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My arsenal in the "avoid the potato chips from the Seven-Eleven" plan:

  • dried apricots
  • dried peaches
  • dried apples
  • sultanas
  • dried cranberries
  • dates
  • banana chips
  • toasted coconut
  • Surprise peas
  • unsalted roast peanuts
  • unsalted roast pepitas & sunflower seeds
  • smoked almonds
  • salted roast pistachios (in shells)
  • roasted corn kernels
  • beef jerky

Snack boxes made up and ready to roll. Each box has a different mix. Most of them are either all-savoury or all-sweet. I also avoided mixing moist things and non-moist things (e.g. don't put dried apricots and banana chips together or the banana chips will go limp). The reason for making up my own snack boxes rather than getting Harvest Box is that, while theirs might be more nutritionally balanced, and even though one can rate the various mixes and put "do not want" on some of them, even the ones I like the most contain things I don't like - such as raw pepitas & sunflower seeds. I prefer them cooked. I generally don't like raw nuts full stop. So these boxes I made up don't contain anything at all that I dislike. They do contain things that I may like more than others, but there is nothing there that I dislike. So, we shall see how this goes, next week.

kerravonsen: tea, nuts and noodle soup (Food)
I am now drinking the juice of four organic oranges, on ice. Today I got my first "assorted box" from a new organic fruit-and-veg online shop; my old one went out of business at the beginning of this year, if I recall correctly. Or was it the beginning of last year? Whatever.
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I just had some delicious home-made carrot,leek and tomato soup, which I made with my new Bamix (which I bought because my old stick-blender was a lemon, and I was sick of crappy stick-blenders, so I decided to hang the expense and go with the best, because I would be using it so much). I have never had such smoothly pureed home-made soup. Wow. So smooth and creamy. Yum.

Also, making Optifast milkshakes with boiling water is like having creamy hot cocoa (only in different flavours). Though adding cocoa and coffee to a vanilla one is the nicest. And it never quite mixes in properly, not completely. Well, I suppose it would if I used the Bamix, but I'm afraid that most of it would end up splashed on the bench if I tried that. Splat!
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Yes, another ice-cream flavour experiment, because chocolate and coffee and cinnamon and ginger all the time gets boring.
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Not sure if I will try this one again.
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Colesonline, with whom I do much of my supermarket shopping, sometimes tosses free samples of stuff in with the regular groceries. This time they put in two tubs of Ricotta cheese (two different styles). So I made ice cream with them.
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Flavours and textures of ice cream and sorbet; the experiments continue...
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One of the things I had intended to do today that I did manage to do was multiple ice-cream experiments, using at least one of my new ingredients, bwa-ha-ha!
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And I continue the exploration of flavourness in icecream...
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Not an ice cream experiment today...
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I've been googling various ice cream recipes, and I thought I'd try out a few low-fat but dairy ones.
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Really rather odd weather today; it was quite cold this morning, but then the sun came out and the sky was beautiful with puffy and streaky clouds in it, but the wind was still rather chilly, and now it's downright cold again. Which perhaps means I was rather foolish to do another sorbet experiment, since it made my teeth ache with cold, but there it is, I did it.
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The pursuit of the non-fat sugar-free sorbet continues...
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kerravonsen: tea, nuts and noodle soup (Food)
More time spent in the pursuit of sorbet...
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And the ice-cream and sorbet making continues...
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I have also found another non-sugar sweetener, Erythritol.the sweetness, it sweetens )
ETA: another experiment
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I have continued my pursuit of the sugar-free sorbet. I have googled, I have perused disputes about the nature of Sucralose and the physical chemistry of ice-cream making, and I have discovered the secret...
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More ice-cream making tonight!
I also went to a supermarket liquor store at lunchtime to get some brandy, not for drinking, but to use as the heat/cold conductor between the fixed bowl and the removable bowl.
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Today the super-deluxe fantastic ice-cream machine that I ordered was delivered to my workplace. In TWO separate boxes. I will not relate the saga of how I got both boxes home tonight, because I am weary and it is late. Suffice to say, it was a saga, with very weary arms and fear of tripping. But I made it home, with both boxes.
Though it turned out that the second, lighter box was the "bonus free blender" that came with the ice-cream machine if one ordered it before some date or other. I don't need a blender, really. Oh well, I'll worry about that later.
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