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And the word is: rodomontade

n 1: vain and empty boasting [syn: {braggadocio}, {bluster}]
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Has anyone written a Highlander/LOTR crossover featuring Methos, hobbits, and beer? Because someone ought to.
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1. Cast Iron Frying Pan
For cooking steak.
Also for attacking Fae who can't cope with Cold Iron.

2. Garlic
For cooking with the steak.
Also for warding off vampires.

3. Vinegar
For putting on the salad you made to eat with the steak.
Also for attacking Slitheen.
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I think I would be more likely to open an Etsy store if I had minions to post things for me.
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...but if it was, it would be for [ profile] teaoli.

Title: Sticking With Amphibians
Type: Art
Creator: kerravonsen
Beta(s): none
Rating: G
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): Pipecleaner stick figures..
(Highlight to View) Prompt: #68 Stick figure Snape and Hermione + #50 Frogs.
Note: I just couldn't resist.
Summary: The adventure with the frogs.

image behind the cut. Shade your eyes. )
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Half-a-dozen Stargate keys
Invention of a new disease
Daniel Jackson on his knees
That's what Apophis wants.

Harry Potter on his knees
Imperius the Ministries
Life for all eternities
That's what Voldemort wants.

Fluffy socks with honeybees
A cooling western summer breeze
Several thank-yous and a please
That's what Dumbledore wants.

Swinging freely through the trees
No more itches, nits, or fleas
Lovely Jane as his best squeeze
That's what Tarzan wants.

Join in?
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It occurs to me that I don't need to be an Evil Overlord in order to have fun with an evil laugh; I just need to write serials with cliffhangers.
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Bill & Ted: (enthusiastic) Excellent!
Cyberman: (sinister and flat-toned) Excellent.
Severus Snape: (silky and smug) Excellent. Ten points to Slytherin.
Tenth Doctor: (grinning) Brilliant! I mean, excellent!
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Why has nobody pointed this out before?

ETA: Also
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"Of course Australians are smarter than Americans!"
"Starbucks failed here."
(paraphrased from a guy at work)

Silly Art

Aug. 10th, 2008 04:44 pm
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Yesterday I went shopping, and wandered into a shop which I knew would be a temptation -- Riot Art & Craft -- and I bought things I didn't even know existed. Such as plain, undecorated present-bags (that is, heavy paper bags intended to put presents into, so that one doesn't have to wrap them, just put them in the bag). Anyway, the idea is to decorate the bags yourself, with fun things like stickers and glitter... so I bought them for fun (and some stickers and glitter too, of course). And this afternoon I decorated a few.
the best two )
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My playlist came up with "The Wanderer" (by Dion, part of a "best of the 60s" album) and the lyrics suddenly struck me as terribly suitable for a vid about who? )
People on my flist who have vidding talent are invited to create vids, yes.
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Back in May 2003, I went to stay with [ profile] watervole and, amongst other things, we had a lot of fun writing Stargate filks, mostly silly, some poignant. I didn't upload them at the time, because Judith wanted to use one of them in "Truth And Consequences", and I think I may have considered saving them for zines.

Anyway, that's a long time ago now, and [ profile] astrogirl2's post about "Into The Fire" reminded me of "All In A Day's Work", and I was surprised to find that it wasn't on my site. So I've tracked them down and uploaded the poor forgotten things.
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This occurred to me as I was brushing my hair...

"Money isn't everything."

"You," Avon spat, "are naive."

"Oh, absolutely." She began to sing:
"Innocent, shy and scared am I
Of things beyond my ken.
I need someone, older and wiser
Telling me what to doooooo.
You are thirty-nine
Going on forty
I-I'll depe-end on you!"

She grinned back at his scowl.
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Funny what you think of in the shower.

Avon: I would never consider suicide.
Cally: Are you afraid of the dark?
Avon: I prefer to see where I'm going.
Cally: Are you afraid of the light?
Avon: Darkness equals light? Typically irrational.
Cally: It is not dark, it is just unknown.
Avon: I prefer to know where I'm going.
Cally: There's one way of finding out.
Avon: A piece of knowledge which I would be unable to benefit from.
Cally: Are you afraid of the dark?
Avon: I prefer not to rush headlong into the unknown. I leave that to Tarrant.


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