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I'm working on a Harry Potter AU, in which things happen differently for Harry before Hogwarts, and as a result there are a number of changes by the time he gets to Hogwarts. And I have a poll for y'all about choices I have to make for the story. Not that I'll necessarily follow the popular vote, but it will help me to clarify things in my mind if nothing else.
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A couple of speculative AU-ish questions for the HP peeps here.

1) I've seen it said that one reason that Harry was left (and kept) with the Dursleys was to keep him out of the hands of the Malfoys. I can't remember how much support this idea had in canon, but it seems plausible anyway. I've read quite a few stories where Harry being adopted by the Malfoys is seen as almost a fate worse than death - but has anyone written a story where this fate did happen, where Harry was adopted by the Malfoys? Has anyone written a good story with that scenario?

2) I'm rather stuck with one of my AU HP stories because I can't actually decide what is the best outcome for Harry in the scenario I've set up. The situation in the story is that the Dursleys have been persuaded that they need to at least give the outward appearance of not neglecting Harry, because of What The Neighbours Might Think. Harry is about eight or nine at the time; they give him Dudley's second bedroom, second-hand furniture, his own (but second-hand) clothes... as I said, the outward appearance. So Harry is better off than in canon, though obviously the Dursleys still hate and fear magic. And I can't decide what to aim for.

The options, as I can see them:

A) Leave things as they are; Harry at the Dursleys. After all he's better off than in canon. And if the Dursleys are less obvious in their neglect, it would be harder to remove Harry from their custody anyway.
B) The Dursleys are still caught out as neglecting Harry, and he is removed from their custody. And Harry is adopted.

i) Adopted by Aunt Marge (who is the one who noticed Harry's neglect)
ii) Adopted by the Tonks family (who are cousins through the Blacks)
iii) Adopted by the Malfoys (who are cousins through the Blacks)
iv) Adopted by the Weasleys.
v) Adopted by Snape.
vi) Adopted by someone else entirely.

But I'm finding it hard to make any of these particularly plausible in my mind.

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Okay, so I'm writing a Harry Potter AU, set pre-Hogwarts. At this point in the story, Harry is nine. He does some accidental magic due to panic, the consequences of which freak him out (the details don't matter). This Harry doesn't know anything about magic, he thinks it's psi powers. But as I said, this particular thing freaks him out, and he wants to ensure he doesn't do it again. But as it was accidental, he can't be sure he won't. So what can Harry do about it?

His resources are:
* the public library
* his primary school?
That's about it.

Any ideas about what he could do? Could he train himself not to panic? How? What about mental disciplines? Is there something he could learn out of a library book? If so, what book or books? This is set in 1989, remember.
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I'm pondering whether to attempt again the post-as-you-go alpha-reading experiment. It didn't work last time because there were too few people involved, I think. This time I'm considering extending it to my whole flist.
The purpose of this experiment is to help me keep up the momentum of writing (in this case, for the finish-a-thon) by posting part or all of what I'm writing (in locked posts, so that it isn't public), so that (a) I'm accountable and (b) people can encourage me to keep going. This would be completely unbetaed first-draft stuff; the point is to get the first draft done and fix it afterwards.

This has the potential to backfire, because if I post and nobody comments, that will be more discouraging than if I hadn't posted at all. Which is bad. Which means that if nobody comments, then I will stop posting, because posting would be worse for me than not posting, in that case. Unfortunately, some people could consider this to be "holding a story hostage", which is a naughty thing to do, I agree. But this isn't "a story", this is a sneak preview. I am still going to finish the story, and I am still going to be working on it, I'm just trying to find a way to make it easier for me.

Of course, the posting or not-posting is irrelevant for those who aren't interested in reading a Harry Potter pre-Hogwarts AU.

So I am making a poll.
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Okay, I've decided that Harry is going to have a friend at primary school; he's deaf and his name is Geoffrey. (No, I don't know why his name is Geoffrey; that's the name he wanted).

I have two more questions for you all:

1) If Harry is teaching himself teleportation (Apparition) - which I declare he could do, because he did actually Apparate accidentally before Hogwarts - would he be able to figure out how to Side-along Apparate a Muggle (specifically, his friend Geoffrey). This is important, because if he could, then he and Geoffrey could have adventures together...

2) How plausible would it be that Geoffrey is adopted?

(I still need a wee!Harry icon. Any good sources?)
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Hello mes amies.
(Darn, I need a Harry Potter icon)

Given that it looks like my Harry Potter Harry-in-the-Library pre-Hogwarts AU is going to win in the finish-a-thon, there are some things I'd like your thoughts on.

Should I have wee!Harry make friends with someone? In canon, he couldn't because he couldn't get away from Dudley and the Dursleys, but in this story, he has two ways of doing so:
1) In the library.
2) By Apparating somewhere. (Yes, this Harry will teach himself to apparate after the incident on the kitchen roof).

The problem with the Library idea is that the librarian is very strict and wouldn't allow anyone to talk. (Mind you, being strict is one reason why the library is a refuge, so I'm not going to change that)

The problem with the Apparition is that it's not like Harry is going to be able to go anywhere he hasn't been before. He's not going to be able to just appear in Diagon Alley, for example. So the chances of meeting with someone and making friends are still slim.

Even if I could figure out a plausible way that Harry could make friends with someone, the most likely thing is that this person would be a Muggle. This means that once Harry gets to Hogwarts, that person will be out of the picture. Yes, Harry could write letters, but how would they write back? And Harry could be in violation of the Secrecy Act if he wrote letters to someone he's not related to. So I'm not sure if it's even worth trying to give Harry a friend. Except that it would be nice if Harry had a friend.

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During this month of August, I have been taking a break from fiction writing, as I have been participating in [community profile] naarmamo and doing art and craft. However, September is a new month.

Poll #7898 whatnext1
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What should Kathryn do in September?

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Do more art and craft because it's relaxing
4 (80.0%)

Write fanfic
2 (40.0%)

Forget about all that, the SSHG Exchange will be posting! You're going to be too busy reading fanfic!
3 (60.0%)

If I were to write fanfic, what story should I work on?
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Poll #7899 whatnext2
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If Kathryn were to write fanfic, what story should she work on?

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AU Draco Time Travel story
4 (57.1%)

Untitled Labyrinth story
0 (0.0%)

Rewrite of "By Any Other Name"
1 (14.3%)

"You Can't Go Home Again", the next Buffy-and-the-Doctor story
3 (42.9%)

Master-with-Amnesia hooks up with Jo Grant story
2 (28.6%)

SSHG Marriage Law story
2 (28.6%)

Polish some ficlets
0 (0.0%)

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Poll #5750 AU Sorting
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Suppose, in an AU, Harry Potter got sorted into Slytherin. Where should Ron, Neville and Hermione be Sorted?

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Ron, Hermione and Neville in Gryffindor (as in canon).
5 (50.0%)

Hermione in Ravenclaw, Ron in Gryffindor and Neville in Hufflepuff
5 (50.0%)

Ron and Hermione in Ravenclaw, Neville in Gryffindor
0 (0.0%)

Ron and Neville in Hufflepuff, Hermione in Ravenclaw
2 (20.0%)

Ron in Ravenclaw, Hermione in Gryffindor and Neville in Hufflepuff
0 (0.0%)

Other (leave comment)
2 (20.0%)

Part of the reason I'm asking is that I'm pondering whether to sign up for [ profile] au_bigbang and do my Draco time-travel AU for it. But in order to do that,
* I will need a detailed outline, otherwise I won't be able to manage it
* I will probably not be able to participate in the tthdrabbles birthday fest
* I will probably not be able to participate in the finish-a-thon (though I will still run it). Not unless I make my offerings quite short.

I know some people are good enough at multi-tasking to be able to do multiple ficathons at once, but I can really only count on one good hour a day to do writing, which means I will have to concentrate on one thing or another, not split my time between multiple writing projects. But I would like to try one of the Big Bangs for a change, because the lure of having art to go with the story is very alluring.
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One of the most commonly asked questions people pose in reviews is "Are you going to write a sequel?" So I thought I'd do a post (and maybe post regularly?) about sequels I am working on, non-sequels I am working on, and the chances of sequels for other stories.

Stories which are not sequels, which I have started working on:
- untitled (Labyrinth) Jareth/Sarah (30% done, perhaps)
- untitled (Harry Potter) Draco-centric (5% done)

Stories whose sequels I started but have got writer's block on:
Doesn't Look Like a Hell Dimension (60% done, title is "You Can't Go Home Again")
Cally and the Doctor
Methos and the Doctor
Passing Fair
Tempus Fugit
The Butterfly Effect 3: Folk Telling
The Other Side of the Glass
True Dreams 2 Resolutions
Winning is the Only Safety 2: Hide and Seek

Stories which I would like to write a sequel for, if only I could think of something to write:
A Dubious Ally
Holding It In
In Truth, Beauty
Making A Life
Still Breathing Hope

Stories which are not going to have sequels: everything else.
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Meme from around:
If you were asked to pick one scene, one shot, one detail, one moment of some kind out of all the things I've made and say "This, this, for whatever reason, I remember, this is something that struck home with me, that I wanted to keep," what would it be?
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I have started writing a Labyrinth story (prologue is done). I fear it is going to be a long one and not everything is clear about the plot, either. So I was wondering if I should experiment with a post-as-you-go sort of writing, with the clear understanding that this would be a rough draft, alpha reading, and that it will change, possibly drastically, before the final draft, but also with the hope that y'all would comment and give feedback as I wrote. Should I do so?

Poll #4580 Alpha Reading
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Who should I allow to see this rough draft?

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Nobody. Wait until it is finished.
0 (0.0%)

A subset of people on my flist
3 (75.0%)

My entire flist
0 (0.0%)

1 (25.0%)

If you could read this as I posted it, would you comment on it?

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Yes (there is no try, only do, or do not)
1 (25.0%)

No (be honest, now)
3 (75.0%)

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Logomachy \Lo*gom"a*chy\, n. [Gr. ?; lo`gos word + ? fight, battle, contest: cf. F. logomachie.]

1. Contention in words merely, or a contention about words; a war of words.
The discussion concerning the meaning of the word "justification" . . . has largely been a mere logomachy.
--L. Abbott.

2. A game of word making.

I found this when I was looking for a synonym for "battle".
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Since none of my alpha-readers appear to speak French, I am casting this plea to a wider audience. For a story, I need some sentences in proper French. Things like:
- "You don't belong here, you'll never belong here."
- "You are lower than the mud I scrape off my boots."
- "Stupid girl, how dare you aspire to our level?"

(Well, I didn't say that the French-speaker was nice.)


ETA: [personal profile] poulpette has come to my rescue! Thanks all!

WIP meme

Mar. 23rd, 2010 09:19 am
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From [personal profile] lizbee: When you see this, post summaries and/or snippets of some of your most recent works in progress.
Works in progress? Ha! Not progressing at all. (kicks self)
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And while I'm at it, I'll quote some snippets from some REALLY REALLY old unfinished stories that I haven't worked on in years.
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Y'know, I've started an awful lot of stories over the years. Should I be glad that I've actually managed to finish as many as I have?
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The [ profile] onedeadbunny community first task is to list ALL one's plot-bunnies in one spot, every single one. So I've spent the past week or so doing that, adding them to my personal wiki. That way it's easier to add new ones and get a nice list, and easier to make notes about them, and easier to "cross them off" when they're done. Well, perhaps not the crossing off, since when they're done, they just disappear from the list. So here, right now, is a snapshot of the list of plot-bunnies. Half-a-dozen or so of the oldest ones, I have killed and put out of their misery, but that still leaves almost ninety! Or probably more than ninety, since a few of the items on the list are drabble-series and thus, strictly speaking, represent more than one bunny.

The ones marked as "Low Priority" are the ones least likely to be actually written. But I hate throwing ideas away, so there they are.
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There was a meme a while back about "personal writing rules"; this is sort of a variation on that; not so much writing rules but some of my personal axioms and rules-of-thumb for writing fan fiction in particular.
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Sep. 13th, 2009 11:56 pm
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Okay, I've signed up for [ profile] remixthedrabble as both a remixee and a remixer. This is the first time I've signed up as a remixer; I'm hoping it won't be too hard. Part of my motivation is that it's supposed to be short, another is that I just realized that, while I've been working on various stories this year, I haven't actually finished anything since the drabbles I did for [ profile] tthdrabbles in March. Rather than feeling guilty about that, I thought it would be nice to do a little ficathon as a sort of inspiration-break. Plus, a remix doesn't require plotting, since the plot is there already. Plus, having to enforce a maximum length is an interesting discipline.

Another thing I did today was put up a number of stories on my page on; I decided I might as well put all my stories up there anyway, to make them easier to find. I may find I run out of energy before I manage it, but at least I made a start.
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I got some more writing done yesterday!
Old Word Count: 5623
New Word Count: 5831
New Words: 208

Also, ice cream experiments from last week. I've had a lot of apples to use up (because they keep well, they get eaten last) so here are some more ventures with stewed apples.
If the world were made of apple pie... )
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Old wordcount: 5377
New wordcount: 5623
New words: 246

Though half those words were suggested by JB in our last brainstorming session. Still, they are now Proper Words rather than Notes.

I had two passionfruit (passionfruits?) as part of my dinner. Passionfruit is (are?) one of those kind of fruit (my grammar is confused) - I like them best fresh, by themselves without anything else. Passionfruit sprinkled on other things (such as pavlova or fruit salad) leaves me completely unmoved, and as for passionfruit flavour - bah! So I kind of surprised myself by actually enjoying the by-themself fruit, freshly chopped open and digging out the insides with a spoon.

I'm kind of like that with mango too; mango-flavoured things leave me unmoved, but the whole eating fresh mango experience is YUM. And the only reason I haven't made any mango sorbet yet is because my fresh-fruit-and-veg mixed-box delivery hasn't delivered me any mangos yet. Hmmm. Surely I have them listed as a fruit I like? Maybe they're too expensive to be included. After all, this isn't Queensland.

I have a couple more ice cream experiments to post, but I get the impression you're all bored with them. Problem is, I still want to post them so that I have them all in one place (under the "ice cream experiment" tag)
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Things come and things go. I have decided to release my [ profile] crossovers100 claim, because it wasn't really helping me write more fic, and I was just feeling guilty about it. Whew! It will take a little while for it to sink in, I think; I'm too used to it being a weight on my back.

In other news, as expected, the finish-a-thon results declare that I am to spend the next two months writing my Donna fix-it story. Ah, well, it should be a challenge...


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