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Saw an acquaintance in the lift this morning. I was admiring the colour of her top, a vivid blue.
She said it was a very Eighties colour, and started describing a dress she'd had in the eighties which was a similar colour, Electric Blue and black, with padded shoulders.

"Oh yes," I said, "those Eighties padded shoulders!"

"You're too young to remember that," she said before I could continue.

"Why, how old do you think I am?" I asked, puzzled.

"Thirties, forties," she said.

"Fifty," I said.

"No way!" she said.

"Fifty," I repeated.

"You're not!" she said.

"Fifty," I repeated again.

"You have a young face," she said. "But I'm still older than you!"

Thinking about this later -- because of course I always have to analyse things -- I can think of a few reasons I look younger than I am.
1. I checked in the mirror, and my face doesn't actually have any wrinkles, which surprised me. I thought I had a few crows-feet around my eyes, but apparently I don't (anymore?).
2. Fat face = baby face?
3. I don't wear any makeup. None whatsoever. This confuses people, because they expect older women to wear a lot of makeup (in order to hide how old they are). So I don't fit the profile of what an older woman usually looks like.
4. Long hair in two plaits, because it's easier than one plait. This is also not a customary look for an older woman.

Thing is, I'm not trying pretend that I'm younger than I am, I just look it.

I am pleased to be fifty, not because I surprise people that I am fifty, but because I surprise myself. I have made it this far, made it to fifty. This is a good thing.
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