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Kathryn A. ([personal profile] kerravonsen) wrote2017-01-22 01:44 pm
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Confirmation Bias and Gossip

In regard to the "Bourke Street Incident", instead of having to write a bunch of stuff, I've put my tweets about it on Storify.

But what angers me is the selfish stupidity, gossip, and confirmation bias that people have to incidents of this kind. I've drawn a flow chart.


(Edited to add) Here is a revised chart, still demonstrating the stupidity of public opinion.


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Apart from forgetting the step on the flow chart that says "Was the perpetrator Muslim?" after multiple victims to flow down to Islamic terrorist, the flow chart is fairly accurate as to opinion.

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I think the stupid jump in logic was the fact he used a car as his weapon. Thanks to two terrorist incidents, the assumption was jumped to, totally ignoring all the other incidents that have involved vehicles massacring people that had more to do with human stupidity than fanaticism, for instance the bin lorry driver in Glasgow in 2014.