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2015-05-08 11:05 pm
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SED 08: Halting State And Fish

The wrist is still sore (and now wrapped), so no craft-making for me today. I sorted beads, though that was more of a case of putting things together that had been separated, rather than sorting to save space. But it did mean I reduced the number of mysterious squiggles (drawn with red white-board marker) on the plastic containers the beads were in. So it is still an improvement.

Brother D was checking translations while I was sorting, and every now and then rambled about interesting phrases and vocabulary in various of the languages he was checking... such as the Moronene phrases "dead fish" and "live fish". Both actually refer to dead fish (and "a fish that is alive" is how one would refer to... a fish that is alive) but the difference between them is that "live fish" is fresh fish, and "dead fish" is dried fish. Idioms are interesting.