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Seen it now. Well. Um. I'm not entirely sure what to make of that. It does not compare to the previous one; that was sheer genius. It was also much better than the lame stuff that RTD tended to give us as the second part of two-parters (e.g. The End of Time). But between those extremes I'm not really sure where I stand on it.
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I need a Capaldi icon. Pretty please make me one?
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I watched it again, noticing things I didn't notice the first time around.
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Still please do not discuss "Hell Bent"; I haven't watched it yet (though I intend to, shortly).

I need a Capaldi icon.
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Now I've watched this one, which from the non-spoilery comments I saw last week, was raveworthy.
And now I understand why.
Oh my oh my oh my oh my.
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Please DO NOT discuss the next episode "Hell Bent" here - I haven't seen it yet.
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From the various reactions of people, I was expecting this to be as bad as Victory of the Daleks. But it wasn't as bad as that.
Mind you, it didn't make sense. The more I think about it, the less sense it makes. It makes even less sense than the Christmas Special, which wasn't supposed to make sense.
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I'm not sure why I feel a bit meh about this episode... I mean, it wasn't bad, there wasn't anything wrong with it. Maybe it just doesn't live up to the contrast with seeing "The Martian" last night.
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Yes, I watched this a week late... so I wouldn't have to wait for part 2. Still going to give my reaction now before I actually see part 2.
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Finally saw this. Hmmmmm. This is prompting a bunch of thinky thoughts. That must mean it was good.
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Edited to add: I thought this went without saying, but apparently it doesn't: I have not seen "The Witch's Familiar" yet, and I want NO SPOILERS for it!!!!
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Doctor Who 8x11 Dark Water

Very belated.
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Doctor Who 8x12 Death in Heaven

Oh wow. I'm speechless. Oh my oh my.
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At least there is Christmas to look forward to.

I need a twelfth Doctor icon, darn it!
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I'm not reporting on every episode, but this one is worth remarking on.
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I enjoyed this episode, it was action-packed, clever, with character stuff too.

Unfortunately, something about the plot-logic has been bothering me, something that most people wouldn't notice at all, but, alas, it is my profession. Something to do with the computer programming. Mind you, the writers get double kudos for (a) avoiding Obvious Computer Fail, which very few shows do, and (b) making the computer stuff something that bugged me afterwards, rather than during. So I'm not exactly complaining... it's just a puzzle that I needed to work out.
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It's interesting to compare Elementary and Sherlock; they are both good, but both quite different. Sherlock is basically AU fanfic set in the modern day; that is, it takes the characters and the plots and translates them into a universe where they take place in the modern day; some of the plots closer than others, but the characters very close to the spirit of the original; not just Holmes and Watson, but Le Strade, Mrs Hudson, Mycroft, Moriarty, Irene Adler...
Elementary, by contrast, is much more of an "inspired by"; it takes the original concept of a brilliant observant detective and his doctor sidekick, and runs with it into uncharted territory. In that way, it's much more of its own show, and needs to be judged on its own merits, not on its merits as Sherlock Holmes fanfic. That makes the two shows quite different beasties.

I've now seen six episodes of Elementary, and am still enjoying it: intriguing mysteries mixed well with good characterisation; I love how both Watson and Holmes make insightful observations about the other, observations that can be painful in their accuracy. As I said, good characterisation.
Alas (alas?) now that I've seen six episodes and sat back and thought a little, it has happened: I have discerned patterns in the plots, and thus they may well end up becoming more predictable.
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Still, I don't think that will prevent me from enjoying it.
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I did bad things to my wrist/arm/shoulder with all that scale-mailleing yesterday, so today I have to stay away from temptation and not do craft.

So I'm watching Elementary on DVD.

I liked it. The setup enables Holmes to wander around poking his nose in things, and Watson to come with him. I liked how Holmes is brilliant, easily bored, manipulative and a jerk. I liked how Watson eventually cuts past Holmes' bullshit with observations of her own.
I like it.


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