Apr. 30th, 2016

kerravonsen: Tomorrow People titles, Opening fist, "Open your mind" (open your mind)
* quick oats
* Greek Yoghurt
* 1 Lebanese cucumber, chopped into chunks
* fresh basil leaves
* fresh mint leaves
* honey
* low-fat milk

Prompted by me getting mint & basil leaves to attempt the elusive Mint + Basil Frozen Yoghurt. This smoothie was a bit oaty at first taste, so I added some Splenda to sweeten it a bit more. This was not bad, but I think next time, if there is a next time, I will add more yoghurt and less milk. I say "more yoghurt" because the taste of the frozen yoghurt mix (it is churning away right now) was more yohurty (no milk in it at all) and that is what makes it taste so fab. Whereas my breakfast smoothie was very milky and didn't have that sharpness. Nice, but not fabulous.

I think one of the tricks with these breakfast smoothies is to pick flavours that will go with or even be enhanced by the oatiness, flavours that are used in cakes and biscuits: Christmas spices (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves), chocolate, banana, date, apple, berries.... what else? Any ideas, people?
kerravonsen: Jarod investigating ice cream: Genius at work (icecream)
Finally, the thing I have been failing to attempt has been attempted! (evil mad scientist laugh)

Igor, the Basil! No, not the hotelier, the herb! )
kerravonsen: Jack O'Neill holding a gun: "security blanket" (gun)
Buying a gun to protect yourself from guns is like buying a butane torch to protect yourself from arsonists. If you want protection, wear kevlar.


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