Jun. 2nd, 2016

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Okay, I'm asking for your help, y'all, for ideas on how I could make a specific costume idea, given that I'm going to a convention in a week, only have one weekend to do stuff in beforehand, don't have time to sew anything, will have to make do with things I have... because it's just too much of a fun idea not to try to do it.

Thing is, my eldest niece gave me, for Christmas, a plushie Darth Vader, which I'd forgotten about until I had to start clearing out my partially unpacked suitcase to prepare for packing for the convention. And it occurred to me that, it would be great fun to dress up as a teenage-or-child version of Kylo Ren (aka Ben Solo) with the plushie as the main prop for it, considering how much Kylo Ren hero-worshipped him.

So what could I wear that would scream "I am Kylo Ren" to fans looking at me?
I do have black trousers and turtleneck, so that would do as a base, but what else? A toy lightsaber would be obvious, except that it might violate the convention's no-weapons policy. And I'd have to actually find and buy one first!

Another question would be what to do with my hair, it being very long. If I put it into two pigtails, I could be a genderswapped Ben, since the idea would be to look like a little kid and pigtails definitely look like a little kid.

Ideas, ideas please?


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