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Sep. 27th, 2020 02:22 pm
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Howdy, friends and strangers!

This is my intro post. I figured I'd better have one.

This journal is a mix of fannish stuff, ponderings, computer geekery, art and random cookery experiments. More personal posts are friends-locked, some with tighter filters than others.
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Transformative Works Policy

If you wish to transform my work, I have Transformative Works Policy to clarify stuff in advance!

Other stuff
If you want to write fic for me, here is my Generic Ficathon Elaboration Post.

After you have friended/subscribed to me, I would appreciate it if you drop me a comment here, saying hello and what brought you here. No need to ask permission beforehand, but it would be nice to give me a note afterwards.
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Relatively recently I signed up for Pinterest, because they had changed their interface such that one couldn't look at pins unless one was signed in (there was a Stylish workaround, but it no longer worked). Perhaps I should have gone off in a huff, and refused to join such a non-open site, but I missed being able to look at people's pins. Because there's an awful lot of good craft stuff there. And I really like looking at craft tutorials and examples of other people's work for inspiration. So, I joined. But I was sufficiently in a huff that I didn't join as Kerr Avonsen, but used another handle.

I joined and started pinning things as well as looking at pins. But I wasn't pinning tutorials (those I was bookmarking and/or saving offline with Scrapbook). I was pinning inspirations. Because images is where Pinterest has its strength. And I wanted to be able to look at pictures of fantastic wire-work, and freeform crochet, and clever jewellery ideas and so on. Before I knew it, I had four boards with over three hundred pins between them.
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Someone pointed me towards [ profile] b2mem (Back To Middle Earth Month) and even though it is near the end of the month, they aren't strict about things being finished by the end of the month (they're aware that some things take quite a while to create).

And I am eyeing a particular prompt; Faramir's wedding gift for Eowyn. Naturally, with my inclinations, I would want to make the wedding gift in question. But what should I make? Would a necklace -- however well-designed -- be good enough for such a gift? Or too small and trivial?


Please, give me ideas.
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Mar. 8th, 2015 10:16 pm
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Was my previous post really boring or something? Hello? Is anyone there?
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I've been writing long enough to be pretty clear how I go about it. With my symbolic jewellery, it's only been a few years. But I've made enough pieces that I think I have a decent idea about how I go about it, and the interesting thing is that it isn't very much like my writing process at all. Some things may be similar, since they are both creative processes, but the pacing and weight are different.
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Doing some experimental writing here. The muse struck, had to do this. Check it out, pls.

I am Crazy

Feb. 23rd, 2015 08:50 am
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I just signed up for the ACD Holmesfest at the last minute.

Crazy. Crazy.
But I am intrigued by the thought of doing a craft-ish character study of Holmes and/or Watson.
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I realized that my fannish and symbolic jewellery is scattered all over the place, and that makes it hard for me to point and say "that is what I mean when I say that I make symbolic jewellery". So I thought I'd make an index of my works, and links to places where both the work and its explanation resides.


Symbolic works which relate to specific fannish universes, characters or situations.

Harry Potter:

* Snape Angel (extra notes) (2012)
* Seasons (in the Potions Ingredients Garden) (extra notes) (2012)
* Protective Amulet (July 2013)
* Hufflepuff Necklace (August 2013)
* Quills and Potions (2014)
* Garland (January 2014)
* The Alchemy of Friendship (July 2014)
* Broken Heart (January 2015)

Doctor Who:

* Idris And Her Thief (April 2013)


This contains works which are still symbolic, but the symbolism is not fannish.

* Piercing The Darkness (July 2013)
* Tree of Life
* The Five Elements
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I know I've asked this before, and not gotten very many answers, but I'll ask again, because I don't know how else to find out (googling was not helpful).

I like making fannish craft, I do. And I like participating in fests where I can make fannish craft (to prompts, for people, whatever). However, Harry Potter fandom (in specific, Severus Snape fandom) is the only place where I've found fests/exchanges where craft is welcome. And I'd like to do stuff besides Harry Potter, y'know? But 95% of fests are fic-only, and the remaining ones that accept art (or do an art + fic combo), most of them don't accept craft. But I figure it would be easier to persuade a moderator to accept craft when they already accept art, than for a ficathon which doesn't accept art at all. Or I could be sneaky and do craft and call it "art" - after all, I'd be sending an image anyway. It would just be in a different medium: craft plus photography. Which is itself an Art.

So I've been poking around, and come across a few of the "Reverse Big Bang" fests, which start with the art and finish with the fic. Which is cool, I'd like to do that. Unfortunately, the ones I've looked at appear to have died (like, last post a couple of years ago). Argh!

So please, does anybody know of any currently-not-dead fests, ficathons, bangs (big or otherwise) which are at least art-friendly? In fandoms that I know? Particularly Doctor Who.

Maybe you could ask your flists?
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The weather today doesn't know what it's doing... or maybe my wardrobe doesn't. Put on a cardigan and I'm too hot, take off the cardigan and I'm too cold. 8-(

Went and picked up a parcel from the Post (Australia Post: "We don't deliver") Office; discovered my ID was in my other bag. But they're a friendly bunch there, they know me by sight, so they accepted my credit card as ID. And now I have parcel with CLOTHES. Not very exciting clothes, but still, CLOTHES.

One nice thing about being forced to go to the post office (which is not within walking distance, but a few bus-stops away) is that in that cluster of shops, there is a Middle-Eastern market - no, not a bazaar, a kind of "general store", a supermarket-without-the-super. Like you get Asian markets (well, you do in Australia) where they are full of Asian food like a thousand kinds of noodles, and dried fish, and salted plums and all that sort of thing. Only this was all middle-eastern and southern European food, like Tahini and Dukka and lots of nuts and dried beans... and Halva (Halwa). I'm not into plain Halva or Pistachio Halva but I do like a bit of Chocolate Halva every now and then. And this is one of the few places I know that I can get it. So I looked on the shelf where the Halva usually is... no chocolate. I looked again, up and down the shelves. No chocolate. But I did see some "Persian cotton candy" which is rather nice stuff; spun sugar, but more dense than traditional Western cotton candy. So I picked that up off the shelf and took it to the counter. I mentioned that I'd come in for chocolate Halva but there wasn't any, and I'm very glad I did mention it (I normally would not have) because the shop keeper looked surprised, went to the shelf, double-checked that there indeed was no chocolate Halva on the shelf, but said "We do have chocolate Halva", went to the fridge and pulled out a big block of chocolate Halva, and asked me how much I wanted. I said "250 grams" and he cut me off a chunk from the block (269 grams, near enough). So, yay, I got some Chocolate Halva!

My foot aches from the walking though. Fortunately, I'm seeing my regular physio today (as distinct from the other physio in the practice, whom I had to see last week and the week before because my regular physio was on holidays). Yes, my foot has improved muchly (annoying ache is much better than stabbing pain) but it is still annoying.
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Feedback, more materials and additional tools have forged the next set of small-gauge knitting spools.
Spool 8 )
Spool 9 )
Spool 10 )
Spools Next To Each Other )
Light-Tent )

Now I have to figure out what to do with the not-so-good spools that I don't want to use any more. Throw them out? They're too crappy to give away - the pins are too uneven, even with the best ones. But it feels wasteful to throw them out.

Yes Or No?

Feb. 4th, 2015 02:15 pm
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Every now and then I wonder if I ought to open an Etsy store... usually when people ask me if I have one, right after I've posted another bit of craft to a fannish fest.

Why? Because I want my craft to go to people who will appreciate it. Which is fine for the non-fannish stuff, it's what I give to my family every Christmas. But the fannish stuff, the symbolic stuff that I have very much acquired a taste for making? Well, if it's Doctor-Who themed I can give it to my sister (she's the one who scored Idris And Her Thief). If it's Harry-Potter themed - and most of it is - then there's only one person I know whom I can give it to who will understand the symbolism. Which would be fine if I only participated in one fest a year, but this last year, they've been multiplying. Fine, I know, Just Don't Do That Then. (sigh)


Look, I don't want to Run A Business And Become Independently Wealthy. If I'd wanted that, I would have taken up contracting years ago. I just want to make cool stuff and have it used by people who appreciate it. The business part of such an enterprise is an utter pain. Getting to the post office to send snail-mail is a pain. But how else could I get it into the hands of people who would appreciate it? So far as I can see, there are two methods: (a) give as gifts to people who know me personally, or (b) sell it to people who are willing to pay what it is actually worth - which means I don't want to underprice it, either.

Yet all the info I've seen about running your own Etsy store is "Market yourself! Work hard! Promote yourself! Branding! Have lots of stock!" But I wouldn't have lots of stock at all. Just the occasional thing. Not until I retire, anyway. Which is more than a decade away.

(insert lots of sighs here)

What should I do? Craft keeps me sane. But I am running out of people to give it to.
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Title: I Deduce In My Sleep
Universe: Inception/Sherlock
Author: BrighteyedJill
Size: 15K 4362 words
Tags: Short Story, Crossover
Characters: John Watson, Ariadne, Dom Cobb, Arthur, Sherlock Holmes
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So... what do you think?
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Title: What Dreams May Come
Universe: Inception/Highlander
Author: MarbleGlove
Size: 7K 2235 words
Tags: Short Story, Crossover
Characters: Eames, Methos
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So... what do you think?
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I've finally seen Inception... so here are a few crossover recs.

Title: The Boy Who Spoke With Ghosts
Universe: Inception/Sixth Sense
Author: AvocadoLove
Size: 61K 21794 words
Tags: Novelette, Crossover, Ghosts, Fusion
Characters: Arthur, Dom Cobb, Mal Cobb
review of The Boy Who Spoke With Ghosts )
So... what do you think?
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At the request of [personal profile] fred_mouse I am posting a picture of the most recent knitting spools with a scale comparison, to wit, two rulers next to them. The rulers are in both centimetres and inches, so hopefully that makes things clear.

spooooools )
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Armed with the information gathered in previous efforts, as well as additional materials, I continued on in the search for the desired small small-gauge knitting spool.

spool 4 )
spool 5 )
spool 6 )
spool 7 )
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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 12:45:12 +1100
Subject: Problems donating

To Whom It May Concern,

I have, in the past, donated money to support wikipedia.

However, this:

is the last straw.

Until you fix wikipedia's systemic bias against women, you will not get another penny from me. Before you say "we are not responsible" -- you are, because you are *financing* this toxic atmosphere. The buck stops with you.

Kathryn Andersen
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If one wishes to use paper clips for wire-work that involves bending or un-bending said paper clips, do not use "non-slip" paper-clips: as soon as you bend them, they break. Presumably because the extra stuff they do to make them non-slip work-hardens the wire to such an extent that it is brittle.

Oh well. Now I know.
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One of the frustrating things about knitting spools is that if one wants something that does more than four stitches per row, all that one can find to buy are these plastic things with thick pegs that are spaced wide apart; which is all very well if one only uses chunky yarn, or is happy with loose lacy stitches. It's absolutely no good if one wants to make a tube from lace-weight yarn with small enough holes so that one can put beads down the middle without them falling out. Which I do.

So over the last little while, I've been looking at tutorials for DIY knitting spools. Of course, most of them are flimsy crap - toilet rolls with popsicle sticks, crudely cut out drink bottles - or require skills or items which I don't have and can't get, such as wooden thread spools. However, there have been some that looked like they had potential. So today I tried a few of them.
Spool 1 )
Spool 2 )
Spool 3 )
So... I still don't have the Ideal Knitting Spool that I am seeking. (sigh)


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