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I had my suspicions yesterday, certain items disturbed, knocked over, but my brother dismissed them.

"It was an earthquake or something. The possum is not still in the house."

However, he changed his mind this morning when he observed many more disturbances, things knocked over, spoons on the floor of the kitchen, games knocked over, boxes knocked over... the possum was still in the house, it had not escaped on Saturday night as we had assumed.
Phone call to possum remover. First one we called, no longer worked in Melbourne in spite what their website said. Second one we called, had a lot of questions and informative back-and-forth. Needed to get it out of the house TODAY because otherwise it might die of hunger & thirst. My brother figured it probably had drunk water, from the pan which was soaking in the kitchen sink, since the spoons on the floor were evidence that it had been in the kitchen.

Plan A: look for the possum, where it could be hiding, asleep. If found, let sleeping possum lie, and call the possum people to remove it.
Plan B: wait until it wakes up at dusk, and lure it to the (open) front door with a trail of apple pieces.

So my brother started wandering around with a torch, looking under the sofa and other likely dark places. In the meantime, I wandered to the front hall and pointed out a couple more things disturbed: the battery-powered wireless doorbell was on the floor, and my agate-slice with the dolphins on it had broken off the strand it was hanging from in the front door window. I picked up the agate slice, looked at where it had snapped off, looked up a little further, and saw...

...the possum. Asleep. With its head curled down and its tail curled around, a fluffy ball of fur.

My brother figured that when the possum had gone to sleep, the top of the bookcase had looked invitingly dark. It was on top of the bookcase right next to the front door; it could not have been positioned in a more perfect place for it to be persuaded to go out the front door. My brother rang the possum people again, and they said it would be okay to try to get it out ourselves: open the front door, then take a broom and wake up the possum and push it off the bookcase so that it could see and go out the front door. Brave brother did this, with a couple of attempts because the possum was clinging to the wood of the window frame (yes those claws are sharp), but then it was down and bounding out the door and across the front lawn, peeking out between the wheelie bins and then gone.

Hallelujah! The possum is free! Fly free little possum!

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