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This is the Grand Total of the things I have made for the upcoming "Creating a Welcome" market (all proceeds go to the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre).

One infinity scarf.
One hair scrunchie.
One dishcloth.
Nine necklace-and-earring sets.
Three necklace-and-bracelet sets.
Three standalone pairs of earrings.
Twenty-seven standalone bracelets.
Twenty-seven standalone necklaces.


And here be pictures. Some of the pendants you've seen before, posted as WIPs, and now they are complete as necklaces!
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I'm going to be posting a bunch of catch-up craft posts, starting with this one. Because this afternoon I have been scanning and taking pictures of stuff that I've done anything from weeks to hours ago. So, like, catch-up.

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There have been a few projects which have been incomplete, unfinished, or not even started. But I have finished three of them today!

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Pendant, finished today:
Pendant; stamped copper, paint/ink pen, clear embossing powder

This is another stamped, inked and sealed pendant, but I had a Eureka moment with it, when I attempted stamping with my newly-acquired 2lb sledgehammer and still failed to make an impression. The copper needed to be annealed.

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Finally, I have managed to scan in the bubble-wrap pendants I made earlier this week (last week? I forget). Bubble-wrap pendants, you ask? Instructions are here: Bubble Wrap Necklace. Basically you fold the bubble-wrap and iron it and it fuses together. Then you fold and iron it again etc. Then you can cut it out into shapes. Hence, pendants.

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More faux-embossed pendants today. And dirty fingers.

This time I was trying out this marbling technique, though again with variations.

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A faux-enamel pendant, yes, but this one is based on a large steel washer; a little larger than the aluminium tags (2 inches rather than 1.5 inches) and much heavier.

Pendant; steel washer, embossing powder, archival ink.

This was another one where the underneath wasn't quite working -- the colours started to get all muddy -- so I covered it with more white powder.

Then I tried something inspired by this marbling tutorial, where one puts archival ink on the cooled item, then re-melts the embossing powder. The variation I did here was that, rather than applying similar-coloured ink directly, I used black ink on a stamp (which was a stamp with all these radial lines) and then I did the re-melting. Somehow, it makes me think of something tribal. What you can't see in the picture is the little bit of silver glitter underneath, when it catches the light just right.
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Just one pendant done today.

Pendant; anodized aluminium tag, embossing powder.

This one had a number of layers of embossing powder, not quite what I wanted, so I covered the whole thing with white embossing powder and poked it with a toothpick while I was heating it, then let the heat gun blow very closely to smooth things out. I rather like the effect of just a little bit of the underneath showing through. I'm tempted to call this one "The Light Side of the Moon", though it isn't cratery.
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I did more playing with pendants and hammers and embossing powder today.

Here's the results:
Various pendants; square copper, metal stamped, blue permanent ink, clear embossing powder; round black aluminium, various embossing powders; the purple one also used mica powder

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Just one thing tonight, well sort of two things, since one was a precursor to the other.
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Not content to stop with embossing powder, I continued on in my pendant-making, this time playing with hot glue and glittery mica powder. And silicon molds.

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After my visitors had left (a good time was had by all), I started playing around with some of my recent purchases. First I watched a long video on youtube about metal stamping, then I attempted to stamp some metal. It did not work very well at all. I think I need to get a two-pound hammer. Or to give up on stamping and get a texture hammer - texture hammering seems to be easier, partly because it is required to be random.
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Excuse me if you've seen these before, but I think I forgot to post them at the time. This is a bunch of craft I made earlier this year, mostly in January.

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Yes, I've been participating in [ profile] naarmamo this year, but I haven't been posting about it (apart from the comments in the comm itself) because there hasn't been anything to show before.

But now, prepare to be pic-spammed!

I'm doing a NaArMaMo album on my LJ - might as well use the scrapbook since I have a permanent account there. But I'm posting on DW and crossposting to LJ. (LJ's old scrapbook was much better than their current crappy one, but hey, it still hosts images)
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