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I just got a letter addressed to the former owner of this house... who has not lived here for 20 years!!!
Care Australia really needs to update their mailing list.

Doctor Who plotbunny: the Doctor gets hit with an amnesia/regression drug/device/weapon and starts behaving like his previous incarnations (going backwards one by one), to the concern and bewilderment of his companion(s)-du-jour who doesn't know about regeneration.

This plotbunny is free to a good home. (smirk)
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Seen it now. Well. Um. I'm not entirely sure what to make of that. It does not compare to the previous one; that was sheer genius. It was also much better than the lame stuff that RTD tended to give us as the second part of two-parters (e.g. The End of Time). But between those extremes I'm not really sure where I stand on it.
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I need a Capaldi icon. Pretty please make me one?
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I watched it again, noticing things I didn't notice the first time around.
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Still please do not discuss "Hell Bent"; I haven't watched it yet (though I intend to, shortly).

I need a Capaldi icon.
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Now I've watched this one, which from the non-spoilery comments I saw last week, was raveworthy.
And now I understand why.
Oh my oh my oh my oh my.
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Please DO NOT discuss the next episode "Hell Bent" here - I haven't seen it yet.
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From the various reactions of people, I was expecting this to be as bad as Victory of the Daleks. But it wasn't as bad as that.
Mind you, it didn't make sense. The more I think about it, the less sense it makes. It makes even less sense than the Christmas Special, which wasn't supposed to make sense.
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I'm not sure why I feel a bit meh about this episode... I mean, it wasn't bad, there wasn't anything wrong with it. Maybe it just doesn't live up to the contrast with seeing "The Martian" last night.
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Yes, I watched this a week late... so I wouldn't have to wait for part 2. Still going to give my reaction now before I actually see part 2.
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Finally saw this. Hmmmmm. This is prompting a bunch of thinky thoughts. That must mean it was good.
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Edited to add: I thought this went without saying, but apparently it doesn't: I have not seen "The Witch's Familiar" yet, and I want NO SPOILERS for it!!!!
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...that I really must dislike Clara, because I have not read ANY fic with her in it.

Which is kind of sad. I mean, I don't like disliking companions. But I haven't even gone looking for Clara-fic. Haven't wanted to. It's all "meh".

I'm not sure I can ask for recs, because I doubt anyone has written a story which will change my mind about Clara, because people who like Clara won't think anyone needs persuading, and people who dislike Clara won't write stories that put Clara in a good light.

Why do I dislike Clara? I can't get past her lying to the people closest to her (Danny and the Doctor). I read some good meta which kind of explained why Clara lied - that she was under stress, that she felt that she couldn't choose, so she fell back on lying in order not to have to choose between the Doctor and Danny. So, yes, there are reasons. But they are stupid and foolish reasons; if she had been honest, she could have worked something out between the three of them, while instead, she did the dumbest and most hurtful thing possible: she lied. I have no sympathy for her reasons. Instead, I am angry and disappointed. I want to shake her and say "How dare you! How dare you betray those you love by lying to them? How dare you claim to love them at all? For shame!"

Hmmm. I didn't realize I was so angry about it. It obviously hit a nerve.

Not sure what to do about it, either. Suggestions?
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I've been watching a bit of Psych (season 1) recently, and, as with other murder-mysteries, discovering a body is a dangerous thing. If you are in a murder-mystery, try to avoid discovering a body. If you do discover a body, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Do not flee the scene. It makes you look guilty.
2. Do not pick up the murder weapon. It makes you look guilty.
3. Do not lie about anything. It makes you look guilty. No matter how shameful or embarrassing the thing is, it isn't as bad as Murder 1.

If you are in a Doctor Who episode, the above still applies, since many Doctor Who episodes are also murder-mysteries. Applying #3 is problematical though, because they won't believe you. Also, be prepared to run at any moment.
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Doctor Who 8x11 Dark Water

Very belated.
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Doctor Who 8x12 Death in Heaven

Oh wow. I'm speechless. Oh my oh my.
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At least there is Christmas to look forward to.

I need a twelfth Doctor icon, darn it!
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Yes, I'm still behind.
I got the impression from (spoiler-free) reactions around the net when this originally aired, that it was rather controversial; some liked it, some hated it.
Me... mixed.
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I'm nearly caught up!
Mixed feelings about this one, quite possibly influenced by other people's disappointment.
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