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Kathryn A. ([personal profile] kerravonsen) wrote2017-04-03 12:07 pm
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Cultural Appropriation?

Saw this on twitter this morning:

Cultural appropriation of rainbow

Of course, everyone is mocking the original tweet, but it did get me thinking. Because, as a Christian, it has annoyed me for a long time that I can no longer use a rainbow as a symbol of God's love. Because the symbol is more commonly recognised in these times, as belonging to another group, symbolising something completely different. And that makes it feel like it has been stolen. Is that cultural appropriation? I'm not sure that it is; after all, the rainbow is up there in the sky, and people have used it before the LGBTQ movement to symbolise other things, such as ending racial discrimination. So why do I feel as if it has been stolen? Partly, I expect, because the LGBTQ symbol represents something completely anathema to God's teachings. Other uses of the rainbow haven't been for something hostile to Christianity. Does that hostility make it cultural appropriation? I don't know. It is something, but I'm not sure whether "cultural appropriation" is the right term for it.

Hey, thoughtful people, what do you think?

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I used to feel it was like stealing but then, I went to an appearance of Obama and Biden. I took LOTS of photos but when he was talking about marriage equality and lgbt photos had a rainbow in them. I took over five years of photos with that phone. I never had that happen ever again. I felt like it was a sign from God that the rainbow belonged to the LGBT now and God was cool with that.