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Half-a-dozen Stargate keys
Invention of a new disease
Daniel Jackson on his knees
That's what Apophis wants.

Harry Potter on his knees
Imperius the Ministries
Life for all eternities
That's what Voldemort wants.

Fluffy socks with honeybees
A cooling western summer breeze
Several thank-yous and a please
That's what Dumbledore wants.

Swinging freely through the trees
No more itches, nits, or fleas
Lovely Jane as his best squeeze
That's what Tarzan wants.

Join in?
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[personal profile] settiai was requesting recs for long, plotty AU fics. So I decided to make a fic rec post here - these are mostly stories I've recced before, but not collected together specifically as "long plotty AU fics", so some of you might appreciate it as a thematic post.
Buffy )
Doctor Who )
Harry Potter )
Lois & Clark )
The Sentinel )
Star Wars )
Stargate )
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Whee! I was wondering why I was getting comments for Tempus Fugit (see also on my fic site) when it was posted a couple of years ago, and apparently it has been recced as one of a series of recs celebrating awesome female characters:


It makes me want to write more about those two, except for this BIG problem: Carter would NEVER agree to travel with the Doctor, because she would consider it a dereliction of duty, an absence-without-leave. And it's no good saying "oh, make it like with Tegan and have him pick her up and then find it impossible to get her back to the right place-and-time" because she's so tech that she'd insist on helping to mend the TARDIS to fix whatever the flaw was that was preventing her return.

So I can't think of any GOOD reasons for Carter to stay, and that means I can't make her a companion, and that means I can't write any more.

So do any of you have workable ideas to get around this problem?
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Title: Machinations
Author: Kathryn Andersen
Universe: Heroes/Stargate
Characters: Harry Maybourne
Size: 100w
Rating: G
Date: 2010-02-21
Summary: What if Maybourne had been part of the Heroes universe?

Written for Judith P as a comment-fic here; this is the drabble version.

cut to story )
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Title: Trigger Finger
Author: Kathryn Andersen
Universe: Stargate SG1
Category: Ficathon
Characters: Daniel Jackson
Size: 785w
Date: 2005-5-23
Summary: (Season 1) All Daniel wanted was a bottle of milk...
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Title: Making a Life
Author: Kathryn Andersen
Universe: Sentinel/Stargate SG1
Category: AU, Crossover, Ficathon
Characters: Blair Sandburg, Jim Ellison, Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Jack Kelso, Simon Banks
Size: 10080w, 57K
Date: 2001-11-2
Summary: The fallout after the press conference make Jim and Blair wonder if their life together in Cascade is over. (TSbyBS alternative ending)
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Title: A Dubious Ally
Author: Kathryn Andersen
Universe: Stargate SG1/Doctor Who
Series: False Gods And Travellers 1
Category: Ficathon,Crossover
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Fifth Doctor, Nyssa
Size: 2330w
Date: 2005-6-16
Elsewhere: Multiverse 2005 and at Teaspoon
Summary: Jack rescues a most unusual traveller.
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I try to avoid reading works-in-progress, because it's so frustrating waiting until they are finished. But in spite of that, I have been sucked in to reading them every now and then, and I keep on accumulating them. So I thought I'd share my frustration (and who, knows, encourage some authors) by giving my current list of works-in-progress that I have started reading and wish the author would update and finish soon.
mostly Harry Potter and Doctor Who )
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Yes, I wrote this months ago, for [ profile] dw_cross but I've now actually put it up on my site. Teaspoon will follow.

Title: Tempus Fugit
Author: Kathryn Andersen
Fandom: Doctor Who/Stargate SG1
Challenge: [ profile] dw_cross 2008
Rating: PG
Character(s): Samantha Carter, Tenth Doctor
Warnings (if any): none
Spoilers for: Doctor Who - "Blink"; Stargate SG1 - "1969", "2010", "2001"
Notes: The request was Scientific accuracy meets "wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff".
Thanks to JB for brainstorming and alpha reading, JP for suggestions about dinner conversation, and BR and Reatha for beta reading.
Words: 1900
Summary: Sometimes it takes a complete stranger to give you a new perspective.

( fake cut to story )
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Well [ profile] remix_redux is now revealed, and you could knock me down with a feather when I found out that [ profile] mistraltoes was the one who had done the remix of my story (Trigger Finger (The 11 O'clock Remix)).

As for me, the story that I wrote for Remix was Making Connections (The Telephony Remix), which was very scarey, because the author I'd been assigned wrote nothing but slash. So I'm proud of how I managed to write a gen story out of all that. But Never Again!

The story is now also up on my site at http://www.localhost/Fiction/Stories/KathrynAndersen/MakingConnections
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Back in May 2003, I went to stay with [ profile] watervole and, amongst other things, we had a lot of fun writing Stargate filks, mostly silly, some poignant. I didn't upload them at the time, because Judith wanted to use one of them in "Truth And Consequences", and I think I may have considered saving them for zines.

Anyway, that's a long time ago now, and [ profile] astrogirl2's post about "Into The Fire" reminded me of "All In A Day's Work", and I was surprised to find that it wasn't on my site. So I've tracked them down and uploaded the poor forgotten things.


May. 28th, 2006 09:41 am
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As per the drabble meme post, and because people might not have known I wrote them, here are links to the drabbles so far:

For [ profile] mistraltoes, who wanted a Snape drabble:
Introductions (a sequel to In Truth, Beauty).

For [ profile] izhilzha, who wanted a (Stargate) Sam + Janet friendship drabble:
Quantify Felicity.

And ALL NEW, for [ profile] astrogirl2, a (Blake's 7) Zen drabble:
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Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your knowledge! Story research question: in Stargate, are the ships used by the Tok'ra able to be piloted by Jaffa or humans, or are they goa'uld/Tok'ra only things (like the ribbon devices or the healing devices)?

ETA I'm talking about interstellar ships, not Death-gliders, which quite clearly can be piloted by anybody with training, since they're designed to be piloted by Jaffa.


Apr. 10th, 2006 01:34 pm
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Well, I put my HP/Buffy story In Truth, Beauty on in the probably vain hope that it will get a wider audience.

Of more interest to some, my charity story is finished, and up on my fiction page! Things That Go Bump is a Stargate SG-1 story set after "Show and Tell". Something that nobody can see is stalking the SGC...


Mar. 31st, 2006 09:36 pm
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Well, I've signed up for Multiverse ([ profile] multiverse2004), because I have also finished the first draft of my charity story (yay).
Would someone please do some beta-reading of it for me? It's early-seasons Stargate, nothing particularly long, about 2800 words.
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Title: History Never Repeats
Fandom: Doctor Who / Stargate
Challenge: [ profile] crossovers100 Claim: Doctor Who, Prompt: #52 Fire
Word Count: 200 (double drabble)
Rating: family
Author's Notes: a sort of sequel to "A Dubious Ally"
My Big Table
Also here and here.

The sky blazed... )
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While looking though all these Stargate pictures for making my last icon request, there was a picture of Sam which struck me as a good base for a full digital art picture; so I went ahead and did one. It's called Astro Geek. The interesting thing is, a lot of it just consisted of me messing around with this that and the other, keeping the bits that I liked, and tossing the bits I didn't. Though maybe that's just art in general. Though with art in general, it isn't as easy to toss the bits one doesn't like. Ah, I like layers...
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I've done another icon. [ profile] fikgirl requested either Daniel or Sam, so I did both together (grin).
the icon )
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This one I actually did most of the work yesterday, or was it the day before? After I read a GIMP tutorial about how to use the Quick Mask function, and also with various thoughts about how to do different things with my [ profile] tardis_icons icons, it occurred to me that I could make an icon from this digital art picture I'd made a while ago, with a cool framing ripple effect, so I did, and I've now uploaded it.
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I am supposed to be thinking about Stargate fic. So what does my evil brain come up with?
dialogue )
No, I am NOT going to write this!


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