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So, what can one do with odd socks, besides throw them out? I would like to be recycling-minded with the 11 odd socks which I discovered when I sorted ALL my socks yesterday.
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I need a Twelfth Doctor icon! Where's a good place to look for one that's freely available?
I kept on thinking that I would make myself one, but I clearly haven't.
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I have a Draco-centric story which has been stalled for ages and ages. And the longer it's stalled, the more daunting it is. I need help to get re-started. I need inspiration, and I need a better insight into Draco's character. Sooooo I'm asking y'all to point me in the direction of:

1. good Draco-related meta (hey [ profile] drinkingcocoa, have you written any Draco meta?)

2. good Draco-centric fic, which is NOT slash (I do NOT read slash, keep it away from me). It might be preferable for it to not be het either, because for popular pairings (such as Draco/Hermione) the author often starts out with the assumption that their readers already agree that the pairing is Meant To Be, which means the author goes to less effort to convince the readers why the characters are behaving that way... and a story like that is less likely to give me good insights into how Draco ticks.

So please give me links, if you have any.
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Help me, oh HP friends! There's a Harry Potter story I'm trying to remember the name/author/location of, and I've already gone through my bookmarks and can't find it.
This is an AU First Year story, one of those Snape-mentors-Harry kind of stories. Also a Manipulative Dumbledore story.

Alas, the only thing I can remember is that, rather than Snape just assuming that Harry is pampered and spoiled before he ever lays eyes on him, Snape is given reason to believe that is so because of the things that Albus keeps on saying before school starts; like Albus has this conversation with Minerva which indicates that Harry is on luxurious holiday etc.
There's also a bit -- though possibly it's from a different story -- where Snape has to be the one to fetch Harry, and Dumbledore is reluctant to let Snape do it, and then tries to manipulate Snape again by mentioning James, in order to make sure that Snape is not sympathetic to Harry when they meet. But Snape gets suspicious of this, so he doesn't fall into that trap.

I fear, alas, that (a) that's not enough information for you folk to find it for me and (b) if I can't find it in my bookmarks, it's probably because it turned out to be a crappy story with a promising beginning.

But still, my curiosity is killing me, I want to find it. Help!

ETA: Found it. It was "Petunia's Boys" and I'm not going to give the link because it was, indeed, crap.
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Someone pointed me towards [ profile] b2mem (Back To Middle Earth Month) and even though it is near the end of the month, they aren't strict about things being finished by the end of the month (they're aware that some things take quite a while to create).

And I am eyeing a particular prompt; Faramir's wedding gift for Eowyn. Naturally, with my inclinations, I would want to make the wedding gift in question. But what should I make? Would a necklace -- however well-designed -- be good enough for such a gift? Or too small and trivial?


Please, give me ideas.
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I know I've asked this before, and not gotten very many answers, but I'll ask again, because I don't know how else to find out (googling was not helpful).

I like making fannish craft, I do. And I like participating in fests where I can make fannish craft (to prompts, for people, whatever). However, Harry Potter fandom (in specific, Severus Snape fandom) is the only place where I've found fests/exchanges where craft is welcome. And I'd like to do stuff besides Harry Potter, y'know? But 95% of fests are fic-only, and the remaining ones that accept art (or do an art + fic combo), most of them don't accept craft. But I figure it would be easier to persuade a moderator to accept craft when they already accept art, than for a ficathon which doesn't accept art at all. Or I could be sneaky and do craft and call it "art" - after all, I'd be sending an image anyway. It would just be in a different medium: craft plus photography. Which is itself an Art.

So I've been poking around, and come across a few of the "Reverse Big Bang" fests, which start with the art and finish with the fic. Which is cool, I'd like to do that. Unfortunately, the ones I've looked at appear to have died (like, last post a couple of years ago). Argh!

So please, does anybody know of any currently-not-dead fests, ficathons, bangs (big or otherwise) which are at least art-friendly? In fandoms that I know? Particularly Doctor Who.

Maybe you could ask your flists?
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The world is so full of FAIL at the moment. Misogyny, injustice, hate - and from my own government!
I don't want to feel angry, frustrated and helpless. I did my bit to try to prevent Abbott getting in, I did! He got in anyway.

So tell me, friends, what can I do, in the time between now and 2016, to improve my little corner of the world? Because that would cheer me up more than just retweeting Abbott!Fail.

Edited to add: To get a better idea of my frame of mind, the following is the start of the song from which the title of this post comes:

Do not wait until some deed of greatness you may do
Do not wait to shed your light afar
To the many duties ever near you now be true
Brighten the corner where you are.

Brighten the corner where you are
Brighten the corner where you are
Someone far from harbour you may guide across the bar
Brighten the corner where you are.

So I want to be able to do something, myself, very local, just to make things brighter. Not something necessarily big.

Edited to add some more:
Well! An answer to unspoken prayer, I think. I just got an email from someone who uses one of my Perl modules - uses it in many websites and likes it a lot. I just need to update the documentation, because he had some questions. But someone is Using My Stuff! And likes it!

So that's something I can do. Me on my little lonesome. Get back to my FOSS and fix some of the things that need fixing. I don't need to do it all at once - I've been daunted when I looked at the list - but just do some of it. Because some is more than nothing. And somebody is using my stuff!!! \o/
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Just got an email from my-brother-the-Wycliffe-Bible-translator, requesting that people donate... Time Magazines... specifically, the July 29th issue, to Wycliffe. Now, before you go off and say "I'm not a Christian, why should I care?", while Wycliffe's primary goal is the translation of the Bible into local languages, they are also strong advocates of the preservation of local languages, wanting to help prevent them dying out. And there's an article in that issue of Time that can actually help with this issue... if local peoples have copies to read. I know many of you are interested in Diversity, and diversity of language and culture is another kind of diversity which needs support. So if you are interested, read on...
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Jun. 20th, 2013 10:25 am
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Please, someone explain to me what "bromance" means.


Apr. 7th, 2013 06:59 pm
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In anticipation of the anti-theist trainwreck that is apparently this week's Doctor Who, I would like someone to cheer me up by writing a thoughtful fic in which Teal'c has a deep and meaningful conversation about false gods, with a devout monotheist.
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If each Doctor was represented by a different colour, what colours would they be? And why? Would Ten be red? Would Six be pink? Would Five be beige, really?

Please to tell me what you think.
Yes, this does have to do with my previous post. 8-)
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A couple of speculative AU-ish questions for the HP peeps here.

1) I've seen it said that one reason that Harry was left (and kept) with the Dursleys was to keep him out of the hands of the Malfoys. I can't remember how much support this idea had in canon, but it seems plausible anyway. I've read quite a few stories where Harry being adopted by the Malfoys is seen as almost a fate worse than death - but has anyone written a story where this fate did happen, where Harry was adopted by the Malfoys? Has anyone written a good story with that scenario?

2) I'm rather stuck with one of my AU HP stories because I can't actually decide what is the best outcome for Harry in the scenario I've set up. The situation in the story is that the Dursleys have been persuaded that they need to at least give the outward appearance of not neglecting Harry, because of What The Neighbours Might Think. Harry is about eight or nine at the time; they give him Dudley's second bedroom, second-hand furniture, his own (but second-hand) clothes... as I said, the outward appearance. So Harry is better off than in canon, though obviously the Dursleys still hate and fear magic. And I can't decide what to aim for.

The options, as I can see them:

A) Leave things as they are; Harry at the Dursleys. After all he's better off than in canon. And if the Dursleys are less obvious in their neglect, it would be harder to remove Harry from their custody anyway.
B) The Dursleys are still caught out as neglecting Harry, and he is removed from their custody. And Harry is adopted.

i) Adopted by Aunt Marge (who is the one who noticed Harry's neglect)
ii) Adopted by the Tonks family (who are cousins through the Blacks)
iii) Adopted by the Malfoys (who are cousins through the Blacks)
iv) Adopted by the Weasleys.
v) Adopted by Snape.
vi) Adopted by someone else entirely.

But I'm finding it hard to make any of these particularly plausible in my mind.

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For those of you who might not have noticed yet, LiveJournal has put their "improved" friends page into open beta. As [personal profile] kalypso said, Well, it's possible that one of the 586 comments so far in response to that announcement says the redesigned friends page looks lovely, but it may take some time to find it. Most of those responding think it's more difficult to read, and particularly object to the introduction of an "infinite scrolling" feature... Others are complaining because the new page (which forces the site style on everyone) means they can't customize it for their reading comfort (e.g. the black on white gives some people migraines).

Look, I switched away from the site style on comment pages because I hated it - you want to force that crap on me for everything? Curse your inevitable betrayal, LJ!

For those of you on my flist who are only on LJ, can I beg you to get a Dreamwidth account and crosspost? Please? PLEASE? Right now, invite codes aren't required to join Dreamwidth, but if they're reinstated to control the influx, I'm sure I will have codes to give folks who want to join.

New friends page: DO NOT WANT!

If LJ does not regain their senses, can anyone recommend a good RSS feed reader for Linux? One that would enable me to read protected entries as well as public ones?

ETA: For those who are daunted by crossposting from DW to LJ: Evilawyer's Brief Tutorial on Crossposting
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Last Worldcon I went to, I saw a number of people wearing lovely steampunk costumes. Every now and then I contemplate putting together a steampunk costume of my own. Probably not as Period or conformist as most - I can't really see myself making a Victorian Ladies' walking dress, though I could probably rustle up a skirt, blouse and vest of some sort.

But the fun and interesting part would be the accoutrements. I have already taken the first step on this journey by purchasing for myself a fully working clockwork fob-watch. And I've ordered some faux-metal goggles, as one does. At some point, I will probably get myself a top hat, and decorate it.

Looking around on places like Etsy, it seems as if the standard things are:
- fob watch
- goggles
- hat decorated with brass cogs etc.
- pendant/brooch made of clock innards (I'm not interested in this, as I have a fob watch I can wear as a pendant if I want)
- steampunkish ray guns

Now... I don't want a ray gun, because conventions nowadays don't let you wear weapons, even fake weapons. But I would like to have or make a gizmo that is as impressive as a ray gun, but which isn't a weapon. But what?

Ideas, ideas please!

No Gifting

Sep. 17th, 2012 07:31 pm
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It looks like the consensus that NOBODY will want a pink and black rug. So I shall have to rip it up and do something else.


Well, I suppose it's a learning experience.

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I have been Making Stuff. As one does. I have been making stuff for Christmas presents, but some of the Stuff has been made without knowing whom I am making it for, because I like Making Stuff.
Now, the necklaces are fairly easy to deal with, because no female is going to say no to a hand-made necklace.

However, not everyone on my Christmas list is female. And not everything I have made has been necklaces. Now, I suppose I could just toss things at the males without consideration, but I don't wish to do that.
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Okay, so I'm writing a Harry Potter AU, set pre-Hogwarts. At this point in the story, Harry is nine. He does some accidental magic due to panic, the consequences of which freak him out (the details don't matter). This Harry doesn't know anything about magic, he thinks it's psi powers. But as I said, this particular thing freaks him out, and he wants to ensure he doesn't do it again. But as it was accidental, he can't be sure he won't. So what can Harry do about it?

His resources are:
* the public library
* his primary school?
That's about it.

Any ideas about what he could do? Could he train himself not to panic? How? What about mental disciplines? Is there something he could learn out of a library book? If so, what book or books? This is set in 1989, remember.
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I am having a great deal of fun with my new MP3 player (expensive, but fun). Because it runs Android, I've been able to install various useful apps, including Smart Audiobook Player, which makes listening to audiobooks much easier, since it remembers where you're up to in any given audiobook, rather than having to faff around and fast-forward to where you were.

This means... I want podfic recs!

I have already grabbed everything off and skimmed through the stuff at (and am in the process of downloading a bunch of human-read mainstream-lit audiobooks from so I would like recs for stuff from other places. Alas, a lot of podfic for things like amplificathon has vanished because it was uploaded to short-term filesharing places and has now gone.

So... given all those caveats, is there any podfic left to rec to me? I hope so.

(ETA: Yes, I've also looked through the "Podfic" tag on the AO3 as well, though I might do another pass in the future if/when they have tag filtering re-enabled.)
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Yeah, I know HP canon is full of holes, but that won't stop me from trying to fill them in, or extrapolate from what we know. So in the aid of my insatiable curiosity (and perhaps in aid of fic), here are a few ponderings and questions. Please help me with them!
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I am stuck and dithering because I'm not sure which way to go next with "Harry Potter and the Lore of Fiction". So I am going to ask you, my flist, for your opinions.
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