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There is a week to go before Continuum XIII, and I will be there, and on the Sunday afternoon, I will have a table at the "Craft Market" they are doing as part of the convention.

I am trying not to panic about the things I have to get done before then; I keep on telling myself "What gets done will get done, and what doesn't get done, won't get done." If worst comes to worst, I won't be wearing any costumes. If second-worst happens, I'll toss in a whole bunch of costume accoutrements without actually planning what I'm wearing. Because costumes come second to preparing for the craft market. I've been crocheting scrunchies like mad, bending aluminium cuff bracelets... and that's been the easy stuff. I want to have as great a variety of stuff as possible, to see what sells. Of course, it may be that NOTHING sells. Ah well.

Some things are made and catalogued, some things are made but not catalogued, some things are half-made, and some things are not made at all. I was going to say "If you're going to be at Continuum, tell me what you would like to buy from me and I'll try to make it" but (a) I think only one person reading this is going to the convention, and (b) I probably wouldn't have time to make whatever-it-is anyway. (sigh) But I am still curious, so tell me anyway.

Things that will definitely be on my table (because they have already been made):
* The Nine Walkers (wearable art very $$$) - I still need to write a blurb for that
* various necklaces -- pendants made by me, mainly resin pendants, or pendants not made by me, with the necklace-part made by me (e.g. silk Kumihimo braid)
* some jewellery sets -- necklaces with matching earrings, and some sets include a matching bracelet as well
* aluminium cuff bracelets (I'm keeping one of these for myself)
* one chainmaille bracelet
* hair scrunchies, one of each type of scarf ruffle yarn I'm using. I'd like to make it one of each colour as well, but we shall see how many I manage to make (there are seven different types of ruffle yarn I'm using, and each type has a number of different colours).
* one ruffle-scarf (which matches one of the hair-scrunchies)
* crocheted soap savers (with nice soap inside)
* a crocheted tote bag, a rather nice bag even if I say so myself
* a few bookmarks (but not the one that took me three hours to make, that's too expensive to sell. Gee macramé takes a LONG time to do!)

Things that I hope to have finished making before the convention:
* a crocheted scarf (this is half-done)
* more pendants turned into necklaces
* more necklace-cords with pendants added
* some earrings made from heat-treated scales
* If I can, I'd like to make another piece of wearable art, this one based on the Doctor Who episode "The Empty Child".
* more bookmarks
* ???

(tries not to panic)
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