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Sep. 27th, 2020 02:22 pm
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Howdy, friends and strangers!

This is my intro post. I figured I'd better have one.

This journal is a mix of fannish stuff, ponderings, computer geekery, art and random cookery experiments. More personal posts are friends-locked, some with tighter filters than others.
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Transformative Works Policy

If you wish to transform my work, I have Transformative Works Policy to clarify stuff in advance!

Other stuff
If you want to write fic for me, here is my Generic Ficathon Elaboration Post.

After you have friended/subscribed to me, I would appreciate it if you drop me a comment here, saying hello and what brought you here. No need to ask permission beforehand, but it would be nice to give me a note afterwards.
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Chocolate + Molasses + Banana is good.
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Buying a gun to protect yourself from guns is like buying a butane torch to protect yourself from arsonists. If you want protection, wear kevlar.
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Finally, the thing I have been failing to attempt has been attempted! (evil mad scientist laugh)

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* quick oats
* Greek Yoghurt
* 1 Lebanese cucumber, chopped into chunks
* fresh basil leaves
* fresh mint leaves
* honey
* low-fat milk

Prompted by me getting mint & basil leaves to attempt the elusive Mint + Basil Frozen Yoghurt. This smoothie was a bit oaty at first taste, so I added some Splenda to sweeten it a bit more. This was not bad, but I think next time, if there is a next time, I will add more yoghurt and less milk. I say "more yoghurt" because the taste of the frozen yoghurt mix (it is churning away right now) was more yohurty (no milk in it at all) and that is what makes it taste so fab. Whereas my breakfast smoothie was very milky and didn't have that sharpness. Nice, but not fabulous.

I think one of the tricks with these breakfast smoothies is to pick flavours that will go with or even be enhanced by the oatiness, flavours that are used in cakes and biscuits: Christmas spices (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves), chocolate, banana, date, apple, berries.... what else? Any ideas, people?
kerravonsen: tea, nuts and noodle soup (Food)
* quick oats
* one chopped-up apple (Red Delicious)
* Greek Yoghurt
* 1 raw egg
* molasses
* cinnamon

The most notable thing about today's smoothie is the texture. I'm not sure how to describe it, "fluffy" is the first word that springs to mind. And I let it stand too long after I'd pureed it, because all the cinnamon decided to sink to the bottom.
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* quick-oats (just poured out from my new container of quick-oats... which ended up being more than what would be in a sachet)
* dried apricots
* apricot jam
* 1 raw egg
* Greek Yoghurt
* maple syrup
* low-fat milk

I'll class this one as a fail. It wasn't inedible, it just wasn't good. A combination of too many oats and the dried apricots meant that the drink... needed to be chewed. It wasn't smooth at all. Oh well.
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* 1 banana
* 4 dates
* Greek Yoghurt
* 1 egg
* 1 tsp nutmeg
* low fat milk

Very nutmeggy.
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Attempting to get a "gingerbread" flavoured smoothie this time, inspired by one of the recipes I came across.

* 1 sachet Apple-Honey quick oats
* 1 banana
* 4 fresh dates (carefully de-pitted by hand)
* Greek Yoghurt
* 1 raw egg
* 1 tsp ginger
* 1 tsp nutmeg
* 1 tsp cinnamon
* 1/4 tsp cloves
* low-fat milk

Well, the ginger drowned out all the other flavours! Still nice though.
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I wanted to make a necklace for myself, just a simple-but-elegant thing that was quite short, good for wearing with open-necked clothes. It's been on hiatus for a while, but today I finished it!

Black Ice Necklace by Kathryn Andersen. Maille, oval brass rings (Black Ice) Weave: 6-in-1 Spiral
kerravonsen: tea, nuts and noodle soup (Food)
* 1 sachet Apple-and-Honey quick-oats
* 1 banana
* Greek Yoghurt
* 1 raw egg (Aussie hens are apparently free of the strain of Salmonella which can infect eggs before they're laid, so the eggs are okay to eat raw as long as they aren't damaged)
* Peach Jam
* low-fat milk

The flavour was mainly banana, with an undertone of peach.
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On Wednesday morning, I groaned, "I'm going to have to eat porridge." In the interests of having a breakfast which was more solid and sustaining and able to suppress hunger pangs for a longer time, so I could survive until lunch-time. Not that I loathe porridge, it can be quite yummy, but it can also be like eating glue, so my heart sank at the thought.

On Wednesday afternoon, I stumbled across a pin on Pinterest that declared itself to be a recipe for a "Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Smoothie". This was odd, because I was perusing "Hobbies & Crafts" at the time. Mind you, while most of the things in the "Hobbies & Crafts" section are, indeed, hobbies and crafts, there is a certain percentage which have wandered out of their appropriate categories and into this one. Recipes, escaped from "Food & Drink"; party games and party plans (Celebrations & Events); wedding decorations, plans and dresses (Weddings); tattoos (Tattoos - yes, there is a section on Pinterest dedicated solely to tattoos); how to pack for college, decorate your dorm room, pay off your student loans (Education); faaaabulous makeup tips and hairstyles (Hair & Beauty); exercises which will flatten your belly, give you great abs, help you sleep, and home-made remedies to cure everything (Health & Fitness); how to control your screaming toddler, entertain your kids, and what to eat when you're breastfeeding (Kids & Parenting); the best shortcuts on your smartphone, cool gadgets (Technology); gun porn (Sports); and some things which don't really have a category, such as "How To Make $1000 A Month As A Stay At Home Mom"...

Anyway, so I looked at the breakfast smoothie recipe, because, hey, who wouldn't like a smoothie that tasted like a cinnamon roll? And I found that it not only had cinnamon in it, but rolled oats (and yoghurt, and banana, and pecan nuts, and almond milk, and brown sugar...). Could this be a way of having my porridge without having to have porridge? So I then searched for more cinnamon breakfast smoothies to see if there was a recipe which didn't have nuts in it, and there were a few, and I figured the general pattern of the recipes enough that I reckoned I could give it a go without having to slavishly follow one particular recipe. The idea for many of the recipes is to toss rolled oats, natural yoghurt, some sort of fruit, some sort of milk, and optional other things into a container and put it in the fridge overnight, and then blend it together into a smoothie the next morning, and drink it for breakfast. The soaking overnight is presumably to soften up the oats so that it isn't like eating sawdust.

So that very night, I made up my first overnight smoothie, and had it on Thursday morning. It was yummy. So I did it again. Today is the third day, and it seems to be going nicely. Hereby follows the ingredients I chucked in my lidded jug for my smoothies on each day. Amounts? You expect me to remember amounts? Nope.

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Y'all know I like craft. So I get these project ideas, and I buy stuff for them. But I haven't been so great at putting my purchases away, of late. It is only in the last week or two that I have finally finished sorting out and putting away maille rings which I purchased (goes and looks) more than a year ago. I've been pecking away at the chaos bit by bit.

Today I started looking through the pile of stuff that I'd put on the bed in the spare room when I cleared the desk in my study when I was setting up my laptop as a server back in January. Really miscellaneous stuff, including bags with craft-supply purchases from Lincraft and from el-cheapo places like the Reject Shop and random "$2" stores. Now, some of them would have been "oh, this could be useful in the future, I'll get it now", but some of them I am sure I bought with specific projects in mind, but now, for the life of me, I cannot remember what those projects were.

What did I want to do with these things?

* A bag of random scraps of leather.
* Four 15cm metal zips - I have a vague idea that it was important that they were metal zips and not plastic, but I still can't remember why.
* Black ribbed elastic.
* Two 6mm-thick blue foam sheets. (That's thicker than usual for foam sheets)
* 5mm-wide satin ribbon in different shades of green; the fact that they were bought in a specific set of colours implies to me that I had something in mind for them, but perhaps it was just a case of "ooh, pretty!"
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Now that I've got my bookmarking script working to my liking (no, I haven't posted about it because I don't think any of you would be interested, apart from [personal profile] dawnmist and I've already raved about it to her) - where was I? Oh, bookmarking. So I've been hanging around Pinterest again. There is some fab stuff there, but there is also a lot of stuff that makes me roll my eyes, or simply boggle. Like, why would you want to do that? here are a few )

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Well, I just had a rather bizzarre experience.
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Proposition: racism is a form of classism. Why? Because in Europe, Spaniards are considered to be "white", while in America, they are considered to be "coloured". Therefore it has nothing really to do with skin colour; rather the skin colour is a "class marker". Class markers are superficial characteristics which mark someone as being in a particular class, a way of lumping all those people together very quickly and with little effort. Other class markers are things like accent and clothing -- things that can be taken in at a glance, or as soon as someone opens their mouth. And they are often things which are difficult or impossible to change.

The thing about classism is that it isn't just lumping people together in a group, and it isn't just lumping people together in a group and being prejudiced against that group. The added thing with classism is that it is a hierarchy where the people lower on the totem pole are a threat, and they must be pushed down and "kept in their place", because otherwise they threaten the pecking order.

There is NOTHING inherently superior or inferior about any class. There is merely power, and the lack of it. Those with power use it to their advantage, and tell themselves that they are "naturally superior". We all know that's rubbish.

There is classism, which is a superior/inferior divide, but that isn't the only type of group-prejudice around. I'm thinking of the ally/enemy dichotomy too. That's where we get things like the "evil Hun" stereotype, and the "all Muslims are extremists" stereotype etc. I class this one differently because the threat is more explicit, and it isn't necessarily a superior/inferior thing... I'm not sure whether, in demonizing enemies, whether they are considered to be equals or not, or whether it is an attempt to make them seem inferior as well. But no, because the demonized enemies are not considered to be stupid or lazy, they are considered to be evil: equal in cunning, but inferior in morality. Enemies, after all, have equal power, or you wouldn't be fighting them, you'd be crushing them under your heel (or being crushed under their heel, depending). Less powerful enemies are either rebels (if they are within your sphere) or barbarians (if they are not).

Immigrants (as distinct from conquerors) tend to have less power, and are often seen as a threat, especially when they come in large numbers in a short time. A threat to the prosperity of their equals because they are rivals for the same resources, and a resource for the most powerful, if they can be oppressed and exploited from the get-go. (Gee, I'm being really cynical here, aren't I?) Because they are new-come, they are seen as "not-we", and therefore threatening in that way also. If said immigrants have some clear marker which distinguishes them from the locals, then there you have a recipe for racism in the making - with a socio-economic basis.

All that being said, I'm probably talking through my hat, because IANAS (I Am Not A Sociologist).
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On a bottle of conditioner:

And in the fine print below:
*Shampoo only
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Has anyone written a Highlander/LOTR crossover featuring Methos, hobbits, and beer? Because someone ought to.


Mar. 4th, 2016 07:38 pm
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Next week's forecast highs:
Sunday: 30C
Monday: 30C
Tuesday: 34C
Wednesday: 32C
Thursday: 34C
Friday: 34C

And if that wasn't bad enough, next week's forecast minimum temperatures:
Saturday: 19C
Sunday: 18C
Monday: 20C
Tuesday: 21C
Wednesday: 22C
Thursday: 21C
Friday: 23C

And [personal profile] dawnmist was just saying we'd been having a mild (relatively) summer... well, true to a degree, not that many over-40 days, but next week... it won't be the temperature so much as the unrelentingness of it.

Oh well, c'est la vie.
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In the dark of the night, a grinding sound is heard. No, it is not a Police Box.

Igor, pass me the strawberries. No, don't thaw them first! )


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