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2007-11-03 11:53 am

FIC: By Any Other Name

Title: By Any Other Name
Universe: Doctor Who
Words: 8500
Yet another "Parting of the Ways" AU, involving pocket watches, Jack's two-year gap in his memory, Romana, faithful bodyguards, Rose, self-sacrifice... and stuff. And no Bad Wolf.
Written for the Finish-a-thon 2007
( fake cut to story )

(I've given up on my polishing-betas getting back to me, so here 'tis. Maybe there will be a revised version later)
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2007-10-31 07:03 am

Doctor Who beta?

Anyone want to volunteer to be a style-beta for my finish-a-thon fic? The story itself is okay, but I want to make it shine. Any volunteers?
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2007-10-21 08:02 am

Who Question

For those of you who can cast your minds back to those episodes of Classic Who which were set in Gallifrey, what is the correct term for a female Gallifreyan of rank? Is it "Time Lord" or "Time Lady"?
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2007-10-18 05:46 pm

Finish-a-thon first draft done!

Just in under the wire, since I needed to get it done before I went away. I've sent it to one beta, there may be another, but I think I also need someone to Brit-pick it. Any volunteers? It's Doctor Who, "Parting of the Ways" AU, about 8500 words.
(If you don't hear back from me it will be because I've already gone; I'm leaving tomorrow morning. My time)
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2007-10-14 09:06 pm


I am mostly packed. Though I will probably find I have packed too much or too little.

So, this afternoon and evening I got back to working on my finish-a-thon story, and, thanks to [ profile] aizain, I made some good progress:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,946 + 873
(17.7% more)

Scenes:10 (though a few of those are quite tiny scenes)

Last bit:"I am me," she said aloud. And she was.
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2007-10-13 09:19 pm

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words, Right?

I haven't been working on my finish-a-thon story. (sigh) Over the past few days I've been distracted and consumingly inspired to do wallpaper related to the story instead. And today I've gone to the hairdresser, had lunch at parents', and been trying to figure out what to pack.

This one is directly inspired:
Rose and Memories
And this one arose because my earlier versions of the Rose one, I was trying to do something with this symbol of Rassilon, and I decided to just do one with the symbol itself, instead.
Wall on Gallifrey
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2007-09-30 04:58 pm
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Finish-a-thon art

I have not writted, but I have arted for my finish-a-thon. I'm hoping it will be inspirational. So here, mez amies, is wallpaper for my story:
Romana Rose
Edited to add:
I couldn't resist doing another version:
Romana Rose
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2007-08-25 03:40 pm
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Finish-a-thon 2007 Voting is up!

The clock is ticking, the voting has begun!
Part 1 Part 2
Go and vote! Tell me what you want me to write!
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2007-08-07 01:02 pm

Finish-a-thon 2007 Sign-ups!

Decided I didn't want to wait. Finish-a-thon 2007 sign-ups finish on the 23rd.