Feb. 11th, 2017 05:52 pm
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Note to self: TinyWebGallery is crap. I just downloaded and tried out version 2.4. From the evidence that I had the archive for TWG 2.3 in my downloads, I must have come across it before and intended to try it out. Well, self, don't do that again!

Why is it crap? Because the skins don't work. They are supposed to work out of the box and they do not. No matter what skin I select, the gallery is white and unstyled. Am I going to waste my time debugging it? No. I'd rather waste my time writing my own. (sigh)

Yes, I have a Flickr account, to which many pictures have been recently uploaded. But the Flickr app uploads EVERY SINGLE PICTURE from my Droid, not just photos I've taken. It uploads wallpapers and album covers and... is really dumb. I had to spend a lot of time deleting all those, and naturally I've turned off auto-upload from the Flickr app. Now I'm using Dropbox to auto-sync my photos. That seems to work nice and simply.

So why not keep using Flickr? Well, maybe I will and maybe I won't. I just don't fancy uploading pictures one-single-photo-at-a-time, having to use a GUI interface to upload them, no. Give me rsync any day! Of course, they usually won't give me rsync at all.

I'm using ZenPhoto on my site, and it is pretty good... but I need to upgrade it to a newer version, and that means I have to do a lot of messing around... and I'm not so sure I really want a gallery that requires a MySQL database backend, even though most of the more sophisticated ones do. It makes upgrading twice as messy. (sigh)

And why am I messing around with online galleries anyway? Because I am re-thinking how to share My Work with the Internet. Because of Other Things about which I have not spoken. Yet.
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Because I wanted a better way of organizing my links collection, I joined Pinboard this year... and then I discovered Shaarli, a web application which allows one to organize and tag bookmarks on one's own web server. So I installed that on my site links page and haven't looked back; I love it.

But that left me with a Pinboard account I wasn't using, because all my general bookmarks were being organized with Shaarli on my own site.
So I decided to dedicate my Pinboard account to fanfic links instead, because that's how a lot of people use theirs. So go to to see!

This collection of links is NOT the same as for my Net-Fic Reviews. They overlap, but they aren't exactly the same.
explain the difference between my Net-Fic reviews and my Pinboard links collection )

So there you have it. I hope people find my Pinboard fanfic links collection useful.
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I have gotten impatient with waiting for everything to be perfect with the changeover of my site from a hybrid static-plus-PmWiki site over to everything being under ikiwiki, so I've changed it over now. I don't think anything major is missing, but if things are missing or strange, do let me know.
The new site should run a lot faster (slower to update, faster to display).

And the Updates mailing list is up and running again too, so if you want to be notified of updates to my site, do subscribe to it. All the old subscriber info got lost when my mailing lists got wiped last year, so any interested people will need to re-subscribe (yes, [ profile] astrogirl2, this means you).

I've decided to remove the list-topics because the updates aren't all that often, and it's hard to remember what all the different topics are.
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I'm beginning to think that it isn't worth the effort of mirroring at; because it is too large, and, alas, not a straightforward case of just doing an rsync, because (a) part of the site is a wiki and (b) I can't seem to get the wiki working on I have tried a few different approaches, and they all failed in various ways.

Note that part of the difficulty is that is running on Apache, and is running on Zeus.
cut for geeky details )
All of these approaches highlight why I decided to host my website on my own system in the first place; it is just too difficult to do advanced things with the Zeus webserver. Oh, I can understand why they use it; it is very fast, and very good at serving simple sites. But utterly useless if one wishes to manipulate URLs to make them more friendly.

So what should I do with I'd like to do something with it. Because it is a much faster and more reliable system than my own. I mean, I get power failures at home while I'm at work and then all of is down for hours and there's nothing I can do about it. Should I mirror a subset of on Such as the gallery, which would probably benefit from having a faster server. Should I make a whole different site? Take some of the stuff that's on off it and put it solely on (Such as the gallery, again)

What do you think?


May. 4th, 2009 10:25 pm
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I have just been battling with my old hosting company. The one where was hosted. Problem is, last year, someone the stole the domain underneath me. I was certain I had renewed it, but apparently I hadn't. So someone else has my domain. I didn't do anything about it at the time, since still works fine, and I have more control over it.
However I thought my old account might be good to use as a backup site. And I thought that all I'd have to do would be to buy a different domain and use that instead. So tonight I finally did that, logged into my hosting account, bought a new domain through their "buy a new domain" thing, and then couldn't find anything in the site to configure it, apart from a "point domain" thing, which would point my new domain to my old domain - the domain which I no longer own.

So I raised a support request. I had hopeful expectations, since they had been really helpful with support in the past.

Unfortunately, I got a jobsworth, who basically said "we can't do that, we can't do this, we can't do the other". They can't change my domain. In order to do that, I have to cancel my account and register a new account. But the account type that I have is no longer available (and it is a good account, I pay a small amount each year for it, rather than paying monthly). And, no, they won't let me keep it. And "no, you can't point your new domain to an IP address, the registrar we work with won't let you do that".

So, I have a choice of losing my account, or losing my domain.

It's enough to make me start using foul language. Bastards!

ETA: I managed to extract my IP address there from them, and it occurred to me that I could use a sub-domain of to point to that IP address, so I don't actually need a new domain name after all. I have set that in motion, so I will check tomorrow if is live.
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I just found out that my domain has been lost to me. I thought I'd renewed it in time last year, but yesterday when I was googling something, and found a link to my old site on, I got a strange "search" page. This morning I checked, and it is owned by someone in Russia until 2009! They bought it in March. 8-( I hadn't noticed, because that site I've left as a sort of placeholder, with my old webhost, because I'm serving the "real" site,, from my own server. But I thought I'd keep it around "just in case". But it's gone, and it's been gone for almost six months, and yet google is still pointing to it. What gives?

Now I'm not sure what to do.
a) Buy another domain, and put up a "mirror" site on my old webhost (because their servers are more reliable than my own machine).
b) Nothing; let my webhost account expire.
c) Something else?
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I have now set up a mailing list for announcing updates to my site,, and even better, I've done a script which will scrape the list archive to give the current month's updates announcements on the original "updates" page, which I used to have to create half by hand. I am pleased.

Anyone who's actually interested in updates to my site can now subscribe here. It's even got Topics, so one doesn't have to get all the update notices, not that there's that many.


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