Oct. 13th, 2007

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"I've been thinking--"
"A dangerous pasttime."
"I know."

There seems to be this assumption in SF that organic life is messy and inefficient and short-lived, and robots and androids and computers are the way to go. And nobody questions that robots are physically superior and last longer.
but... )
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I haven't been working on my finish-a-thon story. (sigh) Over the past few days I've been distracted and consumingly inspired to do wallpaper related to the story instead. And today I've gone to the hairdresser, had lunch at parents', and been trying to figure out what to pack.

This one is directly inspired:
Rose and Memories
And this one arose because my earlier versions of the Rose one, I was trying to do something with this symbol of Rassilon, and I decided to just do one with the symbol itself, instead.
Wall on Gallifrey


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