Mar. 2nd, 2016


Mar. 2nd, 2016 11:53 am
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Very restrictedly back. Only following a handful of people at the moment, only on DW and LJ. Not following anyone on Twitter at all, and probably not going to even go there. I mean, I mainly started on Twitter because I was following lizbee and RJA, and now that RJA is back on LJ, and lizbee still posts on DW, the only thing I'm missing out on is cat pictures. Hey, anyone want to post some cat pictures?

I've got filters set up on LJ so that I can friend more people than I'm actually looking at -- clever thing that someone pointed out to me a while back: you can filter out all of someone's posts by filtering by tag, and making the tag in question a non-existent tag, something that is very unlikely to be used as a tag in the future. Originally I used it so that I could filter out the people I was following on DW who were cross-posting to LJ. Not quite as good as the DW method of separating subscription and access, but I'll take what I can get. Right now, I want people who had access to locked posts to still have access to them, even when I'm not up to following everybody.

My friends-groups on LJ are a complete mess, since I was un-friending people willy-nilly -- I was un-friending EVERYBODY, which of course meant that all my friends-groups ended up with nobody in them. So I've been putting people back, but I can't remember all of them. I think the most important ones are the "christians" and "theists" groups, since they contain posts which I think are only relevant to those who are Theists and Christians. So if you think you fit into either of those groups, and would like to be added to that filter, let me know. Beware, they may contain things like requests for prayer!

Also, if I have recently un-friended you and not re-friended you, let me know; as I said, purged everybody, and I may have missed some when putting people back.
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In the dark of the night, a grinding sound is heard. No, it is not a Police Box.

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