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A very restless sleep in the hotel. Despite my setting the thermostat to 18C, I was still too hot, and kept on waking up overheated. Had nightmares about sleeping in and missing the Kaffeklasch. Problem is, the curtains in the hotel room are so light-blocking that you cannot tell what time of day or night it is when they are shut. Unfortunately, because my room looks in on the inner courtyard, you can't really tell what time of day or night it is even when the curtains are open, not unless it is a bright sunny day... which it wasn't. I finally crawled out of bed to look at the clock, because my nightmare had convinced me it was either 01:00 in the morning, or 11:00 in the morning... turned out it was 07:54 instead. So I got up and got ready for the day.

Costume: Steampunk
Black pants; black velvet skirt; black turtleneck; black ruffled blouse; clockwork sandals; vest-of-many-pockets upon which was hung my electrochemical incandescent illuminator and my pocketknife pen; top hat; the Glove; claw-finger ring; decorated bronze-brown cane (though I didn't take the cane to breakfast). My hair was in two plaits as usual, but this time bound behind my head.

I had breakfast in the hotel about 9am, and finished at about 9:45, so I had enough time to go up to my room and get my cane. The cane is somewhat of a precautionary measure, in case my feet or knees decide to start hating me for walking too much, but it also serves in people actually giving one consideration (and not forcing one to go down all those stairs!)

Kaffeklasch with Ambelin Kwaymullina! Lovely discussion, ranging from children's books, to cultural-appropriation-and-how-to-avoid-it. The difference between illustration and pure art (illustration is harder); whether or not trilogies are "in" nowadays; the commonalities of oppression. I now know that Neville Rose was named after the infamous historical figure Mr. Neville, and has nothing at all to do with Neville Longbottom.

Hotel too hot, so I went up to my room and removed my skivvy.

Jim C. Hines GoH speech: fandom and diversity; about how lost and intimidated he felt in his first couple of conventions (many years ago), and if he felt that way, how much more so would people who are given "a thousand paper cuts" of unwelcoming messages by all the world around them.

Podcast: Writers And Critics, with Ambelin Kwaymullina and Jim Hines
This was fun; the four were talking about two books (one of which was The Curse of Chalion) and Ian Mond kept cracking jokes (and so did Jim Hines).

However, after the podcast Ian Mond declared to the audience that he wasn't going to participate in the Fans And Faith panel out of protest because it was on the Sabbath. Now, it's fine that he didn't want to do it, but what really bugged me was that he was acting as if he hadn't been ASKED BEFOREHAND when he would be available. Which he was - all panellists were asked; that's when I told the programming folks that I couldn't be on a panel late at night because I would be too tired. Not only that, but he'd known when it was scheduled well before the con, and he could have bowed out then, but no, he had to do so at the last minute. Why?

That upset me a little, and I wasn't sure if I would be able to cope with both the panels I was on next, because they were back to back, and they were BOTH potentially fraught/upsetting/controversial. So I warned Hespa that I might have to pull out of the Fans And Faith panel too, because I might not have the spoons to cope with the potential controversy and drama.

Panel: We Do This Stuff... Gets Personal
This is similar to the "We Do This Stuff So You Can Write About It" except that the topics were more personal and potentially uncomfortable, such as sexuality and (mental) health.
I was one of the panellists on this. We scattered around the room - well, sort of scattered, two and one and two. I was sitting with Hespa, who was answering questions about asexuality, while mine was "depression and chronic fatigue". The questions at first were all to Hespa, but the second half they turned to me. I thank the audience there for being kind and respectful in their questions, and listening to our answers. No, I'm not going to make detailed remarks about what was said: you had to be there.

But the experience had been nice enough that I felt I did have the mental resources to cope with the following panel.

Panel: Fans and Faith 2
Thanks to my fellow panellists and the audience for being respectful and cordial. Drama was not had.
Topics ranged from (mis)representations of religion (Christian and Jewish) in SF/F, through to interesting conversations on religion that could be had at 3am at conventions. We also touched on the US-centrism of such representations, of how Australian culture is different from the USA, how the same words mean different things. And eyerolly stuff that real people have said to us.

I'm not planning on going to the Maskabolo; not enough energy.

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Date: 2014-06-07 11:42 am (UTC)
kalypso: (Bismilla)
From: [personal profile] kalypso
Ugh, I'm sorry about the hot bedroom. I find it terribly difficult getting a proper night's sleep in hot weather.

I'm very glad that your experience of "We Do This Stuff" and "Fans and Faith" went well.

I went to a talk on Doctor Who and Faith at Satellite 4, which was very heavily centred on Christianity (understandably, as the speaker was Christian). What puzzled me was that, when I asked a question about The God Complex, he didn't remember it very well and said he supposed he should rewatch it. And I thought, well, you might think the episode was an attack on religion, or you might think (as I do) that it's a powerful portrait of a woman of faith, but it seemed a bit odd not to rewatch it before giving a talk on that area.

Date: 2014-06-07 11:37 pm (UTC)
kalypso: (Sleep)
From: [personal profile] kalypso
Yes, of course; so the hotel's overcompensating for the winter? I don't use my heating all day even then; I usually let it go off about 1 a.m. and rely on the bed to keep me warm (with a hotwater bottle if it's really cold). I never know why hotels think they have to be hot all the time.

My impression was that he hadn't really thought of it, because he was more interested in "the Doctor sometimes does the sort of thing Jesus might do" than in episodes where the show directly addresses issues of faith. I think I'd also have had another look at the Doctor's conversation with (?)Ida in The Satan Pit - I don't remember very much about it, just that he found it hard to answer when she asked him what he believed in.

My memory is that I said Rita didn't lose her faith, it was forcibly ripped from her (and for me the difference from Donna is that this was unequivocally a bad thing). I thought that, if you shared her beliefs, she would be in Paradise, because she asserted her faith so strongly in her last minutes of free will. I wish she'd survived and become the new companion (which would have seemed quite likely given that Rory was making noises about leaving, except that we'd have heard about it already in the real world), but I wouldn't want her brought back to life, because that would undercut the value of her brave death.


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