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Yes, YOU. Not the invisible person over your left shoulder.

Do you like subtlety, secret messages, and geekiness?

We're likely all fans here - fans of something, at least. We have fannish loves, we want to express them. And sometimes we want to express them boldly, with slogan T-shirts and badges. But sometimes we want to be fannish where we can't wear those things - like at work. If it would give you a thrill to know that you're wearing something that subtly points towards what you love, without the mundanes knowing unless you tell them, then have I got some jewellery for you!

I also have works which send subtle messages without necessarily being fannish for a specific fandom, but relate to fantasy, SF, or STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics).

General fantasy/mythology:

Do you like unique works which are impossible to replicate?

I like making some things just because they are fun, unusual, and pretty. The processes for many of my works create things that I could never reproduce exactly; flame on copper, mica powder swirled inside resin, the flare of feathers, the interaction of poured enamel paints. This is totally opposite to the monotony of endless mass-produced items that are, as they say, a dime a dozen.

And even things which aren't jewellery!

Do you like being able to interact with the artisan?

Because, hey, that's me! And I am here, and you can ask me stuff. Always happy to answer questions, especially if it's something you think other people would like to know too. You can make suggestions of other things I could create, things that YOU like(+). Right now, I'm working on adding earrings, hair-chains and more bracelets, because of suggestions people made to me. I'm even considering experimenting to create things that I haven't made before, such as scale-maille hair-bungees and maille motorcycle gloves, both suggested by guys I know. (Yes, my stuff isn't only for gals!)

Yes, I do custom orders. I would adore to make some fabulous Wearable Art just for YOU. Note, however, that you do not want to do this if you aren't willing to pay $$$, because the cost of my Wearable Art starts at $100, and I require that as a deposit before we figure out the final price. This is to reassure me that you are serious; I have seen too many horror stories about artisans spending days negotiating a design for a custom item, only to have the (potential) client back out at the last minute. That's time I would never get back, and would cause me a great deal of stress that I can NOT afford. Note also that this is wearable art: you would give me a concept, a theme, a prompt, and I would create wearable Art which fits your concept; it's like creating fanfic for a prompt in a fiction exchange, only this would be jewellery (or something else wearable) rather than fanfic. I would use whichever techniques and materials would suit the idea best, whether that be chainmaille or kumihimo or crochet etc. I've done this before (see my symbolic jewellery index), I just haven't sold it before.

(+) Suggesting things that other people might like isn't really very helpful, though.

So have I convinced you yet?

Date: 2017-07-24 01:07 pm (UTC)
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This might have accidentally ended up on Facebook. Also, love the background of the greenery outside, in particular the Drowning Bones necklace.


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