been described as "random" and "anything goes", and "crocheting without a pattern", but it isn't, not really.

1. There are lots of step-by-step tutorials on "how to make a scrumble", which kind of goes against the whole "random" idea, doesn't it? Mind you, I think part of that is because some people are scared of not having a pattern to tell them what to do, so they need a guide to help dip their toes in. Presumably they either spread their wings or retreat.

2. It isn't actually random, because there is design. Correction: the good stuff has design. The crappy stuff is truly random.

3. There are patterns too - at least if one is making a garment, you have to have a (sewing) pattern to conform to in order to make something garment-like. And if your garment is lined, then there's definitely a sewing pattern happening, for the lining, and to make the rest of it line up with the lining.

4. There's also the tricky bit of trying to ensure that each scrumble is flat rather than bunched up.

There exist some absolutely fabulous artists in this field, and also others who Just Don't Get It, and make stuff that I consider to be pretty ugly.
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After beavering away all year, and numerous instances of frogging (rip-it, rip-it), I now have a usable cover for my Pocketbook EBook Reader.

I say "usable" rather than "complete", because it doesn't have a closure, but it works enough to be able to put the e-reader inside and close the cover on it, so that's good.


Opened up, outside view:

Opened up, inside view:

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After making this, I can understand why some people just go for the much simpler option of making a pouch to put their e-reader into, rather than a cover. But, hey, I have it now, so I'm going to use it.


Oct. 26th, 2013 07:58 pm
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Most of this was finished last weekend, but I've just now scanned them in and uploaded them to my gallery.

Red crochet necklace + earrings (I'm keeping this one):

Blue crochet necklace + earrings:

These are a bit of an experiment, but the idea is to clip it into your hair to make it look pretty. These are destined as a Christmas present, but I like them enough I think I will make some for myself, either chainmaille or crochet or both.

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Nov. 24th, 2012 08:03 pm
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I have crocheted a scarf! (One Christmas present down, several more to go)


I'm not sure if the photo is blurry, or if the fluffy yarn just makes it look blurry. But I don't feel like trying again; that was the least-worst of half-a-dozen photos.
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More craft, that is. Today I managed to do the finishing touches on the corkscrew-spiral crochet necklace I've been working on for a while. There was a point when it felt like it would never get finished, because there were a LOT of stitches to do, and the yarn was really thin and the crochet hook was really small (1.25mm), and I would sometimes get cramps in my hands because of that. But it is now DONE.
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At last, I have FINISHED the blue crochet bag that I've been working on for the last six months.
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I have accomplished crochet!
Using the largest crochet hook I have (19mm) and chunky yarn, this scarf worked up pretty quickly. And it is fluffy and soft...


It's actually two kinds of yarn which happened to have the same colour schemes; the yarn at the edges is an odd mix of "bobble" yarn and eyelash yarn, while the yarn in the centre is "Chenille" yarn (very soft and furry).

I think I should go back to where I bought this yarn and see if they have any left in a different colour.


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