Apr. 23rd, 2016

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On Wednesday morning, I groaned, "I'm going to have to eat porridge." In the interests of having a breakfast which was more solid and sustaining and able to suppress hunger pangs for a longer time, so I could survive until lunch-time. Not that I loathe porridge, it can be quite yummy, but it can also be like eating glue, so my heart sank at the thought.

On Wednesday afternoon, I stumbled across a pin on Pinterest that declared itself to be a recipe for a "Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Smoothie". This was odd, because I was perusing "Hobbies & Crafts" at the time. Mind you, while most of the things in the "Hobbies & Crafts" section are, indeed, hobbies and crafts, there is a certain percentage which have wandered out of their appropriate categories and into this one. Recipes, escaped from "Food & Drink"; party games and party plans (Celebrations & Events); wedding decorations, plans and dresses (Weddings); tattoos (Tattoos - yes, there is a section on Pinterest dedicated solely to tattoos); how to pack for college, decorate your dorm room, pay off your student loans (Education); faaaabulous makeup tips and hairstyles (Hair & Beauty); exercises which will flatten your belly, give you great abs, help you sleep, and home-made remedies to cure everything (Health & Fitness); how to control your screaming toddler, entertain your kids, and what to eat when you're breastfeeding (Kids & Parenting); the best shortcuts on your smartphone, cool gadgets (Technology); gun porn (Sports); and some things which don't really have a category, such as "How To Make $1000 A Month As A Stay At Home Mom"...

Anyway, so I looked at the breakfast smoothie recipe, because, hey, who wouldn't like a smoothie that tasted like a cinnamon roll? And I found that it not only had cinnamon in it, but rolled oats (and yoghurt, and banana, and pecan nuts, and almond milk, and brown sugar...). Could this be a way of having my porridge without having to have porridge? So I then searched for more cinnamon breakfast smoothies to see if there was a recipe which didn't have nuts in it, and there were a few, and I figured the general pattern of the recipes enough that I reckoned I could give it a go without having to slavishly follow one particular recipe. The idea for many of the recipes is to toss rolled oats, natural yoghurt, some sort of fruit, some sort of milk, and optional other things into a container and put it in the fridge overnight, and then blend it together into a smoothie the next morning, and drink it for breakfast. The soaking overnight is presumably to soften up the oats so that it isn't like eating sawdust.

So that very night, I made up my first overnight smoothie, and had it on Thursday morning. It was yummy. So I did it again. Today is the third day, and it seems to be going nicely. Hereby follows the ingredients I chucked in my lidded jug for my smoothies on each day. Amounts? You expect me to remember amounts? Nope.

here be ingredients )


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