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Pendant, finished today:
Pendant; stamped copper, paint/ink pen, clear embossing powder

This is another stamped, inked and sealed pendant, but I had a Eureka moment with it, when I attempted stamping with my newly-acquired 2lb sledgehammer and still failed to make an impression. The copper needed to be annealed.

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Finally, I have managed to scan in the bubble-wrap pendants I made earlier this week (last week? I forget). Bubble-wrap pendants, you ask? Instructions are here: Bubble Wrap Necklace. Basically you fold the bubble-wrap and iron it and it fuses together. Then you fold and iron it again etc. Then you can cut it out into shapes. Hence, pendants.

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Due to a conversation with [personal profile] dawnmist at lunch time on Tuesday, I got the urge to see if I could construct a Mobius-shaped knitting loom.

(apologies to NaArMaMo folks for not yet posting my bubble-wrap plastic pendants; thought it would be better to post something than nothing, and the loom stuff is what I have photos of right now)
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More faux-embossed pendants today. And dirty fingers.

This time I was trying out this marbling technique, though again with variations.

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A faux-enamel pendant, yes, but this one is based on a large steel washer; a little larger than the aluminium tags (2 inches rather than 1.5 inches) and much heavier.

Pendant; steel washer, embossing powder, archival ink.

This was another one where the underneath wasn't quite working -- the colours started to get all muddy -- so I covered it with more white powder.

Then I tried something inspired by this marbling tutorial, where one puts archival ink on the cooled item, then re-melts the embossing powder. The variation I did here was that, rather than applying similar-coloured ink directly, I used black ink on a stamp (which was a stamp with all these radial lines) and then I did the re-melting. Somehow, it makes me think of something tribal. What you can't see in the picture is the little bit of silver glitter underneath, when it catches the light just right.
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Just one pendant done today.

Pendant; anodized aluminium tag, embossing powder.

This one had a number of layers of embossing powder, not quite what I wanted, so I covered the whole thing with white embossing powder and poked it with a toothpick while I was heating it, then let the heat gun blow very closely to smooth things out. I rather like the effect of just a little bit of the underneath showing through. I'm tempted to call this one "The Light Side of the Moon", though it isn't cratery.
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I did more playing with pendants and hammers and embossing powder today.

Here's the results:
Various pendants; square copper, metal stamped, blue permanent ink, clear embossing powder; round black aluminium, various embossing powders; the purple one also used mica powder

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Just one thing tonight, well sort of two things, since one was a precursor to the other.
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Not content to stop with embossing powder, I continued on in my pendant-making, this time playing with hot glue and glittery mica powder. And silicon molds.

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After my visitors had left (a good time was had by all), I started playing around with some of my recent purchases. First I watched a long video on youtube about metal stamping, then I attempted to stamp some metal. It did not work very well at all. I think I need to get a two-pound hammer. Or to give up on stamping and get a texture hammer - texture hammering seems to be easier, partly because it is required to be random.
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Excuse me if you've seen these before, but I think I forgot to post them at the time. This is a bunch of craft I made earlier this year, mostly in January.

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I finished the necklace, and photographed it, and entered it into the M.A.I.L. Contest #28: Graduation (link goes to my entry).

I call it the "Oxford Comma" necklace, because it is full of red agate commas.


Or perhaps I should say, it is full of red agate commas because it is an Oxford Comma necklace.
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Today I finished the "hex holder" I was making for my new Settlers of Catan wooden hexes. It wasn't intended to hold all of them, indeed, I had no idea how many of them it would hold, I just wanted to make it reasonably tall.
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So, here are photos of the melty-beads coasters I made on a "Settlers of Catan" theme.

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I have finished my [ profile] acd_holmesfest assignment! Only a few hours before it was due. But it is done!

I am pleased with it, though I am unsure if my recipient will be pleased with it. At least it is pretty?
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I realized that my fannish and symbolic jewellery is scattered all over the place, and that makes it hard for me to point and say "that is what I mean when I say that I make symbolic jewellery". So I thought I'd make an index of my works, and links to places where both the work and its explanation resides.


Symbolic works which relate to specific fannish universes, characters or situations.

Harry Potter:

* Snape Angel (extra notes) (2012)
* Seasons (in the Potions Ingredients Garden) (extra notes) (2012)
* Protective Amulet (July 2013)
* Hufflepuff Necklace (August 2013)
* Quills and Potions (2014)
* Garland (January 2014)
* The Alchemy of Friendship (July 2014)
* Broken Heart (January 2015)

Doctor Who:

* Idris And Her Thief (April 2013)

Sherlock Holmes:

* Treasure (June 2015)


This contains works which are still symbolic, but the symbolism is not fannish.

* Piercing The Darkness (July 2013)
* Tree of Life
* The Five Elements
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Ooops! Here's another thing I made in December, but didn't post because I hadn't even photographed it yet!
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Two more items which I made in December, but forgot to post about because the pictures were still on the camera.
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The start of December, I finished off a number of half-done projects so that I could contribute to the "Creating A Welcome" craft market which was raising money for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, which had been pointed out to me by [ profile] reynardo which we had both intended to make gifts for, but other things happened... so I was making gifts at the start of December. December was also the month of last-minute gifts and of one more fan fest.
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So that was a year full of craft! I'd forgotten the huge amount I'd done, not just when I was off work, but all through the year. So that's good - I have Accomplished!


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