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I'd forgotten that the Summer of Severus promptfest was on. I've now just added a whole bunch of prompts there, please check them out.
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The current prompts seem to be mostly slash, with a little bit of het and hardly any gen. So here I'm begging for more gen prompts -- you don't have to participate in order to leave prompts.
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I have finished my [ profile] acd_holmesfest assignment! Only a few hours before it was due. But it is done!

I am pleased with it, though I am unsure if my recipient will be pleased with it. At least it is pretty?
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Someone pointed me towards [ profile] b2mem (Back To Middle Earth Month) and even though it is near the end of the month, they aren't strict about things being finished by the end of the month (they're aware that some things take quite a while to create).

And I am eyeing a particular prompt; Faramir's wedding gift for Eowyn. Naturally, with my inclinations, I would want to make the wedding gift in question. But what should I make? Would a necklace -- however well-designed -- be good enough for such a gift? Or too small and trivial?


Please, give me ideas.
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I just signed up for the ACD Holmesfest at the last minute.

Crazy. Crazy.
But I am intrigued by the thought of doing a craft-ish character study of Holmes and/or Watson.
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I was listening to my randomplay this morning, and was inspired with an awesome SSHG prompt. A completely new one. So maybe there's hope of participating in the [ profile] sshg_promptfest after all, if I can come up with four more(*). The really difficult ones are the art ones, since I want to make art prompts that I myself would want to do, which means something more emotional/symbolic than representational. Wish me luck?

In other news, I have a horrible sore throat. (sigh)

(*) Note that it isn't a requirement of the fest to provide prompts, it's just that I find it less fun if I don't, because I want to inspire as well as be inspired.
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Well, it looks as if I'm in trouble, since the organizer of the [ profile] sshg_promptfest sent me a note saying that she would not accept any prompts that someone else had seen, which means that every single one of the prompts I was asking about in my previous post have been disqualified.

So I have nothing at all.

I think I'm going to cry.
And there's no point in participating in the fest either, so I won't be.

ETA: Please don't get cross at the organizer, the rules were clear, I'd just forgotten about that bit. I had clearly violated the rules by making a PUBLIC post with my prompts in it. There's nothing to be done, it was my own stupid fault.

And, hey, maybe it's not a bad time to take a bit of a break.
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SSHG Prompt Fest

Though I'm not really sure why I'm posting this, since I'm certain that any of my followers who would be interested in this... already know about it.
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[community profile] space_swap [community profile] space_swap

A multimedia exchange for space fandoms of all sorts, including television series, movies, and books.

Schedule | FAQ
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[ profile] sshg_promptfest has begun posting assignments.

Yes! I got my first preference!

[ profile] reynardo knows what I will be working on. 8-)
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The SSHG Prompfest prompt claiming is open:

I have decided the first four prompts I want, but I'm not sure which one I want as my fifth prompt. They are completely opposite to each other. One is silly art, and the other is serious fic.

And I'll probably end up re-arranging the order of the prompts even when I do decide.
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Well, my story for [community profile] deeply_horrible has been rejected by the vetting committee, because Snape isn't horrible in it. I'm not that surprised. I wrote to the prompt, which I think is only reasonable, and the prompt didn't lead me to write a Snape who was "nasty, cruel, unforgiving", but rather a Snape who was "desperate and full of self-loathing".

I am somewhat annoyed by the way the fest was run. They should have vetted the prompts rather than vetting the stories, and then just left us to write to the prompts, like any reasonable ficathon does. So if they run it again, I don't think I will participate.

I thought, going in, that it was simply going to be a Snape-centric ficathon which discouraged people from writing Snape as nice. Which I was quite happy with. When the prompts were going up, there were of course very dark-and-nasty prompts, but there were also prompts that were not so dark. So I was still hopeful it wouldn't necessarily be a fest consisting only of darkfic. Then came the post by the mod "clarifying" what they meant by "deeply horrible" and about what stories they would accept. This filled me with foreboding, and it seems that foreboding was justified.

Okay, I am more than somewhat annoyed. I am disappointed and angry. Please let me make it clear that this isn't sour grapes at being rejected. I perfectly agree with their assessment of my story, and had already considered it possible that they would reject it - expect to see it posted here in a day or two.
What makes me disappointed is that I probably won't be seeing the stories by other people that I was really looking forward to (judging by the prompts that were taken) because they would be rejected too.
What makes me angry is the whole concept of vetting stories, of not allowing people to write to the prompt, as their muse leads them. As I said above, if they were going to vet anything, they should have vetted the prompts, and allowed people to write as they want. To do otherwise is breaking an unwritten rule, that's what it feels like to me.

It's almost enough to make me want to run a competing ficathon. Which will be an utter failure because nobody will write for it. (sigh)
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Any of y'all up for some Buffyverse beta reading? It's my remix story for [ profile] cof_remix, and it's quite short. However, it's due very soon, so I'd need a quick turnaround.

Beta acquired! Thanks, [personal profile] evilawyer!
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The annual Highlander Christmas fic exchange is open! Here's the sign-up post.

Ah, I'm so glad that Highlander fans are still around.
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Well, I've signed up for the [community profile] deeply_horrible ([ profile] deeply_horrible) ficathon and received my prompt! Promptly!
I shall ruminate over it for a while, but, hey, the first sentence came to me in the shower, so that's something.

While the comm is called "deeply_horrible" and the title of the ficathon is "Bring Back The Bastard", it isn't a requirement for the fic to be darkfic. One just has to write something where Snape isn't nice. So there will be no fluff, but angst and redemption and cool stuff like that is perfectly okay. Mind you, there are also a lot of darkfic prompts in the prompt list. But you don't have to pick those. If you don't want to.

So if any of y'all feel like writing a bit-of-a-bastard Snape, sign up, do! It's only 500 words minimum.
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The SSHG Exchange rides again!
Which is good, because I love it. Which is bad, because it is overlapping with the finish-a-thon and I'm behind on that already! Aiie!

(runs around like a crazy thing)
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Now that community imports are enabled on Dreamwidth, I have moved [ profile] multific on LJ to [community profile] multific on Dreamwidth. The old comm is still there, I haven't deleted it, but all new activity will take place on the Dreamwidth comm.
The announcement is here:
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Since many ficathons suggest an "elaboration" post as to one's likes and dislikes, and also because it is a good idea as an aid for people who might want to make gift fic; instead of having to post and re-post such a thing, I am going to make one single post, which I will link to, and which can be edited in future if need be.

So here we go.

Things I Like )
Things I Dislike )
Things That Can Go Either Way )
Fandom-Specific )
Other Places To Look )
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Don't forget to sign up for the finish-a-thon! Time is running out!

Surely more than six people want to participate?

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