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I have been busy this weekend. I made a present, and gave it. Another piece of my symbolic jewellery. The design for this one has been on the drawing-board for months, but I did no physical work on it until this weekend, starting it on Saturday and finishing it on Sunday.
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The theme for this quarter's M.A.I.L. contest was "Storytelling", which I would not have entered (as per my New Year's Resolution) if I hadn't already had an idea for a "storytelling" necklace which I'd intended to make out of wirework, but realized it would actually work better as maille. So it was just an opportunity to do something I already wanted to do, so it doesn't count in the "no voluntary deadlines" thing. Particularly since I kept on telling myself that if I didn't finish it, so what? But I did finish it, and today I photographed it, and posted my entry to the forum.

The Nine Walkers

Rather than repeat myself, here's a link to my entry post. Hopefully that explains the design...

Of course, I'm now at the stage where I hate it and think it is awful, but I entered it anyway.
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I wanted to make a necklace for myself, just a simple-but-elegant thing that was quite short, good for wearing with open-necked clothes. It's been on hiatus for a while, but today I finished it!

Black Ice Necklace by Kathryn Andersen. Maille, oval brass rings (Black Ice) Weave: 6-in-1 Spiral
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This is my entry in the current M.A.I.L. contest: "Steampunk". A maille-wrapped cane.

Steampunk Cane by Kathryn Andersen. Large Anodized Aluminium (gold) washers tied on with leather thonging. Two wrapping chains spiralling around the shaft. Japanese 6 in 2: washer WD=2.0mm ID=3.0mm (Brass); large ring WD=1.0mm ID=4.76mm Anodized Aluminium (gold). Rosetta: WD=1.0mm ID=4.0mm (Anodized Aluminium, Steel) (gold)

Steampunk Cane by Kathryn Andersen. Large Anodized Aluminium (gold) washers tied on with leather thonging. Two wrapping chains spiralling around the shaft. Japanese 6 in 2: washer WD=2.0mm ID=3.0mm (Brass); large ring WD=1.0mm ID=4.76mm Anodized Aluminium (gold). Rosetta: WD=1.0mm ID=4.0mm (Anodized Aluminium, Steel) (gold)

I am pleased I got it finished before the deadline, it was worrying me a bit.
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There have been a few projects which have been incomplete, unfinished, or not even started. But I have finished three of them today!

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Excuse me if you've seen these before, but I think I forgot to post them at the time. This is a bunch of craft I made earlier this year, mostly in January.

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I finished the necklace, and photographed it, and entered it into the M.A.I.L. Contest #28: Graduation (link goes to my entry).

I call it the "Oxford Comma" necklace, because it is full of red agate commas.


Or perhaps I should say, it is full of red agate commas because it is an Oxford Comma necklace.
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Today I started, and almost finished, a necklace I had been planning for a while. It needed careful planning because it was chainmaille in graduating sizes; that is, it was the same weave, but every section had rings that were bigger (or smaller) than the previous section.

Then when I'd put allllll the links together, I put the chain in the wash with my clothes (inside a bag, though). This tip is brought to you by... someone I forget, but it was either on the M.A.I.L. forums or the T.R.L. forums. Washing your maille with your clothes, and drying it with them in your dryer, actually makes it come up all shiny, because not only is it being washed, but in the dryer it is being buffed, as the rings knock against each other. So that's pretty cool. Though of course, being copper, it will tarnish. The most common advice in that regard seems to be "live with it". Because trying to put a coating on is a pain, and the coating will wear off anyway (and probably wear off unevenly, which will look really ugly). A couple of suggestions were to use Renaissance Wax, which is what they use in museums to preserve metal artefacts. Though that, too, will wear off in time.

I may have to just "live with it" anyway, because it isn't just copper. After it was washed and dried, I added some red agate charms to it... and while some things might be okay with copper, I don't know what they'd do to agate. Oh well, at least it looks nice and shiny for now.

All that needs to be done to it now is (a) add the clasps, (b) make up the matching earrings, (c) photograph it. But not tonight, because it is late.
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October was all-out crafting, since I was feeling a bit better in my recovery. The big thing this month was SCALESssssss, but there was also maille, crochet and general jewellerying.
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August was the month of maille, crochet and spool-knitting.
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This year has been completely unproductive on the fanfic front; I think I've written like one single story all year. But what I have done is make craft, fannish and not. I was going to have just one post surveying all the craft I've done this year, but I realized I'd done so much that I'm splitting it into one post for each month.

So this is for January.
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I did it!

After much experimentation, I found a method of combining scales and loom-knitting that I was actually satisfied with. This method will likely work with needle-knitting and crochet as well. Unfortunately, it is rather time-consuming.

The secret is: knit the item first, then add the scales by doing scale-maille, with two important differences:
1. The instructions given by TRL link the scales together from the back, going from the top to the bottom. This method links the scales together from the front, going from the bottom to the top.
2. As well as linking the scales to each other with the rings, link them to the knitting, by putting rings through the stitches at the same time as one is putting them through the scales.

The tricky bit is that the gauge of the stitches is likely not to match the spacing of the scales, so you will have to figure out some sort of compromise while still trying to keep the attachments at regular intervals. Fortunately, it isn't necessary to attach every ring to a stitch; every second ring will still work, so long as you pull up the scales so they're stretched out. This works with both large and small scales.

Some would ask "If you're going to do traditional scale-maille anyway, why bother with the knitting?"
The answer to that is that the knitting provides protection for bare skin, is more comfortable to wear, and fits better because of its elasticity.
Another reason is that it is actually more stable to work with than straight scale-maille, since the scales are resting on the knitting instead of flipping over while you're working on the maille.

So, I made myself a long fingerless glove (bracer)!
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I did it!

See also this post for some "in progress" photographs.
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I've mentioned some of these items in earlier posts, but there were no pictures. Now have some piccies!
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As requested, my hair chain (which I finished making yesterday) in my hair.
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The start of the braid is very messy, I'm now cringing that people are seeing it. I'm not very practiced at doing a single braid.

Edited to add:
There were 24 rings per colour (except silver and black, which have 18)

The colours of the chain are as follows:

* silver
* white
* glossy pink
* matt pink
* matt purple
* glossy purple
* lavender
* sky blue
* matt blue
* dark blue
* matt green
* glossy green
* mint
* matt yellow
* gold
* light orange
* dark orange
* glossy red
* matt red
* matt brown
* black

Which comes to 492 rings. The chain is about a metre long.
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I had these intentions to read books over my mini-break, but I did not read a single one.
Instead I started watching "Person of Interest", I made some chainmaille, and I fixed up the old server so I could scan in said chainmaille. The old server is now only used for one thing: the scanner, which is attached to it. Though I may also use it for text-to-speech conversion because of problems with Festival on Sabayon Linux (the old server is running Ubuntu Server 12.04 now).

But here's what you're waiting for: the pretties!
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Oct. 26th, 2013 07:58 pm
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Most of this was finished last weekend, but I've just now scanned them in and uploaded them to my gallery.

Red crochet necklace + earrings (I'm keeping this one):

Blue crochet necklace + earrings:

These are a bit of an experiment, but the idea is to clip it into your hair to make it look pretty. These are destined as a Christmas present, but I like them enough I think I will make some for myself, either chainmaille or crochet or both.

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