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Besides procrastinating by making a bracelet, I actually did do some sorting and moving and preparing-of-stuff-to-be-thrown-out. The alcove near the fireplace now has the table-thing which was in the front hall, with two sets of plastic drawers underneath it. This is a much better situation than the drawers had been in before, where they had been in the far corner of the lounge with a plank on top of them, and that plank was piled high with boxes. I noticed as I was moving them, that the top parts of the drawers had bent, probably due to the plank. Oops. Well, now they're under the table-thing, there is no pressure being put on them. I'm calling it a "table-thing" because it isn't a table, and it isn't a desk, and I'm sure there's a proper name for it, but I can't remember what it is. It's more like a desk than a table, really.

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I have STUFF. It accumulates. Being a frugal, responsible person, I kept a lot of it because "it might be useful" or "somebody else might find it useful" or "I could give it away on Freecycle" or "I could sell it on Ebay". And I did none of the above. None.

The effort and stress of listing something on Ebay has obviously been too great for me to summon up the energy to do. Likewise for Freecycle. This gives me much guilt, because putting things into landfill when they could be recycled is BAD. BAD KA! BAD BAD BAD! I have thus been caught between feeling guilty if I threw it away, and feeling stressed if I didn't. Because Stuff Taking Up Space is getting to really stressful levels for me. I have all these craft materials! I need to put them somewhere! I'm running out of space!

I have finally said "enough!" (or "too much", really). Forget Ebay. Forget Freecycle. Forget them all. One phone call, and I have booked a Hard Rubbish collection. My hope is that people round about will take at least some things off the pile before it gets collected by the Local Council. Shove my guilt, the stress has just gotten TOO MUCH. Stuff it!

So. Hard rubbish. Today I've been going around the house gathering stuff and clearing away stuff. Hopefully my nephew will help me tomorrow to put heavy things outside on the kerb.

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It will be good to get rid of it all.

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This morning, at a bit after eight, my front door bell rang. There was a parcel at the door (and a van driving away). So I brought the parcel in, and opened it. Aha! The knitting machine I had bought on Ebay! I unboxed it, assembled it, picked up the pinkish-purplish yarn that came with it, pulled up a browser window on Youtube and...

...Eight hours later...

I can haz one fingerless glove!
Using these instructions.
It is imperfect and uneven, but it does keep my hand warm. I made at least 6 attempts before I got all the way through the instructions without making an egregious mistake. (And I gave up on doing the ribbing altogether)
And, yes, that is what I have been doing all day. I haven't even had lunch, now that I think of it. Oops.
Still, I have a fingerless glove.
Mind you, there isn't enough left of the pinkish-purplish yarn to make another, so it is forever doomed to be a solo glove. Ah well.

ETA: 20:09

...Three hours later...

I have another glove. This one was done with the blue yarn which came with the knitting machine.
This glove is longer, and I did the (ribbed) thumb and (ribbed) cuff with hook-knitting rather than on the machine, because I felt that it gave me more control. And the thumb on this one looks a lot tidier.

Oh, it's past dinner time, isn't it?
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I was going to say "happy songs" but they aren't just happy, they are songs which try to be encouraging. I'm pondering the nature of encouraging songs, and the different approaches they take. Some of them mean well, but end up being DIScouraging instead.

There are a whole pile of "encouraging" songs that I'm not going to list here, which I find more irritating than anything. They're the ones which declare that "you are special" and that all you have to do is just go for it and believe in yourself and everything will work out. No. To "believe in yourself" may be a necessary condition, but it is not sufficient. These songs can be downright discouraging, because they imply that success is as easy as snapping your fingers to summon the right attitude, and that after that, there won't be any problems. Far too naive and simplistic for me. Almost bordering on blame-the-victim, too; that if you don't succeed, there is something wrong with you because you weren't optimistic enough.

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Jan. 19th, 2017 11:02 pm
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Hello everyone!

So now I'm back from holidays and my family have scattered. I did stuff... played games - must get hold of a copy of Splendor, great game, simple rules but somehow rather addictive. Made things with resin - I have a rather large backlog of items I need to photograph.

And I got myself a smartphone. )

So there you have it.

Who of you has an Android smartphone, and what do you use it for? What are your favourite apps?

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On a lighter note, my new gardener was doing my lawn this morning, riding on a motor-mower... dressed in a Santa suit. 8-)
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Just got an email from the Peter the Possum Man people, for a "requested quote" which came to more than $1000. Apparently their so-called "six-month guarantee" only guarantees two visits, which I have now used up, less than three months after their first visit. Even though THEY DIDN'T DO THE JOB PROPERLY, they are asking me to pay them MORE money? No way.

I'm not paying them more. There's no proof that the second possum (a ringtail) is getting in (just indications that it might have tried to), and they've already put a wire mesh over the chimney so that no future possums will fall down the chimney.

If another possum does get in, I'm calling someone else. They aren't they only possum removalists in town.

I've got nothing against the guys who did the actual possum stuff, they were nice guys.

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As I said in my previous entry, the possum has returned. When we last left our persistent possum, it was huddled inside the wardrobe of my study. Whenever I peeked in at it, it was not asleep. I'm not sure whether that was because my opening the door (squeaky hinges) woke it up, or because it was too uncomfortable and scared to relax enough to sleep. I'm fairly certain it didn't drink the water I left, because it appeared not to have moved. Perhaps it felt that its position on a half-fallen-over suitcase was too precarious for it to move.

I had, as I said, left a message with the possum man Frans, on his mobile. But I did not hear back from him. Fair enough, he could have been on holiday or out or something. The sun was going down, and I didn't want to leave the possum in the wardrobe overnight, for my sake, for its sake, and for the sake of the contents of the wardrobe. So I decided that if I hadn't heard from Frans by eight o'clock, I would have to evict the possum myself.

Eight o'clock rolled around. It was eviction time.

eviction time )

I still have no idea how the possum got in.

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I woke up this morning to find a scene of somewhat chaos on the floor of my study. I mean, only slightly more chaotic, considering that there is the chaos of I-am-in-the-middle-of-decluttering, which includes a bunch of bags and stuff on the floor. But this was not chaos caused by me (and I haven't been writing in any magical diaries either). There was a big black box-lid on the floor, and a bunch of things fallen from the shelves onto the floor. At first I thought it was the Pancake Dalek (aka my Roomba) but it wasn't consistent with the kind of disturbance that robotic appliance causes: it wasn't a case of things pushed around from somewhere else, or things that were on the floor being knocked over, nor of something getting tangled in its bristles and being dragged. And I hadn't thought that the things I'd put on the shelves were that unbalanced or precarious that they would fall down on their own.

So I started tidying up, putting things back inside containers and onto the shelves. And when I picked up a laptop-protector bag to put it back at the bottom of the wardrobe... I saw It.
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I had my suspicions yesterday, certain items disturbed, knocked over, but my brother dismissed them.
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Tetanus shot: check
Antibiotics: check
Pain killers: check
Medical certificate: check


Sep. 24th, 2016 09:06 pm
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In brief (as typing slow/painful).
Possum: 1
KA: -1

Minus one soup-pot, that is. It broke in the struggle. Struggle between me and possum, which had again fallen into the kitchen cupboard from behind the oven. This time, however, I did not escape unscathed when I attempted to remove it; it scratched and bit me, and my hand is quite sore. And gouged.

Soup pot was pyrex, lay in glassy pieces on the floor. Possum ran into my bedroom. I opened the front door and hid in bathroom with band-aids, and I think the possum left at that point. Then I slowly and tearily cleaned up the mess. (sigh)
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Well, I just had a rather bizzarre experience.
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Saw an acquaintance in the lift this morning. I was admiring the colour of her top, a vivid blue.
She said it was a very Eighties colour, and started describing a dress she'd had in the eighties which was a similar colour, Electric Blue and black, with padded shoulders.
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In one word: Chill.
In three words: No voluntary deadlines.

In detail: I have decided that this year I will eschew anything which has a deadline, whether that be a fest, or making cosplay for Continuum in June, or making Christmas presents. I don't have to do any of those things, even if I feel pressure to. Even if the pressure I feel is purely from inside and not anything external. I don't have to. So I will try an experiment: I won't do them. NO DEADLINES.

Last year I was under pressure all year, trying to make Christmas presents for everybody, signing up for various fests (two of which I defaulted on, and one which I had to ask for an extension). I don't want to do that again. And I know it's easy to say "oh, just one more". So this year I will have a flat ban. I know that will disappoint some people who like seeing my stuff in fests. Don't worry, it isn't as if I won't be doing any creative stuff. I will be doing that; I just won't do them to deadlines. Time for my other un-deadlined unfinished projects. Time for playing around experimentally with crafts. Maybe even do a bit of writing? I've told my family that this year, everyone is getting One Salted Peanut for Christmas. Not that I would do that really, but I want to prevent myself from putting pressure on myself; far too easy for me to do. I have a THING about making handmade presents, have done since I was a teenager. I like making stuff to give away. Hey, maybe this year I'll make some stuff for myself! (What? Really?) It's been a while since I've done that. And it's not really as if I won't be making any presents at all -- some of those unfinished projects were for presents anyway. But still: no deadlines.

Note that this doesn't exclude things like NaArMaMo or PicoWriMo, because they aren't deadlines in the same kind of way; especially NaArt, because that's an event which encourages playing around and experimenting, which I do want to do. Play!


Secondary goal: read less fanfic and start tackling my huge unread-book pile. But not as a should. More as a change of scenery. (Currently reading "The Engines of God" by Jack McDevitt. Archaeology IN SPACE!)

(Current health status: still coughing and using up tissues at a great rate. Today I slept for most of the day, hopefully that did me good. Then again, I needed to, since I hadn't slept half the night before. (sigh))

(Still have not caught up on LJ and DW. Apologies to those people whose comments I have not yet replied to.)
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I am really really really behind on everything. And I should just resign myself to not being able to catch up. I still have to go through the sshg_giftfest and answer emails and read the rest of the ones I missed out on. And fandom_stocking. And whatever else you folk tell me I need to catch up on. But otherwise... (sigh)

First, I was away over Christmas (and have reported about same).
Then, just a couple of days after I got back, I came down with a horrible cold, which has progressed to different phases of horribleness. I suspected something was wrong when, on Sunday, when we were celebrating my father's first anniversary with M, at the end of the afternoon, my voice started getting hoarse. Next day, still hoarse, with a tickle in my throat. My lovely nieces plied me with lemon drinks. And I slept from time to time. More coughing. More croaking. Throat becoming more sore. Worse at night when I tried to sleep because when I was awake I could stop myself from coughing by sheer willpower. One night I read "Redshirts" from cover to cover, which was fun, but did not give me sleep. Yesterday I had to stay awake because (a) my nieces were leaving, so I wanted to enjoy the last bit with them and say goodbye, and then I had to stay awake because of grocery delivery (and the annoying people have changed the delivery window from two hours to three hours). And today I had to stay awake just in case my computer was delivered, but I expect it won't be until Monday now.

Right now, I am aching all over, blowing my nose, coughing, sneezing, and being exhausted.

In the midst of it all, I did actually work on my Severus-fest item (I had already asked for an extension before I went away). After about five times ripping it up and starting again from scratch, I have the first half of it done. I also started the second half, but the design didn't suit, so I'll have to throw that away and try something else. Tomorrow, hopefully.

Alas, I'm going to have to bow out of the M.A.I.L. challenge this time around, there's no way I would complete a headdress in 20 days unless they were all days off (which they aren't).

I'm wondering whether I should just forget about doing ANYTHING which has deadlines this year. Why do I keep on over-committing myself? If it isn't fests, it's Christmas presents. (sigh)

So, peoples, tell me what has happened while I was away, and/or tell me stuff to cheer me up. Please?
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I'm an organised thinker, and I'm thinking about organisation. These thoughts were prompted mainly by the process I have taken in organising my craft stuff, but the principles apply to other things as well. This isn't so much a series of tips or even necessarily a "how-to"; instead I'm being rather more analytical than this type of article usually is, not just saying "do this" but also the reasoning behind why it is a useful thing to do.

First Principle )
Second Principle )
Third Principle )
Putting This Into Action )
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This morning I washed my hair with anti-dandruff shampoo. The bottle said "antidandruff medicated shampoo". Ooooh, medicated! Does that mean it's different from other anti-dandruff shampoos?

To the dictionary, Robin!

From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:

  Medicate \Med"i*cate\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Medicated}; p. pr. &
     vb. n. {Medicating}.] [L. medicatus, p. p. of medicare,
     medicari. See {Medicable}.]
     1. To tincture or impregnate with anything medicinal; to
        drug. ``Medicated waters.'' --Arbuthnot.
     2. To treat with medicine.

So, to say it's "medicated" means.... it's a treatment. For dandruff. Which is what "anti-dandruff" means.
Holy tautology, Batman, it's a tautology!

I loathe advertising-speak. So long as they are not outright lying, they can be as deceptive as they want, tossing in feel-good content-free words with abandon, or rendering perfectly good words content-free by using them as a tautology.

I prefer spades to be called spades, not agricultural real-metal-bladed natural-wooden-handled spades.
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The wrist is still sore (and now wrapped), so no craft-making for me today. I sorted beads, though that was more of a case of putting things together that had been separated, rather than sorting to save space. But it did mean I reduced the number of mysterious squiggles (drawn with red white-board marker) on the plastic containers the beads were in. So it is still an improvement.

Brother D was checking translations while I was sorting, and every now and then rambled about interesting phrases and vocabulary in various of the languages he was checking... such as the Moronene phrases "dead fish" and "live fish". Both actually refer to dead fish (and "a fish that is alive" is how one would refer to... a fish that is alive) but the difference between them is that "live fish" is fresh fish, and "dead fish" is dried fish. Idioms are interesting.
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The weather today doesn't know what it's doing... or maybe my wardrobe doesn't. Put on a cardigan and I'm too hot, take off the cardigan and I'm too cold. 8-(

Went and picked up a parcel from the Post (Australia Post: "We don't deliver") Office; discovered my ID was in my other bag. But they're a friendly bunch there, they know me by sight, so they accepted my credit card as ID. And now I have parcel with CLOTHES. Not very exciting clothes, but still, CLOTHES.

One nice thing about being forced to go to the post office (which is not within walking distance, but a few bus-stops away) is that in that cluster of shops, there is a Middle-Eastern market - no, not a bazaar, a kind of "general store", a supermarket-without-the-super. Like you get Asian markets (well, you do in Australia) where they are full of Asian food like a thousand kinds of noodles, and dried fish, and salted plums and all that sort of thing. Only this was all middle-eastern and southern European food, like Tahini and Dukka and lots of nuts and dried beans... and Halva (Halwa). I'm not into plain Halva or Pistachio Halva but I do like a bit of Chocolate Halva every now and then. And this is one of the few places I know that I can get it. So I looked on the shelf where the Halva usually is... no chocolate. I looked again, up and down the shelves. No chocolate. But I did see some "Persian cotton candy" which is rather nice stuff; spun sugar, but more dense than traditional Western cotton candy. So I picked that up off the shelf and took it to the counter. I mentioned that I'd come in for chocolate Halva but there wasn't any, and I'm very glad I did mention it (I normally would not have) because the shop keeper looked surprised, went to the shelf, double-checked that there indeed was no chocolate Halva on the shelf, but said "We do have chocolate Halva", went to the fridge and pulled out a big block of chocolate Halva, and asked me how much I wanted. I said "250 grams" and he cut me off a chunk from the block (269 grams, near enough). So, yay, I got some Chocolate Halva!

My foot aches from the walking though. Fortunately, I'm seeing my regular physio today (as distinct from the other physio in the practice, whom I had to see last week and the week before because my regular physio was on holidays). Yes, my foot has improved muchly (annoying ache is much better than stabbing pain) but it is still annoying.


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