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I just got a letter addressed to the former owner of this house... who has not lived here for 20 years!!!
Care Australia really needs to update their mailing list.

Doctor Who plotbunny: the Doctor gets hit with an amnesia/regression drug/device/weapon and starts behaving like his previous incarnations (going backwards one by one), to the concern and bewilderment of his companion(s)-du-jour who doesn't know about regeneration.

This plotbunny is free to a good home. (smirk)
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Has anyone written a Highlander/LOTR crossover featuring Methos, hobbits, and beer? Because someone ought to.
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Had a thought as I was getting dressed (as one does). In my Draco-time-travel-AU (which, when I get back to it, I am going to have to throw away everything but the prologue) I originally had both Draco and Harry sorted into Slytherin; Draco wanted to go into Ravenclaw, but the Hat also considered Gryffindor (due to the circumstances of Draco travelling back in time).

Anyway, it occurred to me... what if Harry were in Slytherin, Draco was in Gryffindor... and Ron was in Slytherin? That would certainly put the cat among the pigeons! But I'm not sure if I dare.

Here's my reasoning, though:
* Harry could be in Slytherin, that's canon.
* Draco, yes, he's a coward, but in travelling back in time he did something brave, and the Sorting Hat could point out that bravery isn't not being afraid, but going ahead and doing something even when you are afraid. (This could be very interesting character development for Draco)
* Ron is lazy, yes, but he also wants to prove himself different from his brothers. He also might want to be in Slytherin because Harry is - though that might be a problem too, since Ron will be jealous of Harry's fame. On the other hand, if Ron is in the same House, he might be able to see that Harry doesn't like his fame. Also, getting Ron out of Gryffindor when Draco is in Gryffindor would remove a source of friction which Draco doesn't need. (Draco is going to have enough trouble as it is)

So... what do y'all think? Stupid idea?
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This morning:

Me: My friends keep me sane.
AM: You keep them sane too.

Coming back, I looked at my lawn. The only things that are alive there are dandelions and thistles. 8-(
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"It's Only A Paper Moon" comes up on the randomplay, and you wonder what would happen in Sunnydale if someone was singing along with it while holding a magical artefact...
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In this post [ profile] drinkingcocoa said (amongst other things): He [Harry] defeated Voldemort with his own "twin cores" wand plus his greater power because he had all the power of an intact soul and Voldemort had only a fraction of his own left.

I quote this because it set me thinking. Or possibly my subconcious thinking... Voldemort had only a fraction of his own soul left.

Before his first fall, Tom Riddle was, by all accounts, charming, charismatic, clever - an inspiring leader. But on his return, with only a fraction of his soul left, he was none of these. Indeed, it's likely that he was already deteriorating and going mad before he attacked the Potters. If one thinks about it, the fragment of Tom Riddle in the diary was cleverer and more charming than the Voldemort that Pettigrew resurrected.

What if you were a Death Eater who really believed and admired Tom Riddle? Possibly even loved him? What if you noticed your beloved Lord's deterioration? What if you decided to do something about it?

What if Bellatrix LeStrange decided to put the fragments of Tom Riddle's soul back together again? A Bellatrix who never went to Azkaban, who never went insane? What would happen then?

There. I leave you with this plot-bunny, and wish you well.
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Here's a plot bunny for Lucius lovers.

I've seen more than one "Daddy Long-Legs"-style story with Hermione being the orphan and Snape being the benefactor. I think there was a challenge, a long time ago.
Thing is... Lucius Malfoy is the one in a better position to be a benefactor (since we know he's rich) and with very good reasons to want to remain anonymous.

So what would happen if Lucius was the "Daddy Long-Legs" instead of Snape? Not a romantic interest, but simply someone whom Hermione has to depend on.

Unfortunately, I can't think of any good (in both senses of the word) motives for Lucius to want to support Orphan Hermione. Not and stay in character as the racist he is.
Which would make any story that I might attempt to write for this plot bunny something dark and manipulative... and that kind of thing leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. Do Not Want! I couldn't write it.

But I do know that there's at least one person on my flist who likes Lucius, and has a handle on fanon!Lucius. So I offer up this plot bunny, in case anyone feels like writing something for it which isn't darkfic. And then maybe it will stop popping up and saying "Boo!" when I least expect it.
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Crossover fusion: what if Severus Snape was a Sentinel, and Hermione Granger a Guide?

Mind you, I don't think there's anyone I know besides me who is a fan of both The Sentinel and Harry Potter. So it would have an audience of zero anyway.

But I'm just imagining Snape being extremely grumpy about having hyperactive senses, and Hermione being obnoxiously cheerful...
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The Snow Queen, starring:
Severus Snape as Kai
Hermione Granger (or Lily Evans) as Gerda
Voldemort as the hobgoblin
and Albus Dumbledore as the Snow Queen.
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Write a story which contains the following phrase:
two skeins of Fate and the rest of the Tranquility
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What if Dumbledore couldn't read his own handwriting? What if he had left Harry Potter at the doorstep of #11 Privet Drive instead of #4?

(yes, I've obviously been reading too many Harry Potter AUs when I should be writing my Draco story...)
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I am pondering over my Draco time travel AU, and re-thinking where I might put everybody. Draco and Harry in Slytherin is not going to change, but I'm wondering about the others. So I hereby give you a poll!
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They use quills in the Wizarding World because quills are easier to cast charms on, because they aren't manufactured, they're closer to their natural state than fountain pens or biros.
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More of the 15-character meme answers.
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Answers to the 15-character meme.
Sorry for the delay, some of the later ones have me stumped. Still I shall start posting.
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Title meme

Aug. 10th, 2010 06:20 pm
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I did this meme way back when and it was fun, so I'm doing it again.

If you give me one or more titles of stories I didn't write (optional: characters or other details) I'll give you a summary of the nonexistent story.
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I cannot write this, but I so want someone to write it for me:
Severus Snape. And Miss Parker. On a mission. Together.
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After reading yet another SS/HG story (okay, so I'm addicted), this one with a sweet Remus as another suitor (don't worry, it made sense in context), it occurred to me that a crossover romance that would be nice to see would be Remus/Tara. (Tara from Buffy). They're just both so sweet they deserve each other.
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Thought for the day: Beware of quick fixes, because temporary solutions have a tendency to become permanent.

Meme from [ profile] lizbee:
Give me the title of a story I've never written, and feedback telling me what you liked best about it, and I will tell you any of: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, or something else that I want readers to know.
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My faithful alpha readers may have noticed I haven't posted anything in a while. That's because I haven't written anything in a while. Being sick kind of takes away the momentum, y'know. So now I am going to share the frustration by listing a few things I am NOT working on, but should be. I think it's an exercise in masochism, because people telling me I should be writing them isn't going to make me less gloomy. But I also kind of want to say "hey, look, aren't they neat?" So here we go.
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