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1. Abby Sciuto (NCIS)
2. Severus Snape (Harry Potter)
3. Miss Parker (The Pretender)
4. Bra'tac (Stargate SG-1)
5. Jenny (Doctor Who)
6. Methos (Highlander)
7. Romana II (Doctor Who)
8. Vila Restal (Blake's 7)
9. Temperance Brennan (Bones)
10. Jarod (The Pretender)
11. Servalan (Blake's 7)
12. The Master (Simm) (Doctor Who)
13. Cally (Blake's 7)
14. Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)
15. Miles Naismith Vorkosigan (Vorkosigan series)

From [ profile] jaxomsride:

Severus Snape (2) is turned into a vampire by Cally (13), how does Bra'tac (4) react?

Severus Snape isn't turned into a vampire, he already is a vampire. Cally, being a telepath, detects this. Bra'tac, being a warrior, wants to decapitate Snape, but Cally is mesmerized by Snape's voice and fights Bra'tac to a standstill (since she's also a warrior). Snape gets away, to live (figuratively) and skulk another day.

Miss Parker (3), Romana (7), Brennan (9) all get very drunk. Who ends up falling asleep together and who wakes to find the traffic cone in bed next to them?

Romana and Brennan have a wonderful time discussing how irrational everyone else is, and end up falling asleep together on the couch.
Miss Parker gets the traffic cone, with a note from Jarod attached to it.

The Master (12), Sherlock Holmes (14), and Jarod (10) are all going to a masquerade ball. What costumes do they choose and who figures out what the others are going as first?

(sporfle) My goodness! All three of them are so brilliant in their different ways that it's hard to decide which one figures it out first. But since Sherlock's brilliance is in the area of Detection, he is the one who figures it out first. Of course, both Jarod and Sherlock are at the ball in order to uncover what nefarious deed the criminal mastermind known as The Master is planning. The Master isn't planning anything this time, he's just messing with their minds.

The Master goes as ex-Prime Minister Harold Saxon, pretending to be his own double. Sherlock of course realizes that he's the real Harold Saxon who faked his own death, and that Saxon isn't quite sane. Sherlock is one of the few people who didn't vote for Saxon, because he could think of no rational reason for doing so. I'm not sure whether Sherlock deduces that Saxon is the Master, though.

Jarod doesn't quite get the purpose of masquerade balls, but as he's a Pretender, he's absolutely superb at pretending to be someone else. So he pretends to be Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective.

Sherlock dresses up as a Gypsy fortune-teller, and nobody realizes it's him apart from Jarod, who keeps asking him impertinent questions which Sherlock doesn't answer. Instead, Sherlock gives Jarod a scathing critique of Jarod's impersonation of him, and is rather surprised that Jarod fixes all his mistakes immediately until the resemblance in behaviour is uncanny.

From [ profile] reynardo:

Vila Restal (8) was nude-bathing (part of a ritual?) by the seaside. The tide came in and Sherlock Holmes (14) was walking past just as Vila noticed. What happens then?

Of course Vila was nude bathing as part of his escape plan after stealing the crown jewels. Sherlock had deduced that Vila would do just that, and catches the notorious thief. Unfortunately for Sherlock, Vila escapes prison in about five seconds.

There's an explosive device, making a dubious ticking noise. Sherlock Holmes (14) hears the noise and alerts Jenny (5) and Vila (8). How is it dealt with, and which out of Miles Vorkosigan (15), Servalan (11) and Methos (6) are the ones responsible?
I'm rather puzzled as to why Sherlock would bother alerting Jenny and Vila.
I'm also torn as to whether it is Servalan responsible for the bomb (seeing as she's a villain), or Miles, since he does spend quite a deal of time pretending to be the Admiral of a mercenary fleet, in which case there's probably a righteous reason for the explosive device making the dubious ticking noise.
On further thought, why would either Servalan or Miles make a bomb that made a noise? They live in a space-age, they wouldn't have bombs that made a ticking noise... unless it was deliberate.
So... Sherlock hears the ticking noise, and his vast brain deduces that it is a message from Miles, and he informs Jenny so that she can go rescue Miles, and Jenny drags Vila along with her in case locks need to be opened, and Vila goes along with it because he can't say no to a beautiful woman.

Date: 2012-02-05 03:50 pm (UTC)
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Severus already is a vampire This made me laugh out loud.

I have never seen Pretender though I am tickled that Jarod improves his impersonation so well. Can John tell them apart?


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