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2014-09-08 12:06 pm
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Though I expect some of you didn't know I was gone.

I am behind on Doctor Who - I haven't seen "Into the Dalek" or "Robot of Sherwood" yet, so I am trying to avoid spoilers.
I am behind on Twitter, I will not attempt to catch up that.
I am behind on LJ and DW - if there's anything interesting you want me to look at, please comment with a link.

I will write a Breathless TMI post, but it will be locked to my access list. Because, like, TMI, y'know?
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2014-05-10 05:34 pm

Cheering Recs

Okay. I've reached a point where I shatter under stress. So as a matter of survival, I need defences against stress. And one stress-defence is happy-making things.

So, please, peoples, can you give me recs? Recs for fic, recs for music, recs for novels. Ones which are uplifting, happy, cheering. Maybe even fluffy.
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2014-03-22 05:22 pm

Adventures In Craft

In an extremely unfortunate bit of timing, I got a bad cold last week, and I'm still sick, though improving. The timing was unfortunate because there was a time-critical thing going on at work (handover of a project) and I simply could not be there. Viruses were battling it out in my body, my throat felt like wet sandpaper, and I was utterly exhausted. Mostly sleeping and drinking lemon honey tea with Lemsip in it. And then when my throat improved, my nose chimed in (which was odd, usually the throat follows the nose). Now I'm in the blowing-the-nose-and-coughing stage (and still v tired).
When I wasn't sleeping, I thought I'd do stuff that didn't require a great many brain cells )
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2014-03-13 04:40 pm


I was listening to my randomplay this morning, and was inspired with an awesome SSHG prompt. A completely new one. So maybe there's hope of participating in the [ profile] sshg_promptfest after all, if I can come up with four more(*). The really difficult ones are the art ones, since I want to make art prompts that I myself would want to do, which means something more emotional/symbolic than representational. Wish me luck?

In other news, I have a horrible sore throat. (sigh)

(*) Note that it isn't a requirement of the fest to provide prompts, it's just that I find it less fun if I don't, because I want to inspire as well as be inspired.
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2014-01-12 05:51 pm
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(no subject)

I am SOOOOOOO tired.
That is all.
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2011-07-06 07:52 pm

ManderFail Signal Boost

Because [personal profile] settiai put it better than me:
If you haven't seen it yet, you might want to read The City Boy, the Peasant Women, and the Dragon in the Tower - A Fable. (Basically, it's an amusing summary of the whole Keith Mander, Lord of the Rings, fanfiction archive for profit mess. If you've somehow missed that story until now, I congratulate you. And point you toward Fandom Wank.)

In other news, yes, I still have a wretched cold.
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2009-09-08 10:07 pm
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Bah humbug!

There is pain. Not quite like a spike being driven through my ear; more like an occasional jab with a blunt knife, plus someone applying a vice to my teeth (referred pain, how I wish you hadn't been invented). Two strong pain pills: nada. Third pain pill now taken. I think it's time for the hot chocolate. (goes off to make hot chocolate).
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2009-09-07 09:24 am
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Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho

4 hours sleep.
Super-duper double extra strong milky sweet coffee:
* 1 mug
* 4 tablets Splenda
* 1 serve xstrong espresso (from the office coffee machine)
* another 4 tablets splenda
* another serve xstrong espresso (into the same mug)
* 7 tablespoons skim milk powder
* top up with cold water

Hopefully that will keep me from nodding off. This is the first time I've ever made coffee this strong. No, I do not make a habit of strong coffee; that would sabotage the main reason for drinking strong coffee: as a stimulant.
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2009-09-04 10:44 am
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News From The Front

Thank you, everyone for your concern. I got to sleep eventually, and I've called in sick to work. I'm still feeling rather shaky. I think today will be spent alternating between distraction (probably more HP fanfic) and trying to snatch naps. Distraction is more effective than painkillers.
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2009-09-03 10:53 pm
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I hate PAIN!

It is impossible to sleep when one feels as if a spike is being driven through one's ear. And this is AFTER taking two Panadine Forte tablets, an hour ago. (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted).

Rang up Dr. Mum. Her advice: hot chocolate, nice book, read for an hour, take another tablet; listen to music for another hour, take another tablet. And if I still can't sleep, don't stress about it, just take a sick day tomorrow. We shall see.
There may be persons in the UK or USA who will be getting an unexpected phone call from me tonight.

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2009-09-02 11:51 am
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Boo, hiss

Bah! Side-effects of antibiotics! Bah!
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2009-08-31 09:54 am
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It's my ear again. Oh the Pain. The clinic isn't answering their phone (the line is busy) but at least I've called in sick to work. Boo! Hiss! Down with germs!

ETA (17:15): Got an appointment at the clinic, saw a doctor, got prescriptions, caught bus to local shopping centre, filled prescriptions, bought some comfort food (including vanilla malt flavoured milk) took medicine while standing outside supermarket, walked home eating some comfort food, felt wuzzy, went to bed, fell asleep, woke up about 4pm, read some fic in bed, got up, made this addendum.
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2009-04-21 11:16 am
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Presenting... The Spoon Theory

Looking at the Dreamwidth jargon page, I found out why a number of people on Dreamwidth were referring to "spoons". The Spoon Theory (originally from explains, with spoons as a metaphor, what it's like living with a chronic illness. Go, read, and be enlightened.
and read this after you have )
Testing out the Dreamwidth cross-posting facility.
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2009-01-21 10:48 pm

Eight Days of Happiness (Day 5)

And now the Proper Post Of Happiness for today.
1) 117.1 kilos -> 114.9 kilos!
2) I got another nomination in the Children of Time Awards; in the "Classic Who" Crossover section, my story Things That Never Were.
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2008-10-06 11:13 am

Eating One's words

I made some assertions in this post which I am now realizing were unfounded, to wit, things about insulin reaction and sucralose. Now I can't even recall where I got that information, but on further reading, looks like insulin reaction with artificial sweeteners is not straightforward at all.

Some sources say "no calories, no insulin reaction". Other sources say "sweet taste triggers an insulin reaction" -- in other words, it's psychosomatic. The implication of that is that it would occur with all sweeteners, or with none of them. And also that it would vary from individual to individual.

So, the plus side of that is that I feel a lot better about sucralose, which is good, because it is much cheaper than Xylotol and Stevia. I still like all three of them, though. And I am still determined that, even after my strict dieting is over, mine is going to be a sucrose-free household.
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2008-09-13 07:48 pm

It Pays to Read the Fine Print

I now know why the strawberry "milkshake" flavour of Optifast tastes better than the vanilla flavour: the vanilla uses saccharin as a sweetener, the strawberry uses aspartame. I just checked the long, long ingredients list on both packets. Yes, I can detect the bitter aftertaste of saccharin.
(goes off to website to check the other varieties)
skip this if you don't care about diet food )
ramblings about artificial sweeteners )