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This one started off feeling a bit like Sapphire & Steel again, but of course the cause was more Torchwood-y.
We got Rhys! Go Rhys! And go Team-Gwen-and-Rhys!
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This one wasn't bad, but it wasn't as good as "Asylum", because I found the plot rather predictable.
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Well, I've listened to the first radio play. And it was good.
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So, we shall see how the next one goes...
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I haven't seen Torchwood yet, but I'm a bit trepidatious, seeing as many on my flist are expressing rage and ranting. Thank you, oh flist, for being good with spoiler cuts. I've still picked up some spoilers I've been unable to avoid, so I think I'll write them down here, and my guesses based on same, as to what is going to happen.
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So, now the penultimate episode...
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So, I just watched "Adrift". Wah! I was sniffling at the end. Now, that's "adult" in the sense of "you can't always fix things", not in the sense of "oooh, naughty bits!".
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Okay, some random ramblings about what I've seen so far of Torchwood season 2. Here be spoilers.
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Apr. 25th, 2008 07:14 pm
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Had a nice ANZAC Day watching Torchwood with [ profile] dawnmist and C. Didn't get through the whole season by any means, but what we did see was surprisingly good.
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Well, I've finally managed to grab some time to watch the first episode of Torchwood season 2. I'd gathered from the non-cut parts of my flist posts, that this was a good episode. While that could speak hopefully for the rest of the season, it might not, considering that I thought the first episode of Season 1 was really good also.

And I'm so glad I managed to avoid spoilers, because I got a very pleasant surprise. I'm rather surprised I managed to avoid that spoiler, actually.
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Now I can go and read other people's posts. But not yet, because I'm being called for dinner.
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Okay, that wasn't bad. Even a level of "edge-of-the-seat"ness.
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Well, one thing the end did: it makes me look forward to the next episode of Doctor Who. Jaaack's Baaaaack!
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People all raved about this one, so I had high expectations. Pity. I might have enjoyed it more if my expectations were lower.
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I'm not watching the next episode yet, because it's getting late. But since every man and his dog said that "Captain Jack Harkness" was better than #13, then I don't expect it will be that great.

I'm starting to think that the only good episode in the entire season was "Everything Changes". Ah well, one more episode of Torchwood, and then I can look forward to Doctor Who, and see what they do with it. On the other hand, it could be another "Daleks Take Manhatten". We'll just have to wait and see.

There's nothing like watching a whole bunch of Torchwood episodes in a row, to erode and destroy all the euphoria I had from "Blink". Oh well.
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I'm coming to the conclusion that the biggest health-hazard of working for Torchwood isn't death, but going nuts. Oh, and feeling suicidal. Or both. Torchwood puts the DIS in disfunctional...

As for the episode itself... the usual meh, really.
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The episode seemed kinda pointless, really. Though I liked Emma. And the Jack!Angst.
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That wasn't bad. Yeah, I've decided I have to catch up on Torchwood if I can, considering that Jack is back next week. I think Torchwood can be really uneven... and I suspect my standards for it have lowered: I don't expect it to be good any more. So I was kind of relieved that this episode wasn't bad.
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Yes, this is a week late, but I haven't managed to watch it until now.
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Not bad.
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Well, at least The Coat got its time in the spotlight too.

But still, I know I must be marking time until Doctor Who comes on again, when I start thinking that I'd like Gwen to meet the Doctor.

"Ah, you're an alien, then?"
"That's me."
"You don't look like an alien."
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Well, it better be in brief, because I don't want to stay up too late. Tonight was the first chance I had of watching "Everything Changes" and "Day One". Unfortunately, I think the Torchwood schedule isn't going to be kind to me; at least with Doctor Who it was on a Saturday night, which meant I could torrent it on Sunday morning and watch it on Sunday afternoon. But since Torchwood is on a Sunday night in the UK, it means I can't torrent it until Monday, and maybe not until Monday night anyway, and I'm busy Tuesday nights so...

Anyway, back to the business at hand. There be spoilers.
Everything Changes )
Day One )

If I keep watching (which I probably will) then it looks like my Captain Jack icon is going to get a workout.


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