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I was listening to my randomplay this morning, and was inspired with an awesome SSHG prompt. A completely new one. So maybe there's hope of participating in the [ profile] sshg_promptfest after all, if I can come up with four more(*). The really difficult ones are the art ones, since I want to make art prompts that I myself would want to do, which means something more emotional/symbolic than representational. Wish me luck?

In other news, I have a horrible sore throat. (sigh)

(*) Note that it isn't a requirement of the fest to provide prompts, it's just that I find it less fun if I don't, because I want to inspire as well as be inspired.
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Well, it looks as if I'm in trouble, since the organizer of the [ profile] sshg_promptfest sent me a note saying that she would not accept any prompts that someone else had seen, which means that every single one of the prompts I was asking about in my previous post have been disqualified.

So I have nothing at all.

I think I'm going to cry.
And there's no point in participating in the fest either, so I won't be.

ETA: Please don't get cross at the organizer, the rules were clear, I'd just forgotten about that bit. I had clearly violated the rules by making a PUBLIC post with my prompts in it. There's nothing to be done, it was my own stupid fault.

And, hey, maybe it's not a bad time to take a bit of a break.
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SSHG Prompt Fest

Though I'm not really sure why I'm posting this, since I'm certain that any of my followers who would be interested in this... already know about it.
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[ profile] sshg_promptfest has begun posting assignments.

Yes! I got my first preference!

[ profile] reynardo knows what I will be working on. 8-)
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The SSHG Prompfest prompt claiming is open:

I have decided the first four prompts I want, but I'm not sure which one I want as my fifth prompt. They are completely opposite to each other. One is silly art, and the other is serious fic.

And I'll probably end up re-arranging the order of the prompts even when I do decide.
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This is the second gift I made for the 2012 [ profile] sshg_exchange. This was made as a gift-to-the-community, off my own bat, because the idea for this necklace took hold of me ever since I'd seen "The potions ingredients garden" as a prompt in the sign-ups. When I didn't get that person as a recipient, I still wanted to pursue the idea, so when I'd finished my assigned gift, I started on this one.

And a Certain Person was given the necklace for Christmas. 8-)
Seasons )
Design Notes )
(edited to point to different offsite album)
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Now that the reveals for the [ profile] sshg_exchange are up, I can reveal what I made!
This year, I did craft for the first time. And boy was it a challenge. But a satisfying and stretching challenge, once I got over the initial panic.
Snape Angel )
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(edited to point to different offsite album)
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And I will be playing [ profile] exchange_bingo again!

Click the banner to be transported to the Exchange Bingo Hall

Sign ups are Nov 26 - Dec 24
Be there and be square - A bingo square, that is!
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I have signed up for the [ profile] sshg_exchange! Here is my sign-up.
I have signed up as a crafter as well as an author this time. Part of me is nervous about the craft, and part of me really wants to do craft as an opportunity to be really creative. So we'll just have to wait and see what happens when the assignments go out.
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As I mentioned in my previous post, the [ profile] sshg_exchange is running again this year, very soon.
This is an unusual exchange, in that it isn't just fiction, but also potentially art or craft.

Now... when I've signed up before, I've only signed up to produce fiction, because while I'm arty and crafty... I don't feel that my... representational drawing skills are up to the level of quality that this Exchange has shown. And for the life of me, I have no clue how my craft skills could be used to fulfill any of the art prompts I've seen in the Exchange, since art prompts tend to be representational, and I can't see how a bead necklace could be made to look like Severus Snape or Hermione Granger. Or crochet at the simple level I'm at. I don't embroider or do cross-stitch.

And yet... I like doing craft.

So, I ask you, friends, Romans, fellow-Exchange-ers, should I cower in fear as I've done before, or should I put down "art/craft/fiction" when I sign up this year?
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The story that I wrote was Memoria Veritas, written for [ profile] dozmuffinxc.
I am grateful to the mods in their modly choosing, because one of my mild requests for writing was "It would be nice to be able to sink my teeth into something atmospheric/poetic and somewhat angsty."
While I'd been hoping for some other recipients in particular, and didn't consider this recipient at all, their first prompt was just the kind of thing I'd asked for...there be spoilers in discussing the process of writing this story )
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I have sent my SSHG Exchange story to the mods! Yay!

I'm thinking I might do [ profile] naarmamo this year after all, since [personal profile] vilakins suggested that I didn't have to stick to really small projects, just so long as I did something every day and posted about it. There's certainly a lot of art-y stuff I am itching to do after buying all those craft books earlier in the year. Like teaching myself crochet. And then bead crochet. And wire work. So I might do that.

Still havent seen HBP2. So I'm avoiding discussion of it at the moment. Planning to see it with my brother on Sunday.
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I noticed in the pre-sign-up post for the SSHG exchange that a number of people were feeling daunted about thinking up prompts. Since my problem is the opposite one - I think up too many - I thought I'd put up a helpful post full of prompts that people could use if they wanted (or be inspired by, at least).
some prompts )

Please comment if you're taking one.
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Another batch of recs from the [ profile] sshg_exchange. Is anyone interested in these, or should I stop posting them?
it's not just the romance, peoples! )
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Another batch of reccing from the [ profile] sshg_exchange.

Tyranny (of the Majority)
IN A WORLD where the wizarding community is doomed always to exchange one kind of tyranny for another, revolutionary heroes will arise. Starring Hermione Granger as the mysterious Red Shirt and Severus Snape as the shadowy Father of Democracy. Coming soon to screens near you.

Listen to Your Elders
The Golden Trio falls apart at the seams and Hermione feels alone until a Prince makes her feel wanted again.

Drink Me
Hermione has the unenviable task of cleaning out Snape's private laboratory. What could she possibly find amongst a dead man's possessions? More than she ever bargained for.

Out Of Time (Harry Potter/Doctor Who)
Severus Snape and Hermione Granger begin an interesting association. How well can they make it last when neither of them is exactly as they seem?
This one is AWESOME. Just sayin'.
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Reccing from the [ profile] sshg_exchange.

I don't normally rec art, but The Last Kiss is worth looking at whether you know Harry Potter or not.
Warnings: Overexposure to bright colours?
Summary: Severus kisses Hermione's curls one last time.
Original prompt: Scene from the poem The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. The one where he kisses her curls as she leans over the casement.

ETA: Another rec:
Half Life Nothing out of the ordinary ever happened to David Harper. Until he died and awoke as Severus Snape.
The familiar made strange. And bittersweet.
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More from the [ profile] sshg_exchange.
The Bogie-Man Curse Is Hermione doomed to a stalled life fraught with fear, or can Severus find the answer?
An intriguing mystery.
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Another from the [ profile] sshg_exchange: Never Forget Us; graphic novel format, three panels, beautiful art, but do not read it if you can't bear angst.

ETA: Another rec, this one sweeter. Just Like That Hermione returns to Hogwarts to work for Minerva McGonagall, the current headmistress. While poking about the Headmaster’s Tower, she makes an unexpected discovery.


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