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I had my suspicions yesterday, certain items disturbed, knocked over, but my brother dismissed them.
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Sep. 24th, 2016 09:06 pm
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In brief (as typing slow/painful).
Possum: 1
KA: -1

Minus one soup-pot, that is. It broke in the struggle. Struggle between me and possum, which had again fallen into the kitchen cupboard from behind the oven. This time, however, I did not escape unscathed when I attempted to remove it; it scratched and bit me, and my hand is quite sore. And gouged.

Soup pot was pyrex, lay in glassy pieces on the floor. Possum ran into my bedroom. I opened the front door and hid in bathroom with band-aids, and I think the possum left at that point. Then I slowly and tearily cleaned up the mess. (sigh)
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This morning, I trundled into my shower as usual... and it wasn't until I'd already almost finished that I noticed I had a visitor, because, well, it was kind of hidden by the towel hanging over the side of the shower cubicle.
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So, [ profile] temeres, what do you think?


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