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"The secret of success is this: there is no secret of success." -- Elbert Hubbard

I'm tempted to say something similar: the secret of happiness is this: there is no secret of happiness. But that isn't quite it, though it is similarly paradoxical. Happiness is like a wild bird: if you pursue it, it will flee from you, but if you sit still, it may creep up on you while you're not looking. Why do I say that? Because pursuing happiness as a goal means you have to decide beforehand what will make you happy, and pursue that thing; if you fail to get that thing, you will be unhappy; if you succeed in getting that thing, it may still not make you happy, so you chase some other thing which may or may not make you happy - it's like chasing a mirage. If you don't predefine what will make you happy, you give life an opportunity to pleasantly surprise you.

But if you can't pursue happiness, how can you find it? It is frustrating to me when people speak in generalities like "think positive" without saying how to do so, when life is full of negatives that get you down. It's like saying "you can be happy by being happy" - circular logic is not helpful.

So I figured I'd try to be helpful by noting some things for the stealth-ninja method of allowing happiness to creep up on you.

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I have stayed out of the warnings debate and have only been following it at a remove (witnessing incredibly bad behaviour firsthand is bad for my blood pressure). I've been around for earlier rounds of the warning debate, but this is the first time the question of triggers versus preferences has come up, and it has been enlightening. PTSD is serious, folks!

So, two things:
1) I don't have warnings on my stories, because, as far as I know, I haven't written any stuff that needs warnings. Should I go through all the stories on my site and add "Warnings: nothing" to all my stories? Am I mistaken in thinking that I haven't written anything triggery?
What do you think?

2) [ profile] winterweathered has created a community called [ profile] ficsafezone, the purpose of which is to help people who have specific triggers vet stories without warnings (see community profile and sample post). I like this idea, I hope it works, because even if fans do start warning their stories better, there are still going to be stories out there which don't have warnings, and this could help bridge the gap.
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Google's got a cool new project going: Project 10100 -- ideas to help lots of people. I know there are at least two people on my flist who are environmentally-minded and would probably have much better ideas than I would; now's your chance!


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