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Well, that was interesting.
Again, there were bits of dialogue I missed. Lucky there's a transcript here.

I liked Erica!
And, yeah, the whole thing in the lab was like watching an episode of "Seconds From Disaster", with it's mantra "Disasters don't just happen. They are caused by a chain of events..." In this case, a pair of broken reading glasses, a collegue who was under the weather, violation of safety precautions, and an automatic system which was automatic in the wrong way.

The whole "you must consent" thing reminds me of the alien villains in "Venusian Lullaby", who also had to get consent from the Venusians before they could kill them. That was a good novel, though the consent thing in that was the weakest part, since it didn't really make sense. Here, though, it did make a certain amount of sense; the monk-aliens (what a totally lame description, but that's what everyone was calling them! Don't they even have a name?) the monk-aliens wanted total subjugation, total surrender, not surrender-with-a-whole-bunch-of-rebellions-going on.

So... they look like corpses because "to us, you are all corpses". Gee, show some contempt, much?

I can understand why Bill gave her consent, and why it worked; she loves the Doctor (who wouldn't?) (in a platonic way of course) and her logic said "save the Doctor, and the Doctor can save the world".

What happened to Nardole? He isn't a pile of goop, but he looks in a bad way. Does it mean that the TARDIS is full of that super-bacteria?

Favourite Quotes

DOCTOR: Hello?
MONK: We know you.
DOCTOR: Then you'll know that there is a line in the sand, and I'm the man on the other side of it. You want to keep me that way.

"Hello. Privyet. Sorry about that. Needed the call to zero in on your co-ordinates. Now, this is the Secretary-General of the UN. I am the President of the world. And this is Xiaolian, she's in charge of the Chinese army. Say hi to each other. Now, we've been having a bit of chat. The thing is, World War Three. What do you think? Basically, we're against it." -- Doctor

"Funny thing, fear, isn't it? Once it rules you, you're even afraid to admit what's scaring you. For the record, I, for one, fully understand my weakness." -- Doctor

BILL: I mean, this is a trap, right?
DOCTOR: Possibly. Probably.
BILL: And we're just walking into it.
DOCTOR: Well, every trap you walk into is a chance to learn about your enemies. Impossible to set a trap without making a self-portrait of your own weaknesses.
BILL: Great. Unless it kills us.
DOCTOR: Well, you could say that about anything.

BRABBIT: You don't look much like guardian angels.
MONK: We have chosen this form to look like you.
BRABBIT: You look like corpses.
MONK: You are corpses to us. Your world is ending. You can do nothing, but we can save you.

XIAOLIAN: What was that?
DOCTOR: Planet Earth with not a single living thing. Dead as the moon.
BRABBIT: You seem pretty damn calm about it.
DOCTOR: Do I? Oh, I'm sorry. It's not my first dead planet.

DOCTOR: Planet Earth does not consent to your help, your presence, or your conquest. Thank you for playing the big pyramid game. Bye, bye. See you again next week, hopefully not.
MONK: Without our help, Planet Earth is doomed.
DOCTOR: Yes? Well, it's been doomed before. Guess what happened? Me!

"The trick with misdirection, don't look where the arrow is pointing, look where it's pointing away from." -- Doctor

DOCTOR: Being right is easy. We need to win.
BILL: All these soldiers in the room, and you're the only one still fighting.

DOCTOR: I'm not going to lie to you. This means that your insurance premiums are going to go through the roof. In fact, pretty much everything is going to go through the roof, because I'm going to blow up the lab. We just need some kind of a trigger, first.
ERICA: But what are you going to blow it up with? (lightbulb moment) The bacteria is making ethanol. The greenhouse and the lab are full of it!
DOCTOR: Seriously, what are you doing when this is all over?
(Erica for companion!!!)

"Hello, I'm the Doctor, saving the world with my eyes shut." -- Doctor

BILL: Doctor, the clock's going back. Have you done it?
DOCTOR: Yes, I have! I'm totally the President of Earth, and from now on, two planes! One for me and one for my glamorous assistant, Erica. Say hello to the folks at home, Erica, and let me through the door.

"I'll tell you what, old man. You'd better get my planet back!" -- Bill

Date: 2017-06-07 12:47 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] tptigger
The violated safety precautions had me screaming at the TV. Those were some first year college student never been in a lab before ROOKIE mistakes. :)

Date: 2017-06-07 11:13 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] tptigger
They were EATING IN THE LAB!!! That's rule one. Then if you get an anomalous reading you don't just shrug it off. And.......!!! Yeah, see, they were doomed before they got in there.

There were no decontamination provisions anywhere either. Grr.

Date: 2017-06-08 03:23 am (UTC)
vilakins: (bill and doctor)
From: [personal profile] vilakins
Plus a biochemical lab venting to the outside several times a day? Absolute crap and lazy writing. I did like how the Doctor and Nardole worked out which lab it was though.

Why did they rush out with no protection? That stuff looked like it ate anything organic. Many more holes than last week, even.

Date: 2017-06-12 10:37 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] suenicorn
Three words here: The Naked Time. Remember? That scene at the beginning? The entire Enterprise ends up infected with the Psi 2000 virus because a man in protective gear takes off his glove in a dangerous environment, then reaches up and scratches his nose. Nice going!


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