kerravonsen: galaxy: "Behold, it was very good" (behold-good)
Heaven declares: the sum of Everything is Love.
Love never ends.
Therefore the sum of Everything is Infinity.

Hell disputes: Love is naught.
Therefore the sum of Everything is Zero.

Hell's ways are narrow and small,
grasping and desperate;
For the sum of Everything is Zero.
Giving is losing
Generosity is weakness
For nothing is gained without taking from another.
The laws of scarcity apply.
If resources are scarce, accounting must be strict.
The books must balance,
The beans must be counted
Even in a den of thieves.
Debts are never forgiven;
they are collected with interest.
Number One is greater than Everything, for One is greater than Zero.
Power is the only rule,
Selfishness the only virtue.

Heaven's virtues derive from abundance.
There is no scarcity in Love, no clock ticking down to nothing.
There are eternities of patience in Heaven's stores.
Mercy is more fruitful than Justice,
for Mercy adds when Justice subtracts;
Forgiveness multiplies while Vengeance divides.
Though the tally of Justice must still be filled,
The accounting of Love pays all debts in full, overflowing,
For debts are merely finite against the infinity of Love.
To give is to gain, for it delivers
Love to the power of two;
Both giver and receiver are blessed.
Heaven's ways are open-handed and kind,
Generous and full of hope
For the sum of Everything is Infinity.
kerravonsen: Fiction/Poetry/Art: it's cheaper than therapy (cheaper-than-therapy)
Empty Vessels

It screams at us "Go out and buy"
Until our goods will reach the sky
We never even wonder why
Or where our money went;
The song of discontent.

It swears ambition is the best
And only competition's blessed
And you must rise above the rest
Spend all in your ascent;
The song of discontent.

Relaxation's always lazy
Satisfaction must be crazy
We must never take it easy
For rest is time misspent;
The song of discontent.

It looks at a half-empty glass
Says over there is greener grass
Insists our gold is only brass
And we must now lament;
The song of discontent.

(Because I am sick of feeling defensive about my lack of ambition.)
kerravonsen: "Seriousness is not a Virtue" (seriousness-not-a-virtue)
Half-a-dozen Stargate keys
Invention of a new disease
Daniel Jackson on his knees
That's what Apophis wants.

Harry Potter on his knees
Imperius the Ministries
Life for all eternities
That's what Voldemort wants.

Fluffy socks with honeybees
A cooling western summer breeze
Several thank-yous and a please
That's what Dumbledore wants.

Swinging freely through the trees
No more itches, nits, or fleas
Lovely Jane as his best squeeze
That's what Tarzan wants.

Join in?


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