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Well, I just had a rather bizzarre experience.

Someone knocking on my front door (I really must check the doorbell), I wasn't sure if there was someone knocking or not. So I got up, and I heard someone talking. Opened the door, and there was this guy talking into a mobile phone, and clutching a street directory.
He pointed to a spot on the map... Then ensued a long and confused conversation where I first said "no, you're not in Ferntree Gully, this is Donvale", then it turned out he wanted to get to Ferntree Gully. His accent was a bit thick, not sure where from; his hair was cropped short and greying, wearing a leather jacket, he looked like he was Greek or Italian. He was talking on the phone to this woman and got her to talk to me, and she was frustrated because he didn't appear to have maps on his phone, so she said she'd call back. So I went and got my own street directory (because I didn't want to open the security door because who knows what some random stranger at night might really be doing, I'd rather keep my screen door closed thank you). So, figured out one possible route from where we were to where he wanted to go, then she called back and gave a completely different route which involved the highway which hadn't been built when I bought my street directory (I probably should get a new one, shouldn't I?) and so that seemed to be sorted.

So then he thanked me, asked my name, and asked me whether I was married. (!?) When I said no, he asked me if I had a boyfriend. "Because you are nice girl, you should have boyfriend," he said. Though he assured me he wasn't applying for the part, because it was his girlfriend who had been on the phone. At least, I think that was what he meant, as I said, his accent was rather thick. Anyway, I wished him good luck and said goodbye.

After I shut the door, I laughed to myself. Life can be quite strange, eh?
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