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Feb. 4th, 2015 02:15 pm
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Every now and then I wonder if I ought to open an Etsy store... usually when people ask me if I have one, right after I've posted another bit of craft to a fannish fest.

Why? Because I want my craft to go to people who will appreciate it. Which is fine for the non-fannish stuff, it's what I give to my family every Christmas. But the fannish stuff, the symbolic stuff that I have very much acquired a taste for making? Well, if it's Doctor-Who themed I can give it to my sister (she's the one who scored Idris And Her Thief). If it's Harry-Potter themed - and most of it is - then there's only one person I know whom I can give it to who will understand the symbolism. Which would be fine if I only participated in one fest a year, but this last year, they've been multiplying. Fine, I know, Just Don't Do That Then. (sigh)


Look, I don't want to Run A Business And Become Independently Wealthy. If I'd wanted that, I would have taken up contracting years ago. I just want to make cool stuff and have it used by people who appreciate it. The business part of such an enterprise is an utter pain. Getting to the post office to send snail-mail is a pain. But how else could I get it into the hands of people who would appreciate it? So far as I can see, there are two methods: (a) give as gifts to people who know me personally, or (b) sell it to people who are willing to pay what it is actually worth - which means I don't want to underprice it, either.

Yet all the info I've seen about running your own Etsy store is "Market yourself! Work hard! Promote yourself! Branding! Have lots of stock!" But I wouldn't have lots of stock at all. Just the occasional thing. Not until I retire, anyway. Which is more than a decade away.

(insert lots of sighs here)

What should I do? Craft keeps me sane. But I am running out of people to give it to.
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Though I expect some of you didn't know I was gone.

I am behind on Doctor Who - I haven't seen "Into the Dalek" or "Robot of Sherwood" yet, so I am trying to avoid spoilers.
I am behind on Twitter, I will not attempt to catch up that.
I am behind on LJ and DW - if there's anything interesting you want me to look at, please comment with a link.

I will write a Breathless TMI post, but it will be locked to my access list. Because, like, TMI, y'know?
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I've been pondering...

If I knew that I had only one day to live...
I would ring up my closest friends and family to say goodbye.

If I knew that I had only one month to live...
I would ask my sister-in-law to organize a family reunion.

If I knew that I had only six months to live...
I would take my long-service leave and visit friends and family while I still could. Then I'd ask brother #2 to come and look after me. And I would make beautiful things, while I still could.

If I knew that I had only a year to live...
I'd probably do the same thing as for the "six months to live" scenario.

That was an unexpectedly enlightening exersize in figuring out where my true desires lie.
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This morning:

Me: My friends keep me sane.
AM: You keep them sane too.

Coming back, I looked at my lawn. The only things that are alive there are dandelions and thistles. 8-(
and some Harry Potter )
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I am SOOOOOOO tired.
That is all.
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Let's see...

I finished a couple of jewellery sets on the weekend, though I haven't scanned them in yet. They were mostly-finished and had been lying around waiting for clasps and matching earrings to be made, so there wasn't a lot to be done. I actually decided to keep one for myself, so the earrings in that case were clip-ons. (Yes, I do not have pierced ears. Mainly because I'm non-conformist.)

I realized this morning in the bus when I was working on another lacy crochet necklace... what the etymology of "necklace" probably is: "neck lace". Lace around the neck. From when lace collars were detachable and were swapped from dress to dress, because lace was so expensive.

Also finished on the weekend, a re-read of "Regann's Heart Over Mind, which I actually enjoyed less this time around, to my surprise. I mean, the good bits were still good (especially Hermione's family), but I noticed some of the annoying things more, such as the grammar mistakes. I found it also a bit frustrating that Hermione was off studying, out of the action, for most of the story. I don't mean that we didn't get her point-of-view, but I figure that the author didn't want to write any of the fighting-Voldemort stuff, so she moved Hermione out of the action.

I was also reminded of a particular compound word which makes me twitch, as the story used it repeatedly. What is it, you ask? The word is "ancient-looking". This isn't the only author who uses it; I've merely been reminded of it. Why do I frown on it? Because it's wishy-washy, lazy. I mean, what's wrong with using the perfectly good word "ancient"? If you add the "-looking" it weakens the adjective. It declares that you aren't certain whether the object is ancient or not, but you can't be bothered to figure out a better description. I mean, what is it about the object that makes it look ancient? Is it darkened with the patina of years? Is it worn down by the passage of many feet? Is it weathered by wind and rain? Is it cracked with much handling? Are the colours faded? What?

I can't think of any good reason to use "ancient-looking" at all.

(gets off soapbox)


Sep. 29th, 2013 08:59 pm
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And the word for the evening is SHEEPNADO!

I love my family.

And the Nailed Cross is now in the possession of Nephew M, because they are not coming down for Christmas, so I gave it to him today. Much pleasedness was had. \o/
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I just walked from Mitcham Station to the other side of Springvale Road. In the dark and cold. It took me 50 minutes. Which is ten minutes longer than the last time I did that. But I was expecting to take an hour, so I still feel accomplished.
As well as very tired.

Oh, you want to know why? I was reading a book and missed my stop, and the stop after, and the stop after that, and the stop after that, and the stop after that, and the stop after that. The stop after that stop was Mitcham Station, which was also the last stop on that route.
I haven't done that in quite a while.

What was I reading? "Rainy Days" by Lory Lillian, a Pride And Prejudice AU. I'd gotten to the part where Darcy was proposing to Elizabeth - of course I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings!
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There is no "us and them". There is only "us". Why can't they see that?


That was a sequence of thoughts which occurred to me a couple of weeks ago. I struggled with it for a while. Because how can I embrace "them" when "they" do awful things? How can I embrace rich men and politicians and other distasteful people? How can I love my enemies?

Then it came to me.

There is no "us and them". There is only "me and you".

That is my new mantra. I am trying to live by it.

To explain: sure, every person is part of a group, indeed, part of many groups, and those groups do inform that person's behaviour. But each person is also an individual, sole and unique. So treat every person you interact with as an individual, no matter WHAT groups they may belong to, even if they are part of the "not-we".

Being Continuum last weekend, I tried to keep this in mind... and my life has already been the richer for it.


(Yes, there will be Continuum report, but probably tomorrow.)
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Yes, I know it is a coincidence, but I could be forgiven for thinking that Fishpond has a grudge against Jean Johnson -- or at least, against her latest series.

The first book, "A Soldier's Duty" took so long to arrive that I had to order it from Amazon... and even though I ordered it from Amazon well after I ordered it from Fishpond... the Amazon book arrived first. (This does not usually happen.)

The second book, "An Officer's Duty", I ordered two copies, one for me and one for my brother. They only sent me one copy.

We shall have wait and see what they do with the third book.

Currently I am reading "The Sword", the first book in her "Sons of Destiny" series. I'm not really sure that it's my cup of tea. It looks to be romance mixed with adventure, rather than adventure mixed with romance, but I can't say I didn't know that. One only has to look at the cover (man's torso, bare-chested, only showing his body from lips to waist) to see that it's marketed as a romance rather than a fantasy novel. Fortunately, unlike most Romance-Fantasies, the author does know her fantasy tropes, and the plot is holding together so far, and I trust that it will continue to hold together. And there have been some quite amusing bits. 8-)
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I got the server up and running, though in such a state that all the software needs to be installed and configured. To that end, I have got the mail working on it, whew. This was the more difficult of the two main tasks (mail and webserver), simply because I have more practice at setting up webservers than mailservers. But also the more urgent task, since I don't like being incommunicado.

And it's ten o'clock at night and I'd better stop. So the webserver will be off the air for a few more days, because I doubt I will have time to work on it until Wednesday.

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I have borked my server. My main desktop is still working, so I can browse the web, which is why I can make this post. However, my server is webserver and mailserver, so is off the air, and no email will get to me until I fix this. I have already spent all day trying to fix this. It is time for me to go to bed, and bang my head against it tomorrow.

No, I don't want to go into details of how I borked my server. I will just say: failed upgrade, and failed install x 4.

I also did a bit of crochet while I was waiting for stuff to install, I suppose that's a tiny silver lining.
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This morning, I trundled into my shower as usual... and it wasn't until I'd already almost finished that I noticed I had a visitor, because, well, it was kind of hidden by the towel hanging over the side of the shower cubicle.
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So, [ profile] temeres, what do you think?

Busy Day

Jan. 6th, 2012 08:36 pm
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Today was the last weekday of my holidays.
and there was good and bad )
So that was today. My feet ache and my knees ache and I am exhausted, but there were quite a few good things too.
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I did not do the things today that I intended to do. I did not do my washing (though I did pack and run the dishwasher). I did not write fic. I did not watch Doctor Who. Instead, I updated tags and character-lists in my netfic-reviews database, investigated bookmarking software and firefox plugins, set up a WebDAV server to sync my bookmarks to, and reorganized my bookmarks. I did stuff, but none of it was important stuff. (sigh)

Why do I procrastinate?
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This is part of the letter I got in response to my first query (but not my second, they haven't responded to that yet)

Generally speaking, we cannot fulfill any orders containing a copyright or trademark protected title, name, or image. Examples of infringing material include:

--pictures or names of celebrities
--names of characters from books, films, or television shows
--titles of books, feature films, television shows, or magazines
--images from films, television shows, video games, or the internet

So it seems that they are applying their TOS - "pictures or names of celebrities" and "names of characters from books, films or television shows" and "titles of books, feature films, television shows or magazines" - but they are still applying it unfairly and inconsistently.
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Zazzle, in their "wisdom" have removed every single one of my designs for "content violation". Even my "I'll explain later" shirt, which doesn't even contain illos. Apparently (according to their form letter) "Design contains an image or text that infringes on intellectual property rights. We have been contacted by the intellectual property right holder and at their request we will be removing your product from Zazzle???s Marketplace due to intellectual property claims"


Someone can have multiple designs which say "BOB is a sacred name" and I can't have one that says "I'll explain later"?

I suspect it's because I tagged it with the phrase "doctor who". Colour me confused, considering that redbubble has a completely different attitude to things like that - they even have a Doctor Who themed "community" on their site.

So, sorry everyone, you can't buy t-shirts from me, because they've removed them all.


ETA: What is so completely unfair is that there are other people on zazzle who have Doctor-Who themed things, which are tagged as "doctor who" and they haven't been attacked. The "BOB is a sacred name" is tagged with "doctor who", and "This is a detonator" is tagged with "doctor who", and I think I even saw one with a Dalek on it (but I can't find it now). NOT FAIR!
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Bah! I had a nap this afternoon, and now I can't sleep!


Dec. 19th, 2010 12:48 pm
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This is Melbourne for you: it's December, it's Summer... and right now my roof is being battered by hail.
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I had intended to go to bed early tonight, like even 9pm or something. But then my webserver wouldn't reboot.
cut for technical stuff that half my flist don't care about, and a small portion do )
I suppose some days it pays to be a geek.

But all that "excitement" means that I'm getting to bed late instead of early. (sigh)


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