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Title: Testing
Universe: Vorkosiverse/Harry Potter
Characters: Miles Vorkosigan, Ivan, Draco Malfoy
Size: 790w
Summary: Draco Malfoy makes an unwise bet.

Written for the 2008 [ profile] bujold_fic fic fest, for the prompt "Miles and Ivan are students at Hogwarts". I forgot to post it on my website at the time, because I was hoping to get it more polished, but I've given up on that, and decided to post it now anyway.

( fake cut to story )
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Title: Brewing
Universe: Harry Potter/Buffy
Series: In Truth, Beauty
Characters: Snape/Anya
Size: 1070w
Summary: A meeting of minds. (a companion piece to "Rationalization")

This is birthday fic for [ profile] jedibuttercup. I promised 600 words, but it ended up being a bit more. Somehow I don't think she'll mind.
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I have committed fic for the 2008 Bujold fest at [ profile] bujold_fic.
Testing (Vorkosiverse/Harry Potter (fusion AU))

It hasn't been betaed, because I had run out of time before it was due to be posted. So any constructive criticism would be appreciated before I post it elsewhere. Even a better title.
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Crossover lovers, pop over to [ profile] multiverse2004 and read the stories there. [ profile] andrastewhite decided to waive author anonymity due to the delays, and just post the stories she had, there on the community. There will be a proper website later.
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Alas, it looks like I'm one of the people who missed out; there is no story written for me. 8-(

Edited to add:
My story is "Things That Never Were" (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy/Doctor Who)
in the comm or on my website
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Yes, I decided to go with Willow...

Title: Dating
Fandom: Doctor Who / Buffy
Claim: Doctor Who
Characters: Willow Rosenberg, Tenth Doctor
Prompt: [ profile] crossovers100 #10 Years
Word Count: 100
Rating: family
Author's Notes: No, I have no idea how Willow ended up in the TARDIS.

My Big Table: here
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Title: Doesn't Look Like A Hell Dimension
Universe: Buffy/Doctor Who
Characters: Buffy, Tenth Doctor
Words: 1900
Summary: If you fall through a dimensional portal, do you expect to end up in the time-travelling ship of an alien? Buffy didn't.
(AU from end of "The Gift" for Buffy, also AU from the end of "Doomsday" for Doctor Who)

This started as a series of drabbles done for the 2008 [ profile] tthdrabbles Mod Birthday challenge. People suggested I expand them into a proper story, so here it is.

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More Buffy crossovers for [ profile] tthdrabbles... I've been bitten by a Doctor Who/Buffy bug.
(1) Doesn't Look Like A Hell Dimension (Buffy/Doctor Who) (200w)
Buffy falls somewhere unexpected (AU from "The Gift")
(2) Who? (Buffy/Doctor Who) by Kathryn Andersen (200w)
Who is this guy?
(3) What's in a Name? (Buffy/Doctor Who) by Kathryn Andersen (100w)
Turnabout is fair play.

ETA These now point to the [ profile] tthdrabbles posts, because I'm taking these down from my site... because I want to re-use the title of the first one for a longer story (yeah, I listened to your pleas).
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More drabbles from my [ profile] tthdrabbles writing, though they're actually double-drabbles.
  • Brightening (Buffy/Doctor Who) (200w)
    Sunrise is her favourite time of day.
  • Bother 1 (Buffy/Labyrinth) (200w)
    Just a little babysitting, no bother at all. Yeah, right.
  • Bother 2 (Buffy/Labyrinth) (200w)
    Bobby is bothering someone else.
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Title: Bouncing
Words: 200
Universe: Pooh/Doctor Who
Summary: Tigger meets someone.
Warnings: Crack!fic
Notes: You can blame this on lack of sleep, and the words "hyperactive ferret".
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Feb. 7th, 2008 04:36 pm
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I'm now in the midst of the annual [ profile] tthdrabbles "Mod Birthday fest", which means I'm going to be writing a bunch of Buffy crossover drabbles. Here's the first four, now up on my site.
  • Remembrance (Angel/Doctor Who) by Kathryn Andersen (200w)
    Angel, drowning sorrows, finds he's not the only one. Post-"I Will Remember You"
  • Rationalization (Harry Potter/Buffy) by Kathryn Andersen (100w)
    Snape is always rational. (Part of the "In Truth, Beauty" series)
  • Memories of Fire (Doctor Who/Buffy) by Kathryn Andersen (100w)
    Some memories never go out. Post-"42".
  • Where Have All The Flowers Gone? (Doctor Who/Buffy) by Kathryn Andersen (100w)
    Where have all the graveyards gone? Gone to flowers, every one.
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Now the Multiverse authors have been revealed, and my story Two To Make Peace is up, I can put it up on my site too.

And I now know that the fantastic story written for me was written by fahye, who may be [ profile] fahye, and if so, her fic is at [ profile] mercurial_wit. Hmmm, someone to keep an eye on, yes.
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My [ profile] hirothon story: Turn Again.

My [ profile] naarmamo completion banner:

Voting for the finish-a-thon has finished, but I'm not going to post the results until tomorrow.... ZzzzZzzz
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Title: Ripples (The Wish Upon A Star Remix)
Author: Kathryn Andersen
Universe: Blake's 7
Category: AU Ficathon Remix
Size: 1000w
Rating: PG

One wish, one change, what would you do?

Being a remix of Ripples by AstroGirl, done for the [ profile] gen_remix ficathon.

( fake cut to story )
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Fandom: Doctor Who / Highlander
Claim: Doctor Who
Challenge: [ profile] crossovers100
Characters: 2nd Doctor, Methos
Prompt: #64 Fall
Word Count: 200
Rating: family
My Big Table:

(fake cut to story)
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Title: Token of Affection
Fandoms: Harry Potter/Buffy
Challenge: [ profile] tthdrabbles #52 - token
Words: 100
Notes: This won't make much sense unless you've read In Truth, Beauty first.

Read more... )
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I have been chastised by more than one person for not posting my fic. So here's a catch-up post, with links. Do reassure me by reading them and commenting. Please?

A bunch of Buffy crossover drabbles and double-drabbles for [ profile] tthdrabbles: (Buffy/Lois & Clark) (Buffy/Highlander) (Buffy/Highlander) (Buffy/Doctor Who) (another one in the "In Truth, Beauty" universe)

And also, I think I forgot to mention last year's [ profile] multiverse2004 story: (Doctor Who/Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
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Title: Geodesy
Challenge: [ profile] crossovers100
Fandom: Highlander / Doctor Who
Claim: Doctor Who
Characters: 1st Doctor, Methos
Prompt: #44 Circle
Word Count: 100 (drabble)
Rating: family
This is part of my Methos and the Doctor series.

My Big Table:

(You meet all sorts of people at the Library of Alexandria)
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Title: Paperwork
Fandom: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy / Doctor Who
Claim: Doctor Who
Characters: 7th Doctor
Prompt: #77 Trees
Word Count: 100 (drabble)
Rating: family
My Big Table: here
On my page here and crossposted here

"Energize demolition beams."

Nothing happened.

There was a polite cough at the Vogon Captain's elbow. "I should like to point out," said the man in the cream coat and the Panama hat, "that this hyperspace bypass was cancelled six months ago."

"The paperwork hasn't been recycled as firelighters," the Captain objected.

The man handed him a set of firelighters with "Vogon Constructor Fleets Paperwork Recycling" stamped on the side.

The Captain frowned.

"You might like to know," the man said, "that Gag Halfrunt is bankrupt. You didn't demand payment in advance, did you?"

And so the Earth was saved, again.

Author's Notes: Well, paper is just dead trees, isn't it? This is based more on the HHGG book universe.


May. 28th, 2006 09:41 am
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As per the drabble meme post, and because people might not have known I wrote them, here are links to the drabbles so far:

For [ profile] mistraltoes, who wanted a Snape drabble:
Introductions (a sequel to In Truth, Beauty).

For [ profile] izhilzha, who wanted a (Stargate) Sam + Janet friendship drabble:
Quantify Felicity.

And ALL NEW, for [ profile] astrogirl2, a (Blake's 7) Zen drabble:


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