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I realized that my fannish and symbolic jewellery is scattered all over the place, and that makes it hard for me to point and say "that is what I mean when I say that I make symbolic jewellery". So I thought I'd make an index of my works, and links to places where both the work and its explanation resides.


Symbolic works which relate to specific fannish universes, characters or situations.

Harry Potter:

* Snape Angel (extra notes) (2012)
* Seasons (in the Potions Ingredients Garden) (extra notes) (2012)
* Protective Amulet (July 2013)
* Hufflepuff Necklace (August 2013)
* Quills and Potions (2014)
* Garland (January 2014)
* The Alchemy of Friendship (July 2014)
* Broken Heart (January 2015)

Doctor Who:

* Idris And Her Thief (April 2013)


This contains works which are still symbolic, but the symbolism is not fannish.

* Piercing The Darkness (July 2013)
* Tree of Life
* The Five Elements
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Ooops! Here's another thing I made in December, but didn't post because I hadn't even photographed it yet!
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Two more items which I made in December, but forgot to post about because the pictures were still on the camera.
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The start of December, I finished off a number of half-done projects so that I could contribute to the "Creating A Welcome" craft market which was raising money for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, which had been pointed out to me by [ profile] reynardo which we had both intended to make gifts for, but other things happened... so I was making gifts at the start of December. December was also the month of last-minute gifts and of one more fan fest.
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So that was a year full of craft! I'd forgotten the huge amount I'd done, not just when I was off work, but all through the year. So that's good - I have Accomplished!
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October was all-out crafting, since I was feeling a bit better in my recovery. The big thing this month was SCALESssssss, but there was also maille, crochet and general jewellerying.
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September, necklace, and more loom knitting. (And recovering from surgery)
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August was the month of maille, crochet and spool-knitting.
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More loom-knitting of scarfery.
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February's craft was a cover for my e-book reader.

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This year has been completely unproductive on the fanfic front; I think I've written like one single story all year. But what I have done is make craft, fannish and not. I was going to have just one post surveying all the craft I've done this year, but I realized I'd done so much that I'm splitting it into one post for each month.

So this is for January.
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Yes, I've been participating in [ profile] naarmamo this year, but I haven't been posting about it (apart from the comments in the comm itself) because there hasn't been anything to show before.

But now, prepare to be pic-spammed!

I'm doing a NaArMaMo album on my LJ - might as well use the scrapbook since I have a permanent account there. But I'm posting on DW and crossposting to LJ. (LJ's old scrapbook was much better than their current crappy one, but hey, it still hosts images)
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I have finished another scarf! It is a gift for a particular person; I designed it with them in mind. This is another keyhole scarf (I like the design!) made with fluffy chenille yarn.

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I've mentioned some of these items in earlier posts, but there were no pictures. Now have some piccies!
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In an extremely unfortunate bit of timing, I got a bad cold last week, and I'm still sick, though improving. The timing was unfortunate because there was a time-critical thing going on at work (handover of a project) and I simply could not be there. Viruses were battling it out in my body, my throat felt like wet sandpaper, and I was utterly exhausted. Mostly sleeping and drinking lemon honey tea with Lemsip in it. And then when my throat improved, my nose chimed in (which was odd, usually the throat follows the nose). Now I'm in the blowing-the-nose-and-coughing stage (and still v tired).
When I wasn't sleeping, I thought I'd do stuff that didn't require a great many brain cells )
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After beavering away all year, and numerous instances of frogging (rip-it, rip-it), I now have a usable cover for my Pocketbook EBook Reader.

I say "usable" rather than "complete", because it doesn't have a closure, but it works enough to be able to put the e-reader inside and close the cover on it, so that's good.


Opened up, outside view:

Opened up, inside view:

about the construction )

After making this, I can understand why some people just go for the much simpler option of making a pouch to put their e-reader into, rather than a cover. But, hey, I have it now, so I'm going to use it.


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