Feb. 2nd, 2012

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Okay, so I've been following Mark Reads The Lord of the Rings since a few people mentioned it. (And what fun it has been) He's just read The Two Towers Chapter 8, in which one of the things that happens is that Legolas and Gimli promise to go on a road trip if they both survive the events to come.

So... has anyone written fanfic of that road trip? Good and not slash fanfic?
kerravonsen: Jack Harkness B/W photo, sonic gun: "Anachronism" (anachronism)
I asked for questions for the Fifteen Characters Meme here, and was considering posting the first lot of answers, when I realized there were no questions for #8 and only one for #14. I don't want to reveal who the characters are until they all get to participate... Please?



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