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Well, so LJ has a new user agreement, and have locked everyone out until they agree.
So I signed, in order to have access to my own blog. Grrr. Very bad form, LJ!
Whether or not the agreement is actually dodgy, it has been handled very badly... but since when has that been a surprise for LJ management? (Since before LJ was sold for the first time, that's when)

So, some people are panicking and deleting their journals, some are being less drastic. I'm not inclined to delete my journal (the past is the past), nor am I inclined to stop following the people/communities I'm following on LJ (why should I stop doing what I enjoy?). The only thing I'm considering is to stop crossposting from Dreamwidth. But... if I'm still going to be following people, and commenting, is there really any point in stopping crossposting? Especially since there are people following me on LJ who don't have Dreamwidth accounts. (FYI, my account on Dreamwidth has the same username as this one, if any of you are moving to Dreamwidth and want to follow me there.) My account on LJ is a permanent account, so it's not like I'm paying them any money now.

It is slightly amusing to see the complaints of people "not wanting to be subjected to another country's laws" (that is, Russian law rather than US law) when non-US-ians are subjected to another country's laws every time they use a US-based website! Even more so when US laws like the DMCA are very dodgy laws anyway. Remember Dmitry Sklyarov?

Would my posts be censored? If they were, the full version would be available on DW.
Would they revoke my agreement and delete my journal? If they did, I'm not going to do their work for them!
Would they put ads on my journal? I don't know, the agreement is unclear on that point. Bloody annoying if they do.
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Has anyone else been getting these weird spammy comments on old posts on LJ? I've gotten three so far; the characteristic is that the comment is simply the repetition of one sentence from the actual post. Two of the comments I observed were exactly the same sentence on exactly the same post. I suspect it's a bot or a virus or something like that, because the accounts that did it looked like legitimate accounts, rather than accounts that had just been created for the purpose of spamming.

No, I can't point to the actual comments in question, because I deleted them. Weird comments are often used by spammers to test whether a site is being neglected, and therefore vulnerable to being used as a spam platform.
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For those of you who might not have noticed yet, LiveJournal has put their "improved" friends page into open beta. As [personal profile] kalypso said, Well, it's possible that one of the 586 comments so far in response to that announcement says the redesigned friends page looks lovely, but it may take some time to find it. Most of those responding think it's more difficult to read, and particularly object to the introduction of an "infinite scrolling" feature... Others are complaining because the new page (which forces the site style on everyone) means they can't customize it for their reading comfort (e.g. the black on white gives some people migraines).

Look, I switched away from the site style on comment pages because I hated it - you want to force that crap on me for everything? Curse your inevitable betrayal, LJ!

For those of you on my flist who are only on LJ, can I beg you to get a Dreamwidth account and crosspost? Please? PLEASE? Right now, invite codes aren't required to join Dreamwidth, but if they're reinstated to control the influx, I'm sure I will have codes to give folks who want to join.

New friends page: DO NOT WANT!

If LJ does not regain their senses, can anyone recommend a good RSS feed reader for Linux? One that would enable me to read protected entries as well as public ones?

ETA: For those who are daunted by crossposting from DW to LJ: Evilawyer's Brief Tutorial on Crossposting
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Alas, I think it is time to trim my subscriptions/flist; I am finding it too difficult to keep up with everyone. So this is advance notice that if I unfriend you, it's nothing personal.
I will also probably be removing duplicates where people are on both DW and LJ. If you have a preference for which one I follow you on, let me know.


Aug. 24th, 2012 10:25 am
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Is it just me, or has the Expressive theme broken on LJ?
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Now that community imports are enabled on Dreamwidth, I have moved [ profile] multific on LJ to [community profile] multific on Dreamwidth. The old comm is still there, I haven't deleted it, but all new activity will take place on the Dreamwidth comm.
The announcement is here:
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LJ friends, if you've ever used a credit card to pay for anything on LJ, please check your account settings! The latest release has apparently enabled automatic payments for some people even though they had them turned off.
While the tin-foil hat brigade is saying this is deliberate fraud, it's more likely that it's carelessness. But whether it is or not, please check your settings.

Oh LJ No

Dec. 22nd, 2011 09:15 am
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Yes, LJ have done it again; made arbitrary changes while ignoring the feedback of their users. The new comment stuff sucks.

While there is a workaround, the workaround sucks too.
1. Switch your journal to an S2 style. (but these are apparently only available to paid users)
2. Set "Disable customized comment pages for your journal" to "No".
3. In Account Settings -> Display, set "View all journals and communities in my own style" to on, and set "View comment pages from my Friends page in my own style" to on.

What this does is (a) disable "site style" (which has the new comment stuff) in your own journal, and then (b) force you to see all journals in your own style. Which means that I can't see journals in people's own styles, which is sad.

In commemoration of this, I've changed my LJ journal style into something mournful.

Also, I will mention the fact that Dreamwidth is currently offering open registration until the end of the year. This means that one doesn't need an invite code to create an account. Just sayin'.
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As [personal profile] lizbee said:
Just as a heads up, LJ's new code push included some truly impressive bugs, the most notable being that people are finding themselves logged in to other people's accounts. With complete access to locked and private entries, comments, everything.

And as usual, LJ failed to communicate about this serious security issue.

Anyone who wishes to escape, I have Dreamwidth invite codes I can give you; just ask.
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Okay, it looks like nobody wants to be on the twitter filter. Fine, I'll make them all private. I still want to post so that I have a record in my main blog-place of what I've been twitting.

I'm paying the price of all that programming yesterday; my shoulder hurts. 8-(
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So, LJ has done annoying things again. I am pondering whether to disable comments on LJ. I have Dreamwidth invite codes! Anyone want them?

Also, WorldCon starts today. So I will be there, and not here. I may or may not connect to the internet while I'm there, so you may or may not hear from me over the next week.
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After hearing the news, I
(a) double-checked that my IJ is what I think it is
(b) tried to find an easy method of backing up my LJ
(c) came to the conclusion that there isn't one (at least, not for Linux users)
(d) used the LJ Export interface to export my entries from 2003 onwards, one month at a time (sigh)

The options for backing up one's LJ seem to be:
1) use LJ export (which gets all the entries, but is slow and manual and doesn't include the comments)
2) use wget to spider one's LJ, which would include the comments, but only includes public posts - despite NUMEROUS attempts, I could not get wget to be able to access locked posts.
3) download each and every journal entry by hand (insanely slow and not feasible)


ETA: I found something! ljmigrate is a python script that works on Linux and backs up your journal (and optionally migrates it) and saves comments! I'm trying it out now; I hope it works.


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