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Also bin tryin' out stuff with Twitter.

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So, the [ profile] sshg_promptest has completed, and the reveals are up.
I made two items for the same prompt, because it was such a fabulous prompt:

Threads. As light as gossamer or spun into a thread; holding things together at the seams; yarn woven into a tapestry or the warmest blanket; twisted into string, a cord, a rope. Threads of memory or of hair. Loose threads. (prompt by [ profile] eoforth)

First piece: Interlocking LivesSSHG Jewellery
On Etsy (more pictures, and yes, you can buy it!!!)

Second piece: Woven Threads
On Etsy (more pictures, and you can buy this one too!)
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This morning, at a bit after eight, my front door bell rang. There was a parcel at the door (and a van driving away). So I brought the parcel in, and opened it. Aha! The knitting machine I had bought on Ebay! I unboxed it, assembled it, picked up the pinkish-purplish yarn that came with it, pulled up a browser window on Youtube and...

...Eight hours later...

I can haz one fingerless glove!
Using these instructions.
It is imperfect and uneven, but it does keep my hand warm. I made at least 6 attempts before I got all the way through the instructions without making an egregious mistake. (And I gave up on doing the ribbing altogether)
And, yes, that is what I have been doing all day. I haven't even had lunch, now that I think of it. Oops.
Still, I have a fingerless glove.
Mind you, there isn't enough left of the pinkish-purplish yarn to make another, so it is forever doomed to be a solo glove. Ah well.

ETA: 20:09

...Three hours later...

I have another glove. This one was done with the blue yarn which came with the knitting machine.
This glove is longer, and I did the (ribbed) thumb and (ribbed) cuff with hook-knitting rather than on the machine, because I felt that it gave me more control. And the thumb on this one looks a lot tidier.

Oh, it's past dinner time, isn't it?
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Heaven declares: the sum of Everything is Love.
Love never ends.
Therefore the sum of Everything is Infinity.

Hell disputes: Love is naught.
Therefore the sum of Everything is Zero.

Hell's ways are narrow and small,
grasping and desperate;
For the sum of Everything is Zero.
Giving is losing
Generosity is weakness
For nothing is gained without taking from another.
The laws of scarcity apply.
If resources are scarce, accounting must be strict.
The books must balance,
The beans must be counted
Even in a den of thieves.
Debts are never forgiven;
they are collected with interest.
Number One is greater than Everything, for One is greater than Zero.
Power is the only rule,
Selfishness the only virtue.

Heaven's virtues derive from abundance.
There is no scarcity in Love, no clock ticking down to nothing.
There are eternities of patience in Heaven's stores.
Mercy is more fruitful than Justice,
for Mercy adds when Justice subtracts;
Forgiveness multiplies while Vengeance divides.
Though the tally of Justice must still be filled,
The accounting of Love pays all debts in full, overflowing,
For debts are merely finite against the infinity of Love.
To give is to gain, for it delivers
Love to the power of two;
Both giver and receiver are blessed.
Heaven's ways are open-handed and kind,
Generous and full of hope
For the sum of Everything is Infinity.
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This resin stuff is getting addictive. I've done some more, both with UV resin and epoxy resin. I did some more today too, but I won't know how those turn out until tomorrow night.
So... here are some I prepared earlier.
there be pictures )
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This morning, knowing that it was going to be a sunny day without rain, I took the dubious UV resin pieces that I hadn't already thrown out (a rose, a starfish, and three teardrops) and put them on the back step so that they would be out in the sun ALL DAY. When I got home, I retrieved them, and they had set solid, no squishes or sticky bits. Yay! So I think that supports my theory that there wasn't enough UV in the sunlight when the sun had reached too close to the horizon. I mean, that's why we have sunsets anyway, why they're red and orange and pink.

Some more pondering on resins... )


Nov. 16th, 2016 10:29 pm
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I have been experimenting with multiple types of resin!

Resin pendants and embellishments. Top row: all these were done with two-part epoxy resin, PearlEx mica powder, and then domed with UV resin and more mica powder. Bottom left: leaves made with layered UV resin and mica powder. Bottom centre: two-part epoxy resin and mica powder (no doming with this one). Bottom right: two-part epoxy resin, various brass beads, washers, and cogs, and golden mica powder; domed later with UV resin.

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I have been busy this weekend. I made a present, and gave it. Another piece of my symbolic jewellery. The design for this one has been on the drawing-board for months, but I did no physical work on it until this weekend, starting it on Saturday and finishing it on Sunday.
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This is the Grand Total of the things I have made for the upcoming "Creating a Welcome" market (all proceeds go to the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre).

One infinity scarf.
One hair scrunchie.
One dishcloth.
Nine necklace-and-earring sets.
Three necklace-and-bracelet sets.
Three standalone pairs of earrings.
Twenty-seven standalone bracelets.
Twenty-seven standalone necklaces.


And here be pictures. Some of the pendants you've seen before, posted as WIPs, and now they are complete as necklaces!
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So, here are photos of my surviving resin experiments. I say "surviving" because most of the ones made using the Loon UV resin... broke. As in SNAP CRACK broke, with just the pressure of my fingers. No wonder it was cheaper than the other UV resins...

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Yes, I definitely want to do more... when I get more resin. I only have a little left.
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I couldn't resist doing more of this heat-treating stuff, so I took out some of my copper and bronze tags, and stuck them in the flames.
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Now I find that the thing which takes most time is polishing them with Renaissance Wax afterwards. I tried to speed it up by using my Dremel, but it didn't seem to do as good a job as doing it by hand. 8-( My index fingers are sore.
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So yesterday I was looking at How to EASILY Anodize Titanium at Home (2 Methods) and wondering if I should invest in a dozen or so 9-volt batteries and where I might purchase some insulated alligator-clip wires...
This morning it occurred to me that I could test out Method 2 -- the heat method -- without needing any extra equipment; just a gas stove and some fine metal tongs, which I had. And a pyrex dish filled with ice water. And some already-anodized Titanium scales, which I had thought I had ruined by over-tumbling them.


I did some playing with fire.

cut for images )

Ta-da! I got the multi-colour effect by sticking just the tip of the scale in the flames; that caused the oxidation to be graduated from the tip to the base. Cool, eh?

Then I wondered, in the interests of science, what would happen if I did the same thing with copper scales. I made the mistake with the first one to put it into the ice water, and it went completely black with firescale. Then the second one, I put on my breadboard, which now has a leaf-shaped outline burnt into it. So I got my smallest tempered glass board and put the scales on that instead. Two more dud scales, but the rest were... astonishing. Nothing that I had expected. So cool!
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The trick with the ones with the v-shaped pattern and the dark base, was not to leave it poking into the flames too long, only to allow the tip to heat to a dull red. If one left it a teeny little longer, the colour-change went over all the scale like an oil slick, which was really cool, but if one left it a moment beyond that, it went a uniform pale pinkish-orange colour all over, not very interesting. Very tricky timing.

I polished them with Renaissance Wax, I hope that will preserve the colours.

Edited to Add:
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Today I played around with GIMP, trying to make interesting star-like things, and doing LOTS of tweaking tweaking tweaking. It's kind of hard to stop tweaking once you start, because you can never be sure that the next image won't be better than the previous one.
Infinitudes1.png Infinitudes2.png Infinitudes4a.png

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I wanted to make a necklace for myself, just a simple-but-elegant thing that was quite short, good for wearing with open-necked clothes. It's been on hiatus for a while, but today I finished it!

Black Ice Necklace by Kathryn Andersen. Maille, oval brass rings (Black Ice) Weave: 6-in-1 Spiral
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(Yes, there were previous adventures.)

I've decided to stop using the term "knooking", and am going with a suggestion someone made in a forum on Ravelry, and start calling it "hook knitting". It's more precise, I think. Less confusing.

Why am I bothering with hook-knitting? Because I want to. Please don't call this craft a "rip off", "a waste of time", or "not real knitting". It is "real" knitting, it just uses different tools to achieve the same effect, just like loom-knitting does. Then again, loom-knitting also tends to be called "not real knitting". Enough - or I will end up derailing this post with a rant about Realness.

So... I've been doing more hook-knitting, trying out tools and methods and modifications.
Trial 1 )
Trial 2 )
Trial 3 )
Trial 4 )
Trial 5 )

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This is my entry in the current M.A.I.L. contest: "Steampunk". A maille-wrapped cane.

Steampunk Cane by Kathryn Andersen. Large Anodized Aluminium (gold) washers tied on with leather thonging. Two wrapping chains spiralling around the shaft. Japanese 6 in 2: washer WD=2.0mm ID=3.0mm (Brass); large ring WD=1.0mm ID=4.76mm Anodized Aluminium (gold). Rosetta: WD=1.0mm ID=4.0mm (Anodized Aluminium, Steel) (gold)

Steampunk Cane by Kathryn Andersen. Large Anodized Aluminium (gold) washers tied on with leather thonging. Two wrapping chains spiralling around the shaft. Japanese 6 in 2: washer WD=2.0mm ID=3.0mm (Brass); large ring WD=1.0mm ID=4.76mm Anodized Aluminium (gold). Rosetta: WD=1.0mm ID=4.0mm (Anodized Aluminium, Steel) (gold)

I am pleased I got it finished before the deadline, it was worrying me a bit.
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And this post, is some craft tools I made, some old, some recent.
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I bought this yarn on Friday, and I though I would kill two birds with one stone with it: I would make swatches of stitches I hadn't tried out before, and I would use those swatches as bases for scrumbles for my Amazing Housecoat (which doubtless will take years and years to finish).

And here are what I have done so far:

Swatch: HDC rib stitch; Patons Cosmos grey yarn, Acrylic/Wool/Lurex.

Swatch: Mesh stitch; Patons Cosmos grey yarn, Acrylic/Wool/Lurex.

Swatch: Griddle stitch and Crumpled Griddle stitch; Patons Cosmos grey yarn, Acrylic/Wool/Lurex.

Swatch: Staggered Diagonal Basketweave stitch; Patons Cosmos grey yarn, Acrylic/Wool/Lurex.

I have decided that I like this yarn a lot. Of course, it turns out that it's discontinued, which is why it was on sale... oh well I'll go back to Lincraft next week and see if they have any left (I only bought two balls).
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Here are some things I have recently completed.

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I'm going to be posting a bunch of catch-up craft posts, starting with this one. Because this afternoon I have been scanning and taking pictures of stuff that I've done anything from weeks to hours ago. So, like, catch-up.

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