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I was going to say "happy songs" but they aren't just happy, they are songs which try to be encouraging. I'm pondering the nature of encouraging songs, and the different approaches they take. Some of them mean well, but end up being DIScouraging instead.

There are a whole pile of "encouraging" songs that I'm not going to list here, which I find more irritating than anything. They're the ones which declare that "you are special" and that all you have to do is just go for it and believe in yourself and everything will work out. No. To "believe in yourself" may be a necessary condition, but it is not sufficient. These songs can be downright discouraging, because they imply that success is as easy as snapping your fingers to summon the right attitude, and that after that, there won't be any problems. Far too naive and simplistic for me. Almost bordering on blame-the-victim, too; that if you don't succeed, there is something wrong with you because you weren't optimistic enough.

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I just saw Les Miserables for the first time.


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"The Generous Mr. Lovewell" by MercyMe is a great album. It makes me want to write fic about The Generous Mr. Lovewell, who performs random acts of kindness and then vanishes as mysteriously as he appears, leaving people saying "Who was that man with the bowler hat and the balloon?"

Only I'm now wondering if he has an evil twin, The Dutiful Mr. Meantwell.
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Lily Allen

Jul. 24th, 2010 09:23 am
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I'd never heard of Lily Allen before, but someone on my flist linked to a song of hers with a very rude title, with caught me between wincing and laughter. So I thought I'd take a look at more of her stuff. I haven't seen everything by her on YouTube, but judging by the sample I've seen, I think I will like about half of it, and find the other half distasteful. The Fear is one I liked quite a lot.
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Observation: Leonard Cohen can't sing. He's not quite as bad as Dylan, but other people are much better. So, oh flist, tell me if there exists CDs which have Leonard Cohen songs sung by other people? And can I get them on Fishpond or Amazon?
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Can't exactly remember when, a few months back, I made up for myself a Doctor Who-themed playlist selected from music files which were already on my hard drive (a semi-random and eclectic collection). This could probably do for general SF listening, though it has a temporal bent.
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And from this you can realize that I'm rather fond of the Alan Parsons Project and of Enya... 8-)


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